How to make money with diamond bank with GEMZONE

Sailat Olatunbosun of Sufad Ventures who is one of the marchant in diamond bank explained how she has been making money from GEMZONE.

Diamond bank

She joined Diamond Bank in the year 2014. According to her , her credit card was given to her but I didn’t use it in that  first year when she joined them .But she got an information from someone that he has been using his credit card and has been making money from it . She was supprised and she decided to give it a try.

I had a contact with my account officer and I was told my point has been building. At that time I seriously needed a phone so I used it in getting a phone and that was 2016. Later my point rose again and I got my second phone. I recently got a deep fryer from this same means she explained.

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Diamond Bank, Nigeria’s leading financial institution, has urged more Nigerians to get on the GEMZONE platform, a loyalty reward awaits them.

On the platform, customers get to earn GEM Points from their everyday transactions. The points can be used to get household items, meals, travel and movie tickets among others.

Miichelle Nwoga, Head, Customer Experience and Engagement Centre, said customers would see how many points they have after logging into their accounts during their day to day transactions. She explained.

She said to  the merchants that where they can redeem all their points are there, they have classified – hotels, air, airtime movies etc. You can also chat with their customer care centre or check the FAQs for more information.”

Linus Iwuajoku a staff of the bank also explained the success behind the platform according to him: hehsaid theire experience on the loyalty scheme has been great It’s fun when one is  getting money for making your daily transactions. There are over one million customers on boarded

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Another merchant, Onyibere Emmanuel of Emmanux Ventures Nigeria Limited, also gave his contribution.

He said he has been banking with Diamond Bank for many years. Though he didn’t like the idea of having a credit card, he  felt it was another was of putting one into debt  through  bank charges.

He was called by his account officer that his GEMZKNE POINT had accumulated to #500,000


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