How to Subscribe Glo Data Plans and How to Cancel Glo Data Auto Renewal

This article is going to show you how to subscribe glo data plans and how to cancel Glo data auto renewal.

How to Subscribe Glo Data Plans and How to Cancel Glo Data Auto Renewal

how to subscribe glo data plans

It’s very easy subscribing to data plan in your Glo line without wasting of time. Glo is one of the best and only network that give out their data at affordable price in Nigeria. Therefore in this article Informationhood will be showing you how to subscribe for Glo data plans easily. This article contained complete process how to subscribe to Glo data plan and how to cancel auto renewal of your subscription.

To subscribe to Glo data plan just dial *777# and press send, then press 1 and follow the instruction to subscribe.

To cancel auto renewal send ‘cancel’ to 127.

There are many reasons why you would like to cancel glo data auto renewal. If you are someone who doesn’t always want to subscribe your glo sim data then you might consider cancelling glo data auto renewal to avoid loosing your airtime when you recharge.

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When you subscribe to glo data your glo line will be automatically set for auto renewal, which means when ever your subscription expire it will automatically renew it self without your notice if you have up to the plan charges on your airtime account. In many cases when you don’t want to re-subscribe to that same plan, You will definitely want to turn off auto subscription to avoid loosing your airtime so you have to let glo know that you don’t want auto renewal of your current data plan. The process of cancelling auto renewal is as easy as mentioned above. Just send CANCEL in text message to 127.


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How to subscribe Glo PAYU data plan

Glo has data plan called ‘PAYU’ which enable you pay as you use, users are been charge #50kobo per kb and #51 per 2mb usage. Glo will be deducting this amount from it user airtime account as they browse the internet. This data plan is good for those who just want to check on a quick information online without subscribing their glo line.

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To subscribe to Glo “PAYU” send ‘PAYU’ in text message to 127, e.g PAYU as text message and send to 127.

Note: This information is for Glo users only. If you are finding the process giving on this post difficult to use then contact glo customer care here.

Sometimes things may not work as you have thought or as described on this article due to network problem, if that is the case! See how you can solve network problem on glo here.

If you have complaints, inquiry, suggestion or want to contribute to this post then use the comment box below. According to the post heading, this is How to Subscribe Glo Data Plans and How to Cancel Glo Data Auto Renewal.

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