How to get a Perfect Electric Shaver Razor & what to consider in Nigeria

The electric shave is amazing and make shaving really easy. There are so many reason why some of us considered the electric shaving machine. On this post we wish to share with you guys somethings you should consider about the electric shaving machine.

How to get a Perfect Electric Razor Shaver including what to consider

electric shaver

In the event that you need to get an immaculate shave, you have in excess of one approach to accomplish it. A standout amongst the most helpful approaches to get the correct shave you need is to utilize an electric razor. Notwithstanding, your strategies of shaving can likewise help get the ideal shave whether you utilize an electric shaver or some other kinds of shavers.

We suggest an electric shaver since it will assuage you from the stresses of supplanting the razor heads routinely when working with different kinds of shavers. Another incredible thing around an electric razor is that it shaves quick and is perfect for clients who have a touchy skin.

Also, the cutting edge electric razors offer you the nearest shave without encountering skin bothering. Additionally, electric razors drive the skin up and forward, not at all like the manual razors that cut the hairs underneath the surface of the cutters.

On the off chance that you need to get an ideal shave with an electric razor, you have to know the accompanying:

1. Prepare

First of all: You won’t take advantage of an electric razor if your face is filthy and wet. Along these lines, previously you begin shaving, guarantee to wash your face to dispose of the skin’s common oil.

You can utilize a liquor based pre-shave arrangement that contains Vitamin E to shield yourself from skin aggravation from the shaver.

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Note that there are different kinds of shavers you can use with or without water, yet it’s great to guarantee your face is dry in order to get the ideal shave.

Vital: Avoid washing up first since doing that will make your skin to be hot, sweat and puffy which will make it hard to shave. However, guarantee it’s dry before you begin shaving.

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2. Charge the Razor Fully Beforehand

Still in the arrangements, previously you even begin shaving, you have to guarantee the razor is completely charged. A completely charged razor will give you an impeccable and close shave.

All things considered, most producers guarantee that their shavers can stay sharp until when the battery is unfilled, however things may go the wrong route amid shaving.

Shaving with a shaver whose razor isn’t completely charged means the outcomes won’t be alluring. Truth be told, it backs off the shaving however with a completely charged razor, the procedure can be quicker.

In this way, to be on the sheltered hand, guarantee to charge the razor completely before you begin shaving.

3. Know the Difference Between the Two Types of Electric Razors

There are two unique kinds of electric razors as of now which are: Foil and Rotary.

The two sorts are awesome with regards to shaving, yet they have some slight contrasts, in any case, it will rely upon which one suits your shaving needs.

Thwart Razor: This sort of electric razor appears to be like a manual extremely sharp steel in that it’s anything but difficult to use since you simply need to move the razor forward and backward.

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It is composed with a level cutting edge secured with a bended metal thwart. A thwart razor is ideal for individuals who shave consistently and is accepted to give a nearby shave than the rotating razor.

Turning Razor: The Rotary Razor is maybe a standout amongst the most utilized machines and is outlined with no less than three separate pivoting heads.

The rotating razor shaves every one of the hairs from every single diverse course on the face. This kind of electric razor is perfect for shaving long and extreme hairs.

Note that whether you choose to utilize the rotating or the thwart razor, they are on the whole still advantageous and you can utilize them when in a rush and you would prefer not to apply a shaving cream.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Razor

There are various things you have to consider for you to get the best electric razor and the way that there are a lot of sorts and brands out there can make your purchasing procedure overpowering.

You can request that your hair stylist prescribe you yet at the same time, you can watch the accompanying components:

Accommodation and Comfort: You don’t need a convoluted shaver thus you have to pick one that feels good and simple to use in your everyday shaving.

Speed: Speed is an essential factor that you should not ignore. Speed is estimated in cycles every moment CMA. All the more critically, recall the electric razor should take a fourth of the time you take when shaving with a manual sharp edge. For example, on the off chance that it takes 10 minutes to shave with a manual razor, at that point an electric razor should take 3 minutes

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Life span: While an electric razor can be somewhat expensive, the cost ought to be identical to the measure of time the machine keeps going.

Battery Life: As we’ve said over that a completely charged razor will give you the best shaving background, it regards pick an electric razor with a battery life of around 50 to a hour.

Most recent Models: Last however not the slightest; pick the most recent models outlined with greetings tech highlights to improve your shaving background.

Last Words. An electric razor is somewhat expensive yet it will spare time and cash over the long haul. Additionally, it will diminish the inconvenience caused by different sorts of shavers, for example, aggravation. Be that as it may, above all, you have to know how to utilize it to get the ideal shave you want and in only a couple of minutes.


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