GOTV Lite 400 Naira Monthly Subscription Plan, Channels List

Have you heard of GOTV Lite 400 Naira subscription plan? GOTV has released the cheapest subscription plan ever. The new subscription plan/bouquet known as GOTV Lite cost just #400 Naira only per month and it has wonderful and amazing international and Nigeria channels you will enjoy yourself with. The plan is still on till now and it suitable for those who are always busy with something or the other, it enable them to enjoy their TV at their free. instead of subscribing the N2000  to discover you didn’t watch it more than twice in a whole month, if electricity supply is not stable you would as consider this GOTV plan.

gotv 400 naira subscription planGOTV Lite #400 Naira Subscription Plan

With the GOTV Lite #400 plan you can watch 30 cool amazing channels that will blow your mind. When we first heard about this, we were like wow, and thought it just a joke until we tried it out and find that is amazing as well. It already booming in Nigeria already as you read.

How To Pay For GOTV Lite 400 Naira Subscription Plan

You can pay for these GOTV bouquet as you normally use to pay before now, you can subscribe to the plan either online or from GOTV Dealers outlet.


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GOTV Lite  #400 Naira Subscription Plan Channel List

Afro Music Pop

Al Jazeera



Islam channel






TVC Entertainment

TVC News Nigeria


Trybe TV


Wazobia TV

Galaxy TV

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It also include two audio channels which are; Naija FM and Wazobia FM.

See All The GoTV Channel List Here

These cheap GOTV subscription plan has made it possible for everyone to always have their GOTV put to use. Note that these GOTV Lite 400 Naira subscription plan is available to only already subscribers.

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  1. If I want to dangrade my a/c everytime is caused problem?

  2. Nice

  3. Surajudeen Babatunde

    No comment

  4. will migrate later if recession is gone forever

  5. I have not subcibe for awhile now , due to the high cost of leaving now, but will will reconnect with the new Gotv lite , at lease for the recession period is over

  6. Must i migrate before i can make payment for gotv lite even though am on gotv plus? If so, how?


    I subscribed lite on 28th may 2017 yet is not working well even it just pick five channels what can I do.

    1. Reset from the menu option and rescan, i had the same issue, it was resolved with this

  8. I subscribe 400Lite out of the channel I don’t see some channel like trybe TV, MItv, Channel, and some. What happened for me to not see all this channel. Thanks

  9. Please I don’t understand what some people mean by migrating, I have GOtv and I want to subscribe for GOtv lite is it possible and how

  10. Pls will I see AfricaMagic Yoruba channel

    1. no its not included

  11. Please can I get sport blitz on gotv lite?

  12. Please can I get sport blitz on gotv lite

  13. I subscribed to GOTV Lite for 6 months but I am not getting all the channels as listed above like Jimjam, NTAi, Al Jazeera. What do I do to have this issue corrected.

  14. Plz ao can i sub 4 400naira on ma phone nd ma gotv decoder z nt showing i can only hear wat dey say.iuc no 2022035660


    I subscribed through bank and it’s saying my device wasn’t reset try again later.please,help me do it. My iuc no 4623455603

  16. Akinola toluwalope

    I opt in for gotv lite but nt all d stations is showing, i ave access to just 3 stations. Pls help me on wot to do

  17. Make use of to easily subscribe, renew and pay for your GOtv account with ease.

  18. How do I downgrade my gotv decoder and hope it won’t have any aftermath effect when I want to upgrade it again.

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