How To Become A Sales Consultant On JUMIA?

Owning your own business is the path to fulfilling your dreams as being financially independent and becoming an established entrepreneur. Jumia offers you a platform of a lifetime where you do not have to work for any boss and earn unlimited income!

  1. Get on the JForce train today and earn money through commissions by selling items supplied by Jumia. You can also make money as you recruit new sales consultants. This is an opportunity to be your own boss and take orders from no one else but yourself as you have complete control over your activities.
  2. Develop great entrepreneurship skills on the JForce journey and interact with like bright minds at our social events and gatherings.
  3. Move up progressively within ranks and gain higher commissions as a Jumia sales Consultant.

Being a JForce agent is very easy as you can sign up immediately to start earning now!

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      1. EARN MONEY: You make commissions selling items supplied by Jumia. For every item you order that is successfully delivered, you get a commission. Even if the item was ordered for your personal use, you get a commission. As your move up the internal scale(Probation-> Bronze-> Silver-> Gold-> Captain), you get higher commissions.
        Commissions are paid directly into your bank account which will be asked during the Business Opportunity Meeting.2.YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS: Be an independent sales agent. As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your activity. You work from anywhere, anytime at your own convenience.

        3.EARN AS YOU RECRUIT AGENTS: You also earn money for each new sales consultant you recruit! But first of all, you need to join the programme.

        4.GET ACCESS TO ALL EXCLUSIVE OFFERS, DISCOUNTS AND DEALS: Certain discounts (e.g Jforce 25% Shipping Fee Discount),are open to onlt JFORCE AGENTS. If the vouchers meant for agents are used by those not part of the programme, such orders are cancelled. Agents enjoy exclusive deals which are communicated via mail and sms.
        Jforce agents aren’t restricted to Jumia Mall, you get commissions from booking flights on JUMIA TRAVEL, for booking Hotels, Ordering Foods; and using all other Jumia Sale Channels.



To become a part of the Jumia Independent Sales Consultant Scheme and also join a Jforce Team of other Consultants to put you through the early stages of the programme, please send the following as a text message to 08069238766.

“INTERESTED IN JFORCE, First Name, Last Name, Active Email Address, Current State/City, Active Phone Number.”

E.g; INTERESTED IN JFORCE, Jane Doe…., Delta/ Asaba0701234…

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