There is nothing as saddening as realizing that someone you love isn’t loving you back. But to be sincere with you, the problem is not from the other person but it’s your inability to utilize or make your thoughts, feelings, words, and vibration work for you, and unknowingly to you, this are your weapons.

I know there is a question running in your mind right now “how do I make my weapons work for me” don’t worry, I have gotten some answers for you.

1. You need to be bold, secured, understand the person you are and also be contented, these alone will attract people to you.

2. Be ready to take risk, love could be very scary sometimes, especially if someone have hurt you before, but that won’t help you, it will prevent someone from getting close to you as you wanted. So taking a risk is a great bargain.

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3. Be positive, let go of every negative thoughts, thoughts like can I be loved? I am too boring. Believe it has before it happens, have faith in yourself, because you have great qualities, no one is better than you. Key into this, be positive and your vibration will also be positive and this will bring that right person to you.

4.Utilize the power of words, portray what’s on your mind just in the right time to the other person. Say it as you feel it.

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5. Be ready to let go: this is the very funny part of it, sometimes we tends to take those people who loves us very much for granted, maybe because they are always there, so you have to learn to let go.

And this are precisely the simple steps you should take.

The Author

David Ayo Olowoeyo

David Ayo Olowoeyo is a young and vibrant writer born and brought up in Kano State Nigeria. Ayo is a graduate of the Boggash Institute of Computer technology and renowned content developer. Ayo is the author of the short story "the devil in us" and also a coauthor of the modern poetry anthology. Ayo's writings have been widely anthologized and publicized with remarked global repute.

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