How Much is Bag of Rice in Lagos State

Hello guys i really do not know how to go about this in a more better way other than this so i feel like creating this topic to help someone looking for this information. 

On a recent i haven’t really visited any top rice dealer in Lagos however from my findings i got information that rice price is above ₦32,000 per 50kg bag of rice in Lagos state Nigeria. Some brands are even more expensive according to what i heard.

Please if there’s anyone who recently bought rice in Lagos or have concrete information about the real price should share it using the comment box below. Let’s see how we can be of help to our friends in search for this information! just .

What do you think?

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  1. Some are full with stone and quite cheap. Choose the brand you want you’ll get it cheaper in Lagos

  2. It depends on the rice you’re going for. Some 30k, some others 35-70k as i said it depends on the brand you’re going for and it quality. Some are even 27k sef.