How to Know if Your Wife is Cheating on You – Tips to Catch Her

On this post i will share with you a tip to know if your wife is cheating on you. One of the question that has hit me hard without finding proper answer to is, why do women cheat on their husband?

Well the reason women cheat cannot be identify. Some could be known why 85% of them is still unknown. If your wife cheat on you for no reason, it simply means she is a bad woman and used to flirting dirty.

How to Know if Your Wife is Cheating on You – Tips to Catch Her

How to Know if Your Wife is Cheating on You

In where i Hail’s from, this is a serious case and such kind of woman is considered dangerous and could cause death to her husband. For this reason a cheating wife is not a manageable type especially when she refuse to adopt changes to her disgusting attitude.

No matter how rich you are or your personality in the society, if you get married to a cheating kind of woman, she will definitely cheat on you with another even lower to your status or even a small boy of 20 or under.

I have seen some men in heart break pain in search of related topic about sugar mummy in order to find out if their wife in engaged with sugar boy of a thing.

I know how it feels to know that your wife is cheating on you. Sorry ehn only God will help you.

I want to share with you tips to know your if wife is cheating on you.

If your wife is happy when you are away from home than when you are around, there is every possibility that your wife is cheating on you.


If your wife now password her phone then she is simply telling you that there is something you shouldn’t know. As for me, husband and wife has no reason for locking their phones, if there should be, then each others must know the opening code sobif by any means your wife started hidding her phone password then there is fire under the smoke.

Leaving your present to answer calls

Husband and wife share experience, pains andbhappy moment together. So why should your leave your present to receive calls if she has no secret she is keeping from you? If your wife is with you and then call came in her phone, and then she tried to leave your present to answer that call then there is something to suspect. And cheating could be around the corner is she repeat same thing all time same number call.

Change in Your Wife Attitude

Before now when you return from office, you wife will stand up to you and hug you, remove your suit, prepare water for you to have you bath and then serve you food. But now she no longer care with a story of I have headache, my arms as painful, I’m so tired etc, this is a sign that another man is not far from your wife.

S*x Starving

You wife normally use to ask for it almost everyday but now she is coming up with one story or the other for not wanting to. This could be a clear sign that someone better than you is in charge.

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Women are always like this, when they find a new guy handling them better, the husband or fiancee become ugly to them. Even your presents alone could irritating her. Note that when this start happening there is nothing more than she having affair with another man.

When Your Wife Always Comparing You With Another Man

Naturally some women do compare their husband with some men around them, she may think that could get you stronger and pick up challenges. This may also be early sign that your wife is admiring another man, and one of the hurtful area is that a beautiful lady has 98% assurance of getting any man she wish to have lay with her. No wonder my grandma always say ” If you want to sleep with one eye open, Marry the most beautiful woman in a community “.

When she always go out

Does your wife reluctantly goes out such as market, party and so on before now. If so, what is the current change do you notice on this aspect? Many women develop interest in going out when they have target, this give them the opportunity to meet with their friends to discuss about the the new relationship and as well have a date.

Unfair Attitude

One of the first thing that change in wan when having affairs aside is her attitude towards the husband. The manners of approach changed immediately, her mood may as well change and she may quickly get upset and react to little things. This maybe a sign of cheating or cheating mindset.

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In conclusion: All of the things mentioned here doesn’t guarantee that she is cheating on you, ladies are very sensitive and may react negatively to some issues. At first try to find out the cause of her recent changes after then you may proceeds to conclusion but I will warn you not to take negative action till you find out that she is cheating on you, or you may ruined your relationship or married with such suspicious act.

Note that some women will be cheating on their husband without any visible signs.

Before I end this post, I would want to warn you against keeping negative thoughts in mind. Many people have read this kind of posts and the next thing they act immature and causes problem to their family. Even if your wife is cheating on you, take note that the best way to act is ignore her and inform your elders and her family.

It will be immature of you to lay your hands on her.

If you question is, how do I know if my wife is cheating on me? On this article you must have gain a lot, and this little article shows you the complete way to know if your wife is cheating on you. On my next post I will share some ways to catch a cheating wife responsible including with the tools to use and how to do it in details.


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