How to solve Bad Network Problem on Airtel

What area are you experiencing airtel bad network on your phone? On this article i want to show you how you can solve bad network on airtel network in Nigeria and be able to use your line better again

Airtel is one of the largest used network in Nigeria due to it fast network compare to other Nigeria networks. However it’s impossible for a network not to run into bad network sometimes but good news is that there is a way you can resolve the issues without time wasting or waiting for it to come back itself. Yes waiting for network to be better itself sometimes is the only solution however there are somethings you can do to make the process faster then usual.

Airtel Network Problem

airtel network problem

So many people experience network problem in different ways. Some with calls and others with internet usage, whatever all is same airtel network problem. see below how you can help this situation is you fall to be having aritel network problem on your phone.

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Follow the steps below to solve your network problem on airtel

Power Off and On your phone

power on and off your phone
Power on and off phone photo by informationhood

Sometimes some becomes overheated due to useage and that affects network in a location where to network is not good enough on. Not only overheating, there are others unknown cause of network having issues on your phone. Some times could be low ram memory can also cause it. to know if the problem is with your phone. try to get someone using airtel network around your location to check if they have same problem or not or swift your sim to another phone for confirmation is it has same issues.

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In this case power off your phone for 5 – 6 minutes and then turn it on again. So many cases this help solve network issues on their phone.

Change Location

In a case where there is no network around your current location, you may run into series of network problems. The only solution to have this issues solve is to change you current location. By so doing you may have network back to your phone and be able to carry out your need for network.

Wait for a while

If you have done all the listed above ideas to no avail then the next thing to consider is to wait for a while. This is because the issues maybe from the network itself and there couldn’t be any better solution but to wait for them to resolve it. Wait for at least 1 hour and try the below solution is you still don’t have network.

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Call Airtel Network Customer Care

Calling Airtel Customer Care

This is the next solution if you have tried all the possible method above and no one seems to work. You need to call customer care to help you check on your line if there is any issue with your line or your phone settings. With so doings will notify airtel that there is no network in certain location so they can work on it. You can check out airtel customer care contact details here.

This is how to solve bad network on airtel network Nigeria. If you think you need to discuss more with us then drop your comment below.



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