How to Get Millions of Visitors to Your Blog or Website in Nigeria

How to get people to visit my blog in Nigeria? How do i get traffic to my blog in Nigeria? How do i grow my blog in Nigeria? How do i rank high in Nigeria? If this are your questions then this article is for you. Juts read on as i will show you how to get visitors to your blog in Nigeria or outside Nigeria ease. What i mean by how to get traffic to your blog, simply means how to get people to visit and read your blog post in Nigeria.

This post is last updated November 10th, 2018

how to get visitors to your blog in Nigeria

The most important thing is not just setting up a beautiful blog or website, it required more work. If your blog is not having the proper readers you need, then it is considered useless to you as well. The first thing is setting up an easy navigating blog, but the most important area is who read your blog post.

How to get visitors to your blog in Nigeria

In Nigeria this is the most vary hurtful part that has hit and still hitting some bloggers. This frustrate some many Nigeria’s bloggers and live them no choice rather than giving up their blogs. If you are still battling with traffic to your blog as a blogger in Nigeria then it means you are still lacking some skills on how to get traffic to your blog.

As a blogger learning should never be a difficult task to you, or don’t you think it worth it?. If i should tell you, every successful blogger need to be hard working.

wondering why i said hard working? someone ask me how come a two months blog post hit 35,000 views? The fact is that there is no special thing i did than hard working. As a blogger you need to learn new technology every day and how to implement them in developing your blog.

Having a blog doesn’t guaranty you success yet, hope you know that already? if you have been relaxing all this while, now i tell you that you are the cost of your blog for lacking traffic. Read the basic things you need to be learning routinely.

How To Increase My Blog Traffic in Nigeria

SEO skills

SEO means Search Engines Optimization. Working with seo is something as a blogger should not consider neglecting. The highest traffic to informationhood are from search engines google, yahoo, and bing this is because we have been working on how we can rank high on search engines rather than posting every day without readers visiting the blog. As you know already millions of people uses google daily searching for different stuff on the internet, this is the most important place where genuine readers comes from. so working on your SEO is very important.

Avoid duplicate contents.

You might have heard about this before, but i am telling you again that duplicate content can penalize your ranking in search engines. On all my seo tips i always stress on duplicate contents, it really affect website a lot. there are many reasons why duplicate content arise on blogs even without you been a content thief.

  • Copy and paste
  • Other bloggers stealing
  • Search engines indexing your blog or website from your www. and none www url and many more

Learn how to solve duplicate content for seo

Make good uses of facebook page to get traffic to your blog

Facebook is the 2nd most popular website worldwide, in fact it almost impossible of finding Nigeria youth or average age Nigerian that is not on facebook, my grandma even want me to create facebook account for her recently lol. This is funny but not actually a joke, facebook is very helpful to bloggers and website owners, try to create facebook group and page if you haven’t.

Facebook page is important but difficult to grow, you can start by creating facebook group, add your friends to the group and beg them to also add their friends to the group also.

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After that create a facebook page and invite your friends and others to like your page. Informationhood get at least 300 visitors from facebook and 40 of these 300 visitors can share our post on their facebook wall, this is a grate improvement. Try these also and see the result.

Note: After creating your Facebook page make sure you put it to your blog so that your blog readers can also have access of liking your Facebook page easily right on your blog.‎

There are so many plugins to do that for you if your blog is hosted on wordpress. If you hosted your blog on wordpress then see my recommended plugins of gaining more facebook like here “ Top 5 best wordpress Facebook Like plugin to gain more Facebook likes“. and for those using blogger get the code to implement Facebook like popup to your blog here “Facebook like popup html code for blogspot blog”

Always write interesting post

This is the most important area of your blog. How important is your blog posts, how interesting are they to the visitors? how much time do you spend on the post to make sure it unique and will be helpful to your readers or even will interest them of book-marking your post of sharing it on their social medias?

Blog is the body while content is the soul of the blog, without content a blog is considered useless because no body want to come to your blog and start looking at it fancy. So consider writing interesting post and always try gaining your readers attention while writing, this means you should write in a friendly way in which your blog readers could easy understand and flow with. In my case i recommending using a simply English on your content because it not every body that is up to you.

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Add a simple social share buttons to your blog

Putin share buttons on your blog is one of the most important way to get more traffic. Try to be communicative on your articles so that your readers can easily be flowing with you, this will make them want to share your post on their social media pages and walls. Do this and watch out how traffic will be flowing in your blog.
Allowing your reader to share your blog posts on social mediate such as facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, pinterest etc are great method of increasing your traffic. As we have mentioned above, after reading an interesting post on your blog, some good hearten visitors would want to share that post with their friends on their social medias so their friends can also benefit from that post.

As their friends benefit by reading the post so his your blog growing also. There are a lot of social media sharing tools wordpress users and blogspot blogs. There are some share plugins which are not really helpful to a blog in some cases.

A good social share should not take visitors from your website permanently when someone share your article, this means a visitor that share your post on facebook should not be left on facebook after sharing it, the visitor should automatically redirected back to the post just after sharing it. This will give the visitors opportunity of sharing on other social network and also a chance of visiting other posts of your blog.

Fortunately it not all plugins that work the right way on worldpress or blogspot, for this reason i recommended the best wordpress social media share buttons here “ List of the best wordpress social media share button to grow your blog ” and for blogspot blogs, i have combine a perfect social share button html code that you just need to put into you blog html widget and that is all, check it out here “ How to put social share buttons on blogspot blog “

Always reply your blog comments

Have your blog started getting some comments for the few readers you had already? You might writing the very best and interesting post, having some good amount of visitors daily but still lack comments.


The reason for this is easy to the figure, how have you responded to the previous comments you had? if you are very active responding to your blog readers then they will want to ask you more questions. This grow your blog engagement, because Nigerians like where people are commenting, it gives them the feelings that the post or even the blog is important.

Sometimes some people are not really after the post, they are more concern on people reaction to the post, it very common in Nigeria. So always try to respond to your comments in other to encourage others commenting on your post hoping to get responds, and also avoid using aggressive words on your responds to comment of your blogs.

If you are having many comments on your blog then you will notice how bad and rude some people can be, some comment might want to push you to reply rude or use aggressive words, so always try as possible never to be aggressive on your comment reply, because some people might just be reading your comments and soon after they saw how rude you are, they won’t border to comment again and go straight to seek the solution in somewhere else. You should also be aware that comments will help you rank better on search engines, e.g google.

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Write for other blog and gain link to your own blog

There are many blogs at there that you can write for and gain a link to your blog in return, this is a good method of getting traffic to your website and also gaining back links. This means you will be a guess blogger to a blog, write interesting unique post for a blog and in credit, the post will link back to your blog. This will make all the post visitors of that blog which feature your guess post come to you website after reading the post, but you must not spam.

The main trick in getting grate success from guess post, you need to write a grate guess post that sponsored a grate problem, and then you include 40% of the solution, then you recommend the visitors to visit your blog for complete solution.

Finding good ranking blog that offer guess post is not easy but with deep google search and contacting many blog owners can give you some chance, also note not to just go for any kind of blog, your target should be blogs that rank well on search engines.

We are currently accepting guess post, if you think you have a nice unique guess post you would want us to features you on our blog then contact us using our email address [email protected] indicating your interest.

Increase your blog traffic using twitter is still one important means of increasing your traffic, the main purpose of twitter is for businesses and your blog is also among that business.

Posting relevant content links to your twitter increase your blog traffic and also increase your twitter followers, just follow the right step and get good number of twitter and then start putting links of your important post to your twitter account. You can also put a twitter follow button on your blog that allow your blog readers to follow you on twitter, i tell you twitter is very good in increasing your blog traffic.

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Increase your blog traffic with email subscribing

Hmm someone might say this method kee. The truth is that this method work like charm, we know that Nigerians are not all active reading emails but smart phone has now make it ease and also turning it to a compulsory that Nigerians start reading their emails always. This is because many smart phone now required that the user should activate some features of it using email address, this allow the phone to work with the owner email and when user get a new email it deliver to the phone and ring as a text message to the owner.

How to archive this by enabling your visitors to subscribe to you blog post using their email address, this feature will automatically send a notification to the subscriber email when ever new post drop on your blog. there are some tools that help in archiving this, both wordpress blog or blogspot blogs have the option of using email subscription. for wordpress blog i have recommended some grate plugin to help you archive this successfully.

Get traffic to your blog using youtube is a video platform that enable people to post their videos and even make money with them. Youtube are the main source some big platform are using to get more traffic to their websites or blogs, though informationhood haven’t considered going into videos but there are a lot of testimonies in the internet concerning this method and there are some Nigeria’s blogger who have good testimonies from the use of youtube.

If you are good in making videos for your blog contents then you can consider implementing the youtube traffic generating method. This method has two ways in benefiting you and your blog. The fact is that as you are getting more traffic to your blog, you can also be making money with the video. To start youtube video you need to visit and register a channel where you can be uploading your video on.

Using youtube is easy and does not required any specific Technics, all you need to do is register youtube account using your existing gmail email address or create new gmail account to register your youtube and start uploading your videos. Note: Youtube is totally free of charge.

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Make your blog mobile friendly and fast.

You must have seen or notice that some blogs and websites take a long time to load and some are not even mobile friendly, this days nobody want’s to wait eternity to get a solution to his/her problem, for this reason when someone is coming to your website or blog to get a solution to his/her problem and the person notice that your website or blog is taking too much time to load, you are living them with no other option than to go some where else that is faster then yours.

This is how hurtful it is also when your blog is not mobile friendly. These days the majority of internet users uses their mobile phone to access the internet mostly in Nigeria. So you need to make your website or blog mobile friendly and at the same time load very fast, in other to keep good amount of traffic to your blog.

The above tips has really work greatly for many blogs, imagine that you have 10,000 email subscribers, 4,000 twitter followers, 50,000 facebook group members and 8,000 facebook page fans at least every of your post should be having up to 10,000 readers, you see how easy it is getting traffic to your blog? this are the best tip that has made so many bloggers becomes pro bloggers today even in Nigeria.


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