How to Travel to Benin City / Uniben Edo State by Road from any Location

How to Travel to Benin Edo State By Raod

On this post i want to show you how you can travel to Benin by road from any location you are in Nigeria. Benin is one of the most popular city in Edo state and as well the capital of the state. Benin is one of the best city to live in and as well things are quite cheap there. The city has one of the largest and popular university in Nigeria known as Uniben. If you are driving then scroll down to the map below and click get direction, however read the whole article to learn everything in details.

How to Travel to Benin Edo State By Raod

How to Travel to Benin Edo State By Raod

There various reasons why some of us wants to travel to Benin either for school or business or visiting a friend and could be living there or going to your state after a very long travel. Whatever the case is, this article will guide you thought.

How to Travel from Lagos to Benin by Road

One of the biggest and most popular city in Nigeria is LAGOS. If you are in Lagos and in search of how you can find your way to Benin, then follow the steps below.

On this post I will recommend my favorite transportation companies in Nigeria which one can use to travel very easily and comfortably. This companies are known as

The reason I recommend this transportation companies above is that they have comfortable bus that will make you feel relax, but one down side of them is that they are quite expensive. You can use road side packs if you think you will be OK or would want to manage transportation cost.

Lagos to Benin

Go to God is good motors or God is great motors GUO and book a ticket for your journey. Make sure you gets to the pack very early in the morning and get tour ticket then get ready for your journey.

Buy Lagos to Benin Ticket

Cost of Lagos to Benin currently is should be between N4500 – N6000.

The only God is good branch i find travelling to Benin is Yaba Branch. The Yaba branch is located at Yaba city of Lagos State however you can check any terminal of God is Good Motors Closer to you to find if they travel to Benin. You can as well Call God is Good motors customer care here for inquiry.

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See God is Good Motors Price List Here

See How you Can Book God is Good Motors Ticket Online Here

Currently on our research while writing this post, i can’t find any bus from GUO in Lagos Branch that is traveling to Benin. However you can travel with Agofure if you still don’t find bus at the time of you are ready to travel. You can check out Agofure Motors Terminals here.

At this point i’m pretty sure you must have settled for best transportation company to use on your trip.


Book your ticket and get ready for your travel. Wait for your bus on your ticket and enter in. You will be in Benin in 3-4hours time.

One thing I must warn you on is to have idea of where you are going in Benin and avoid sleeping you may as well tell the driverl to drop you on a closer bus stop. From there, get a cab or public bus to your destination.

How to Travel from Abuja to Benin

Abuja is the federal capital of Nigeria and one of the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It’s as well known to be one of the most expensive city to live in – in Nigeria due to the fact that house of representatives are there and as well Aso-Rock is there as well. Top politicians lives in Abuja and for fun with money you could consider Abuja. How about if someone wants to travel to Benin from Abuja? On this post i’m going to show you nothing less than how to travel from Abuja to Benin.

The process of traveling from Abuja to Benin is easy and still without stress. One thing you must have in mind is that you choose which transportation to use.

Some of the transportation t travel from Abuja to Benin Edo state are:

God is God Motors

Agofure Motors

And others

Agofure Motors and God is Good Motors are the best i know of currently that travel from Abuja to Benin. I don’t know much about other transportation companies that travel from Abuja to Benin but you should be able to make more physical inquiry about it from your end if for any reason you are not comfortable with God is Good Motors and Agofure.

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Go to your favorite transportation company and book your Benin ticket and get ready for your journey. Wait till they call your ticket bus to be announced and enter in. Good Luck in the next 5-6 hours time you should be in Benin. Be sure you know where you wants to drop at Benin and ask the driver to drop your on a closer bus stop. From there you can get a cab or bus to your destination.

How to Travel from Warri or Ughelli to Benin

Warri and Ughelli are cities in Delta state and both are not far from each others. Warri is closer to Benin than Ughelli. You may decide to get to Warri before heading to Benin and can as well get a direct bus from Ughelli to Benin

To archive this in Warri, go to Osarome Motors or Bobizua Motors and book your ticket to Benin. In 1-2hours time, you will be in Benin, from there get a cap or public bus to your destination. The process is easy and stress free.

To archive travel to Benin from Ughelli follow below step.

Go to Ughelli packs travelling to Benin and book a bus to Benin or else you go straight to Warri to Book Osarome Motors to Benin. In 2-3hours time you will be in Benin. From there, get a cab or public bus to your destination.

How to Travel from Other Location of Nigeria to Benin

You will agree with me that i’m getting tired and won’t be able to mention all Nigeria locations However the process is easy even if you are not in any of the already mentioned three location which are Lagos, Abuja, Warri or Ughelli.

Let assumed that you are in Ibadan, Port Harcourt (PH), Calabar, Ogun or any where in Nigeria.

All you need to do is go out there and make a search for transportation company going to Benin and it you find one, follow the steps above. If you can’t find anyone there in your location then go to the nearest city to search a bus to Benin. When you get to Benin you should tell driver to drop you at a closer bus stop to your destination, from there get a caplb or public bus to your destination. Note that as a traveler who do not know the road very well, you must not sleep or slumber. Ehn.

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You must be fluent with question, keep asking questions about where you are and where you are going. If you should miss a your way, asking questions could revive you. The best person to ask question is driver, it must not be your bus driver, even when you have get down from the bus the best person to ask question is public bus drivers. They will have the time to direct you better.

For those of you who want to book your travel ticket online awaiting your travel date, our travel team can help you book the best seat ticket on your favorite transportation company. To book ticket of any bus visit Informationhood travel team page and fill in your details here.

One of my secret of traveling to a new location without stress is staying closed to the driver and making friend with neighbors around me, this enable me to ask question and get friendly reply and as well make a request. My best seat has been front and next line seat which enable me stay closer to the driver. Aside staying close to driver, seating at front seat makes your journey stress free as there won’t be any branching up and down due to bad road and speed breaker’s.

Drivers Map to Benin

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This is the complete guide how to travel to Benin from all Nigeria locations and globally. Thanks for your time reading this, we highly appreciate your presence here. if you have something to say question regarding this topic, you are free to use the below comment box. Once again this is Information Hood.

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