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Argentina football legend, Diego Maradona has been unveiled has new coach of Mexican side Dorados de Sinaloa. The club which plays in Mexico’s second tier is located in Culiacán in the northwestern province of Sinaloa, a region blighted with violence related to the Mexican drug cartels. Culiacán is infamous as the hometown of the Sinaloa […]

Bone Tumors Limping Can Be A Sign

Uncontrollable division of cells present in the tissue prompts the development of a protuberance or mass of tissue. This mass of tissue is known as a tumor and when this condition is analyzed in the bones of a human body, it is known as bone tumor. Most bone tumors are non-destructive (kind) and can’t develop. […]

Best Herbal Medicine to Treat Malaria and Typhoid

herbal medicine

On this article informationhood wish to show you best herbal medicine to treat malaria and typhoid in Nigeria. According to report some times ago, Nigeria is one of the country with high rate of malaria and typhoid due to the much dirty environment and lack of maintenance of the our homes. According to report malaria […]

Benefits of milk to the health

COW MILK NUTRIENTS Milk is a white liquid produced in the mammary glands of mammals. All mammals including human, produce milk to feed their offsprings till they are ready for solid foods. It contains valuable nutrients and can offer a range of health benefits. Calcium, for example, can prevent osteoporosis. However, some toddlers are not […]

Best Belly Fat Burner In Nigeria.

    Welcome to Today, we will be discussing the best belly fat burner you could use to get a good fit and look healthy. Do enjoy your day.   Best Belly Fat Burner in Nigeria Everyone loves to look fit and good but one way or the other we gain so much weight […]

What you Must Know About Overdose of Drugs in Nigeria

Drugs oversose

I want to talk about drugs overdose generally specially in Nigeria africa. An overdose is when a medical emergency requires immediate medical attention. Overdose of drugs or substances could be unintentional or deliberate. This happens when a person takes more than the medically recommended dose of a treatment or prescription. Drug Overdose In Nigeria Though, […]

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