How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Totally From Your House in Nigeria

Welcome to informationhood by Serome. On this article i want to share with you guys how you can easily get rid of this stubborn vampire inset bed bugs from your home totally in Nigeria or any part of the world. The reason why i wanted to base my keyword in Africa mostly Nigeria is because of the fact that the inset is mostly find in Nigeria and some Africa countries.

how to kill beg bugs from your house in Nigeria

Bed bugs is one of the most stubborn inset on earth and getting rid of this inset is really a difficult task. One may think getting an insecticide will do the work perfectly but hell No. There is no insecticides i haven’t bought before to help kill them back then.

If you find bed bugs to be disturbing in your home, the below method will help you eliminate them completely and as well stop them from coming back again.

according to wikipedia Bed bugs are a type of insect that feed on human blood, usually at night. Their bites can result in a number of health effects including skin rashes, psychological.

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How to completely get rid of bed bugs from your home

1. Peppermint Oil;The odor of this triggers an allergic reaction to the bed bugs, which causes their death

2. Turmeric Powder; a strong antimicrobial substance creating conditions not conducive for a bed bug

3. Lemon Grass; The lemongrass powder leads to an alarming rise of acidity within the bugs and, this kills the parasites. Lemon grrass powder also causes the death of the eggs.

4. Diatomaceous Earth; diatomaceous earth drastically lowers the oxygen level inside the mattress. As a result of that, the bugs get choked to death.

5. Baking Soda; Not to be confused with baking powder,It sucks the moisture present on these tiny parasites and, this eventually causes leads to their death and elimination.

6.Clove Oil

7.Cayenne Pepper, Ginger and Oregano

8. Silica Gel

9. Bleaching Powder

10. Boric Acid Powder

11. Isopropyl Alcohol

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12. Bleaching Powder

Steps to keep bed bug far away from your house

  • Run a hair dryer near the concerned areas at the maximum temperature and the death of all the bed bugs is certain! These parasites cannot withstand heat.
  • Make sure that you clean the clothes kept at the infected site with hot water, before using them again. hot water will burn the inset to death and as well destroy their eggs.
  • Avoid keeping the household items in a clutter. When these items are arranged in a disorderly way, the inset will have several hiding places.
  • Always properly cover the mattress, etc when they are not in use, sew torn edges.
  • Ensure that you regular check the mattress for possible signs of the inset.
  • Spread talcum powder at the infested site. The powder leads to the suffocation of these parasites.
  • Discard all furniture items that are not necessary.
  • Do not shift the household items kept in the room having bugs to another part of your home. This will just aggravate the things for you.
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This is the best method to kill bed bugs from your house in Nigeria and also stop them from coming back.


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