Health Fact About Garlic And Honey

Garlic is in every woman’s kitchen. It makes food taste grate the aroma is amazing and unexplained. Garlic also has it tons of beneficial health factors you are not probably aware of.
What happen to your system when u eat garlic?.


Health Fact About Garlic And Honey, How You Can Use Them For Your Health

Informationhood just find out some good benefit about garlic and it help, all about what happen to your body when you eat it. here are the benefit.

1. Raw garlic is an incredible immune system enhancer

It helps when you have flu, hay fever, diarrhea, bug bites and fungal infections. And it can be beneficial for illnesses such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.
it also helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. It prevents coronary heart disease and heart attack.

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2. Energized and be healthier

The best way to consume garlic is when you are on an empty stomach, because your body absorbs the nutrients better. Here is the best way to eat raw garlic+honey on an empty stomach add 2-3 raw garlic cloves and combine them with one tablespoon of honey. If you consume this regularly, you will feel energized and be healthier.

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3. Garlic is wonderful against Flu, colds and a sore throat

Ingredients: blend ½ yellow onion add 5 pieces of garlic cloves and blend with 2 red chili peppers add 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger,Squeezed juice of 1 lemon /Organic ACV.
In a medium sized Mason jar, place the blend onion first and then the garlic. Then add the chili peppers, with the seeds and put the ginger on top. Add the squeezed lemon juice and finally the ACV. leave at least for half an inch of empty space on top. Close the lid tightly and keep the jar in a cold and dark place. You can consuming the tonic the next day.
Here are the three (3) amazing facts about garlic.



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