How To Get Your ATM Card Back When ATM Machine Seized It

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This article is all about how to get your ATM card back when ATM machine seized it

If you are looking for how to get your ATM card back when an ATM machine seized it then this article is for you, just read on. Informationhood don’t believe it sounds nice at all when you tried to withdraw some cash and suddenly the ATM machine seized your ATM card it very frustrating that is why we decided giving you the process on how to get your ATM card back when ATM machine seized it.

how to get atm card back if seized by machine

This procedure work with all Nigeria banks, so we don’t have to start mentioning one bank after the other.

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The common reason why ATM machine will seize a card is either the user entered wrong digit number for up to 3 times or more, it can also happen when there is low to no network on the ATM machine.

It advisable to start the process of getting your ATM card back immediately you discover the machine has seized it, because the earlier you go for your card is the best with 100% guarantee chance of getting your ATM card back especially when your ATM card get seized by another back ATM machine.

If you don’t go for it immediately the bank will send your ATM card to your bank, that sound good but not that good as you will not be inform of the bank your card is been sent to.
This process might be stressful going from one bank to another looking for the branch your ATM card is been sent to.

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Process of getting your card back
Go to the bank which ATM machine seized your card and ask of the customer service, explain to them how it happen, then you will be giving a form to fill which include your name, date of birth, account number, bank name, card name.
make sure you go in with any Government issued id card of yours such as drivers license, national id card, passport or voter’s.

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After completing the form the bank will give you your ATM card that if the card is still, but if your card has been sent to your bank branch then ask them the branch.

Note: Getting your ATM card back is totally free, you should block your ATM card if couldn’t find and reapply for a new one, you can read our guild on

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