The production of ice cream in Nigeria is a booming enterprise especially when the weather is hot. This article tells you how to start ice cream production in Nigeria. Many are yet to realise the potentials of producing ice cream in Nigeria. Many assume this will cost them millions of naira while the rest view the equipment as not to be found in Nigeria. The closest place where you can obtain ice cream in the country is at joints that produce fast foods like Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic, Capitol and others. Outlets like Chocolate Royals also offer ice cream.

How To Start Ice Cream Business

How to start ice cream business iin NigeriaThere are many factors to consider before starting your ice cream business. Is it large scale or small scale that you intend to start. As you continue reading this article, you will get details on starting ice cream production in Nigeria. First get a good business plan.

What Challenges Are Facing Ice Cream Production In Nigeria

Constant electricity is needed to make ice cream semi frozen or frozen.

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The way to curb this is to have batches produced in little quantities and when the first batch is exhausted, you begin the next batch.

Materials Needed For Producing Ice Cream

You will need some materials for your ice cream production. Materials like:

  • Sugar
  • Flavour
  • Additives
  • Butter

The additives emulsifies and stabilises. The common flavours that are utilised are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. You may decide to have flavours mixed to get something that is unique. There is also addition of air for the flavour of the ice cream to be absorbent. Due to the lack of air, the ice cream tends to become watery, soft and heavy. The government of Nigeria permits up to 100% of air in an ice cream but you can keep it between 20%-50%. The government also permits 10% of butterfat for any ice cream that is packaged.

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Ice Cream Production Procedures

Have your additives blended with refrigerated milk and sugar for up to 10 minutes. You can do this to mix the dry ingredients and the liquids together. Have the mixture poured into the machine for pasteurization. There is breaking down of fats here and they are prevented from being separated from the mixture.

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The pasteurisation of ice cream is for 30 minutes in a temperature that is about 155°C. There is blending of the mixture again and then it is pumped to a vat where there is addition of flavour and blending. There is homogenisation to reduce fat, milk and to make it creamier and smoother before they are sent to the freezer. Have it mixed at 5°C through the night in order to have it cooled down before they freeze. This will promote the mixture properties of the ice cream and this is known as whipping. Have the mixture added into the freezer and then have some air injected into it. It is called overrun where there is addition of air. This promotes the lightness and the denseness of the ice cream. If you are making use of them, you can have it brought out after you add flavours that are natural if you are using flavours. This may be candies, nuts, fruits etc. The addition is to prevent interference with the process of smoothing. This will enable them to stay whole. Have it cooled or freezed at a temperature that is -25°C.

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How Do You Produce Ice Cream Without Using Machines?

The following tools are needed for the production of ice cream:

  • bowls ( small and big)
  • Pot
  • Stirring rod or whisker
  • Spoon

What Materials Are Required For Making Ice Cream Without Machines?

  • Fresh milk of 500 ml
  • Whipping cream 250 ml
  • Sugar of 60g
  • 2 tablespoon or 1 vanilla pod of extract

The optional materials are:

  • Caramel
  • Fruits
  • Honey

Ensure that your cubes are ready before you begin it’s production. You will utilise this when you are cooling the ice cream. 40 cubes would be okay for this. Have vanilla pod sliced open to have the seeds exposed if you are going to make use of them.

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Making The Ice Cream

Have the whipping cream and milk poured into the big pot that can contain all the mixture. Add vanilla pod or vanilla extract. Utilise the fibre and seeds and then have them placed on fire with the medium heat. You can have the egg yolk whisked. Have the fire reduced and remove the vanilla seeds and the fibre if you did not utilise it as the mixture starts boiling. The reduction of heat will cause the dropping of the foaming milk, immediately add sugar and the egg yolk that you mixed. Have it properly stirred. Have the heat increased at this moment and then keep stirring until there is thickening of the mixture. Have the ice block put into the big bowl after which water is added to it. Have the mixture of the ice cream poured into the smaller bowl after which you place it on e larger one with the blocks. Then stir vigorously with the stirring rod and then it is followed by a cooling process. Have the ice cream put together with the bowl into the refrigerator. Bring it out into 30 minutes and stir it. Have it put into the refrigerator again. Bring it out after 1 and half hours and stir. Keep stirring until there is formation of the solid cream. This can happen within 4 to 5 hours. You can add honey, fruits or caramel and then serve the ice cream. The remaining portion should be frozen and preserved in a refrigerator. Note that for this case, vanilla was used. The rest of the flavours will utilise the same procedure. You can get the ingredients in shops, big malls or cake store.

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Marketing Your Ice Cream

You look for an outlet or busy area to market your ice cream. The places should have high population like the school environment. Addition of snacks like doughnuts, meat pie etc with ice cream could be done. Keep your shop neat. Use correct paintings and furniture. You can also use a mobile ice cream shop if you can afford it. Go to occasions like Democracy Day, Workers Day, football events etc for marketing. Have your ice cream packaged in cups of varied sizes or in rubber plates of different categories.

The Profitability Of Ice Cream Business

Ice cream business profits are worth doing the business. Making more than 50% turnover is possible. Some make more than 100% depending on class and location. Other profitable features of the ice cream business are:

  • Huge ice cream demand
  • Local sourcing of ingredients


You have seen how to produce ice cream in Nigeria and it’s profitable capacity. You can decide to start this business and if you have any questions, feel free to utilise our comment box.

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