Why there is High rates of divorce in marriage – Nigeria

The reason why there are high rates of divorce is because we expect much from our partners. Imagine, someone will marry and expect to see perfections in the life of his/her partner. Why do you expect your partner to be perfect? Some of us tend to forget that marriage is all about two imperfect people who come together to build themselves, correct themselves on their wrongs and then learn, relearn and unlearn from each other. Imagine marrying someone who you don’t know much about, someone from a different family, someone who has a character different from yours and perhaps someone from another tribe and who speaks different language from you. Tell me why won’t there be misunderstandings.

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Many of us expect our partners to be the best, we compare to other people, we want them to be the exact perfect picture on your mind. Marriage isn’t a bed of roses, marriage has its ups and downs. Marriage has its trying times and these trying times are mostly seen in the early stage of marriage[one to three years of marriage]. This is why marriage is meant for mature people with mature minds. There are times, one may regret getting married to one’s partner. Marriage isn’t like dating, there will be a time that one will begin to see some changes, it could be a positive or a negative one. At this stage, this is when misunderstanding creeps in, if one is not careful, there’s every tendency that one may decide to divorce.

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In marriage, see your partner as an imperfect being that’s likely to make mistakes, always have it in mind that offences are likely to abound in marriage, if you think that it’ll not! It’ll! You’re married to a human and not an angel; if you’re married to an angel, one may likely be frustrated and always get pissed off and this is because angels are righteous people and this act can be annoying. Humans are created in God’s image and likeness so we’re bound to make mistakes and we’re still striving towards perfections.



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