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The Birth Of Modern Science

The Birth Of Modern Science

When you take time to read history, you’ll be fascinated. This morning I found something very intriguing, what we call science had been here many centuries ago, they just didn’t know it was the future. No science leapt, fully formed, from a particular worldview, culture, religion or philosophy. Modern science isn’t so modern: the ancient Ionians […]

How old is the earth really?

How old is the earth

During my days as a philosophy student, one of the most prominent questions that seems obvious that we will never find answers to, is the question of how we got here in the first place. How did the world begin? Who created the world? Or what created the world? Who created who created the world? […]


The Brazilian government has given Yoruba a pride of place among foreign languages spoken in the country. in an exclusive interview with the Brazilian minister of culture Dr Sérgio Sá leitão at the weekend in Brazil that the government has introduced the compulsory study of African History and Yoruba language into the primary and secondary […]

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