How Check Bank Verification Number ( BVN ) On Phone or Online in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, the federal government through the ministry of finance has made it impossible to own a running account without having BVN which is known as bank verification number.

How Check Bank Verification Number (BVN) on Your Phone or Online

Bank Verification Number BVN

This is to say everyone who which to continue running an account or open new account in Nigeria must first acquire this BVN of a thing. The good thing is that it’s free and doesn’t require whole lot of time. It can be done in just few hours. It will be of good interest for you to also know that you have to use one BVN for all your bank accounts in respective of the banks you operate with.

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This is known for security against fraudulent acts going within the country, in addition to the ban of access to USD dollar usage in Nigeria, making it difficult for looters to go away with money.

Since the bank verification number was introduced in 2014 and take into compulsory in 2015 and early 2016; It has been easy for the federal government ministry of finance to get hold individuals account status, details and account balance as well know how many account from which banks each individuals operate for proper security and monitoring of illegal activities within the country.

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The major purpose of the BVN introduction was because of the country politicians accounts monitoring, maintaining the restrictions of account to certain number for politicians. This means politicians are not allowed to have above certain numbers of account.

To make the whole thing easy, the federal government ministry of finance understands that there could be every reason one may forget his/her BVN number, for which reason they have provided a quick retrieval means to make it possible for everyone to check for their BVN number with just their phone using USSD code without any stress.

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Because the BVN is necessary and could be required  when performing transaction in the bank, we want to quickly show you how to check BVN with your phone without any delay or stress; on this post. You can even do through your phone without internet connection.

How to Check BVN on my Phone

If you have lost your BVN or can’t find it at the moment which you needed it most, then you have to do a little thing to have it back right at where you are. The good thing about it is that you don’t even need Internet connection. You are wondering why we said online right? Every USSD code is considered online process though it can be accessed without internet or opening your browser

To check your BVN dial *565*0# in respective of what phone or network you are using. It works on almost all Nigeria netwok such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT even on 9Mobile. All you just need to do is press *565*0# and hit send, your BVN will then be shown to you, make sure you have airtime on your sim because some little charges is involve.

How to Check Your BVN on Gtbank

Gtbank has introduced their their own USSD code which their customers can easily used in checking BVN on their phone.

We will not have the gtbank bvn checking code includes on this post till we get in touch to Gtbank. The reason is because In confirmation of their BVN USSD checking code, it didn’t work as expected rather saying the requested amount is too small for transfers. However the above mentioned USSD code is the general BVN checking code and best to use.

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Note: You can only check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) with the number you use to registered your BVN. This is known as the number you filled on your BVN form. You cannot use any other number to access your BVN. If you try to, you will definitely get an error message telling you ” Sorry, tour number is not enrolled on the BVN platform.

How to Register BVN

The process of registering BVN is easy but require you to go to the banking hail. It can be done on any bank but to avoid linking problem, we recommend you enroll for BVN right in the bank you operated with. The process is as follows

Go the your bank with a passport photo, bank Account number, utility bill and any government issued identity card popularly called i’d card. Meet the customer care of your bank and indicate your interest for registering BVN. You will then be redirected to the BVN registration desk where you will be giving a form to fill.

Carefully fill the form and return it immediately. your biometric data will be needed right there which include fingerprints and facial appearance to the officer in charge, carefully complete this process and wait for it to be submitted. After that a receipt will be giving to you which will contain all your BVN registration details such as name registered with, date of birth, date registered and more.

After that you can go and wait for your BVN to be sent to your phone. Which is the phone you registered with.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Registering BVN

In addition this article will not be complete if we didn’t include some mistakes one must avoid when enrolling for the Bank Verification Number.

  • Don’t use name different from the name on your account: If you have three name in your bank account, make sure you use this same names in your BVN registration
  • Don’t Mis-arange your names: If you use e.g ‘ Dayo John Andrew’ your account and you then use ‘John Andrew Dayo’ on your BVN, it will not be accepted and your BVN will not work with your account. You either have it change or re-egister.

You should know that there are certain things that the BVN suppressed down in your banking. This are some of the important things you should know.

1. Registration for BVN is free and usually done in just a day.

2. Without BVN registration you will not be able to withdraw money from your account, be it from the bank or ATM machines will not work for you.

3. BVN is not for children under the age of 18 years.

4. All your account from different bank will use one BVN you register (don’t go and be registering different BVN for each of your account). Use that same BVN for First Bank, Eco, Gtbank, UBa, Zenith, diamond and any bank you chose to open account on.

5. CBN endorsed the BVN policy

This is all you need to know about BVN in Nigeria. As you can see on the above, we have covered how to check BVN on phone or online and as well how to register BVN in Nigeria in addition mistakes to avoid when registering BVN.

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