How to Earn Money Online with Premise Task and Survey App

Guys welcome to my blog informationhood if this is your first time here! My name is Serome. This blog is where we discuss business, investment, and how to make money and live a good life, we share important on how to make money and also great business ideas daily. 

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 So today I came across a legit platform to make money online I will like to share with you what I find out. On the quest for how we’ll be making money online regularly and legitimately. Here’s something I find.

As I usually do, I search countlessly on and also tries many things out to see which works and so on, I came across a platform you can be cashing out from regularly in Nigeria. 

As you might already know there’s no limit to how much someone can earn in his life. Your energy determines your earnings. I won’t be making this post too long so let me quickly share it with you. I find an app that’s called Premise, this is my first time coming across this app so I decided to test it out and I have also read a lot of wonderful reviews about it. 

According to my observation, the platform is legit and paid legitimately. You can withdraw your earnings when it gets to 1,250 through Paga or directly as airtime. I see this as some sort of money with your free time online instead of spending it on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Put your data to use. 

What’s the app all about?

Before I forget, the app is a survey and task-completing app. All you need to do is a complete survey or carry out tasks. 

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

App Name: Premise 

It is available in the Android and Apple store. 


Have you registered? Downloaded and registered? Share your experience using the comment box below. 

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