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Best Home Remedy To Prevent Cancer

Prevent cancer

Your health is more important, on this post we are going to look on how to prevent cancer. Cancer is one of the most deadly disease in Nigeria. Cancer disease can be developed in different parts of the human body both male and female. Home Remedy On How To Prevent Cancer There are different causes […]

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Health benefits of fruits and vegetables

Health is one most important thing one wouldn’t want to mess with. As said, health is wealth. Your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables will not only help your health alone, but your physical activities and skin look as well. Fruits are natural and very beneficial to human health. These colorful and tasty foods are […]

All You Need to Know About General Hospital in Nigeria

General Hospital in Nigeria

General hospital is a government-owned hospital in every city and states of Nigeria. General hospital aimed affordable treatments and help to improve health. General hospitals has been functioning since 1893 in Nigeria. According to our findings, general┬áhospital is met for every citizens and it open 24/7. The Nigeria Government has improved general hospitals facilities in […]

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