How to Start a Fashion Design Business in Nigeria and Ghana

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Hello guys, welcome to informationhood. On this article we’re going to talk about fashion design business in Nigeria and Ghana. Is fashion design business in these location a good one? Let’s look at that on this post.

Fashion Design business is the business of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of all kind of clothing and fashion accessories. It is one of the most trending businesses as it is happening in every part of the world and as such, I can guarantee you that this is a never dying industry and a much patronized business venture. When it comes to fashion, the fact that people spend fortunes to look good is most definitely not new.

With the ever changing taste in fashion, the number of people trying to get into the fashion design industry is increasing every day, numbers of fashion design business owners are also increasing daily. This is a business that accommodates people of both, genders regardless of age or anything else; so long as you are able to produce results and take necessary procedure, the industry would gladly take you in.

Fashion designing revolves mostly around creativity, efficiency, and uniqueness; the complacent cannot survive in this industry as the only thing needed here is excellence, anything less and the industry would choke your business out of existence. This is a business that can be easily expanded and as such is extremely profitable.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to run a profitable fashion design business and everything you need to know when starting a fashion design business in Nigeria or anywhere around the globe.

First off, as explained earlier above, the fashion business is the business of producing all kind of clothing and fashion accessories, the fashion industry is so large that it can be built on a large range of business models like; fabric production, clothing line, clothing design, bespoke tailoring, cosmetics, footwear and more.
Lets talk about some of these businesses.


This does not need much knowledge of fashion to involve in, fashion retail is mostly the buying of fashion items from producers and fashion designers in bulk and selling to consumers in bits, Fashion retailers use things like show rooms and mannequins to show off the products and attract prospective buyers, the producers would sell to them because it’s much less of a hassle than selling directly to the consumers.


This is the importation and exportation of fashion items, fashion importers and exporters; just like the manufacturers would rather sell in bulk to the fashion retailers, this is a capital intensive business, and would require millions of naira to be pushed into it. Website like alibaba and aliexpress can help you import easily for retails. Selling in bulk you can also sell on alibaba

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."


This is one of the most-patronized part of the fashion business. It is an art of applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing.

It involves a high level of creativity such that, customers’ imaginations are brought to life in various ways. Fashion Design is cheaper to start and has the potential of generating profit within 2-3 months of establishment. It involves cutting, sewing, weaving, ironing, and turning fabrics into dress or attire. People who do this are called fashion designers.

To be a fashion designer, you need hands-on training from training institutes or from other established brands. On today’s article, we’ll be talking about the fashion designer business, we’re going to be highlighting the steps to be taken before one can enter this business and run the business successfully, now let’s get into it;


To become a fashion designer, you would need training as a bare minimum, you would need to be trained in order for you to master your design skills.

It is also possible to start a fashion designer business with very little knowledge of designing or creation, though this is totally inadvisable, there is a chance that you would make sales; either from those you know, those who want to test your skills or if you’re lucky enough that location has very little or no competition, but with time your business would either because as I said earlier; mediocrity isn’t allowed in this market.

This why you would need proper training on how to create beautiful Fashion designs and bring those designs to life in your work, during your training, try multiple designs and show to your trainer for them to correct and guide you properly, make good use of the internet to see trending styles, try coming up with beautiful designs as they relate to those styles, all of these would give you the experience that you need and would help you become a much better fashion designer. Picking your trainer is just as important as the training itself because one cannot give what he does not have so therefore, a poor trainer cannot produce a good designer.

When picking your trainer, pick someone you’d be happy to buy from, once you locate a good designer, request to work as an apprentice under them for a while and so has started your training. There are two more things you must look out for before choosing a trainer; EXPERIENCE and NICHE. By experience I mean; how many years have they been designing, how successful are they in the business, how high is their customer patronage, how well do they get the job done, and other things like that.

The niche is his section of the business; who do they make or design clothes for? Their niche has to be similar with yours, if not it isn’t going to work, because you can’t say that you want to produce clothes for men and then learn from someone who only produces clothes for women; at the end of the day, it’s just a waste of time. Another Important thing under training is the acquisition of management techniques, if you chose your trainer well, you should learn this alongside learning fashion designing.

No business can last long without proper management which is why this is necessary, an older fashion designer would have more management skills built from experience and would be able to handle things better than a newer designer.


Many Nigerians tend to take this one lightly because the think that due to how large the market is; clients will pour in regardless of wherever they situate their shop. This is extremely bad for business, though it is true that the market is wide and accommodating, there are so many ways that this could go horribly wrong. Imagine situating your shop for example in a town that has about 3 popular big name fashion designers, I can tell you for a fact that everyone in that town would take their business to one of the three or they would have their own personal designer, In a situation like this; the only way to succeed is for your prices to be either much cheaper than your competition, this in itself may not work as many people would consider less expensive as less quality OR you innovate , that is bring a new style, be unique and do things that the others aren’t; this is also just as hard so I’d encourage you to pick your location with wisdom and proper analysis in order to avoid hitches as a new comer in the market. When considering the location of your shop, consider your target area and where they’re most populated, then make sure your shop is as easily accessible as possible from potential customers.


Now that you’re finally ready to head into the streets, it would be wise to get your business registered with the CAC Nigeria or RDG Ghana to avoid any future brawls with the government concerning your business.


As a fashion designer, it is expected that you be extremely stylish and such must reflect in your working environment because I for one would not work with a designer who has a haggard looking work place. Your work place should be tastefully designed and fitted with all of the fashion designer essentials. Due to it being a fashion design shop and not just a tailoring shop , you would need a lot of space for different equipment and machinery which you should have learnt about during your apprenticeship or training under a professional fashion designer. In furnishing your shop you would need some equipment as you would already know, let me list some of them

Sewing Machine: For sewing cloth. It can be industrial or manual

Embroidery Machine: To make design on clothes

Weaving Machine: It is a finishing machine used to make the sewing work neater.

Scissors: To cut fabrics after the sizes have been chalked out.
Iron: For straightening of clothes in between sewing and at the end.

Generator: To supply power in case of power failure.

Measuring Tape: To get the accurate size of the body.

Sewing Machine Needles: There are two kinds of needle, the hand sewing, and the machine needles. It is used to fasten thread into the fabrics.

Threads: The color of the thread varies. It is mainly used with a needle to sew clothes, and the color depends on the color of the fabric.

Sketching Books: To sketch out designs

Chair: To sit while operating the machine. It can be movable or otherwise.

Pencils/ Chalk: for sketching on fabrics and books.
Now that you have all that set up, you’re basically ready to accept jobs and move on at this point but I still have something more, now I will tell you the factors that count in one being successful in the fashion industry

YOUR NICHE; Your niche is the category of people you have decided to make clothes for, the tip here is to focus on whatever niche you have chosen and do not try to be a do-it-all, Count on your ability to deliver in that particular niche and never get tired of sharpening your skills

YOUR PRICING; This is very important as a low pricing might lead to prospective clients doubting the quality of your work and a high price might lead to clients complaining that your prices are too expensive and you not getting any business as such. What is the solution? Place your price tag slightly below your primary competitor’s price, this way people would know that you offer something of similar value to that competitor and I’m addition to that, make your option the better value that is add small perks which your competitor does not have, things like free delivery, complimentary card, little gifts and so on, this might feel like you’re cutting back on your profits but it’s definitely for the best.

BE UNIQUE; I don’t need to tell you this again, uniqueness and creativity should be part and parcel of a fashion designer.

ADVERTISE; Spend money on ads!, Money spent on ads is definitely not wasted money, advertise on social media, advertise in your community, effort spent in advertisement will not go to waste

GET A FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE; with a good website, you would draw clients from far and near, try to include a fashion blog In your website, someone might stumble on it, read about an item and immediately want to buy it! A website is that Important.

If you need to discuss personally with us about setting up and running a successful fashion business in Nigeria or need our help in putting it up then reach out to us, we’re willing to help you become a successful CEO.


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