Gotv customer care phone number and contact details

Are you in search for how you can contact Gotv customer care for assistant? If this is your search on this post i’m going to show you how you can easily contact gotv customer care without stress and have any issue resolved easily in Nigeria.

This article contains GOTV customer care phone number and contact details for easy reach to Gotv

Gotv customer care

GOTV is now the leading media organization in Nigeria currently, GOTV has nothing less than 700,000 Active Nigeria users/subscribers. Due to the heavy usage of GOTV in Nigeria one might run into some issues that required Contacting GOTV customer care center for proper and immediate assistant. In case you are having any issues with your GOTV subscription, channel list, error code or any other issue you need to call the customer care assistant. Check below for GOtv customer care phone number and contact details so you contact them for immediate assistant. This is the reason why we decided to give out their direct contact details here on informationhood.

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GOTV Customer Care Phone Number And Contact Details

The fastest way to contact GOtv customer service is by calling their customer care number, but note that you will charge at the normal calling rate.

GOTV Customer Care Phone Number 08039044688

Another good way of contacting GOTV is with email, if you could be patient enough to wait for 3-4 hours then you can use the email method in contacting GOtv.

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GOTV customer care email address: [email protected][email protected]

You can also contact Gotv via their twitter account

GOTV twitter

GOTV facebook

GOTV website
With these details above you can contact gotv but the easier way informationhood recommended is contacting the GOTV through the customer care number where you can possibly ask any question and get immediate respond. You can drop your comment below if need urgent assistant.

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GOTV customer care service respond rating  is fast as 85%.

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  1. cynthia

    Why is my subscription still not yet working? Over two days of subscribing with my uba account. Please help

  2. Informationhood

    contact theme direct

    1. Jimoh

      pls what is delaying my subscription since after 4pm after several calls of customer care is not yet connected. what is the issue? kindly pls reconnect with IUC number 4613689820.

      1. Obijiaku kassy

        I bought my new gotv on Friday and since then it has not been activated with several calls I have made but to no avail, now is showing £017. The decoder is not enabled for this channel pls contact the gotv Centre for assistance

    2. Please my in law Gotv channels went off this evening from54 down to 24, please I really need your help to rectify the channels, iuc number is 2017607811, name Muhammad Ghali, thank you..

  3. gift

    thanks but please how do i subscribe with atm

  4. Alabi Oj

    They wasted my card without proper respond, not happy with them, is there no other ways of contacting them?

  5. Faithyk

    I subscribe my gotv, it only showing 20 station, please wat do i do naa?

    1. Informationhood

      Search your GOTV again and see if the station will come back

    2. AD darlington

      My GoTv decoder stopped showing, visited your agents in calabar their confirmed that its affect by lightening and promised to swap it for another for 2k, I don’t know why its too difficult to do the said swap, my damn suscription is fast running. Am not really happy with the insincerity in the guys here

  6. godsmark

    good day,please how can I become a GOTV agent

  7. Gerald

    My gotv has no signal

    1. Informationhood

      Try turning your GOTV antenna toward another direction. Let us know if it able to solve your problem

      1. Samuel

        Since Thursday ma decoder is not showing anything

  8. Georgeline fuanbial

    Help activate my decoder. I paid but it is still reading blocked for non-payment my no is 4620989892

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint has been forwarded to the GOTV customer care for immediate attention… if you are still having this issues after 12hours time then do the activation by follow this step. SMS the word Accept*followed by your ICU NUmber*, your Surname*, your Mobile Number*, the City* in which you live and the Product*, to 22688

  9. Jacobs Byron

    It is quite disheartening that your facility for recharge is porous;endless complains keep coming by the minute.
    It is on this note that I request that the appropriate quarters be notified on recharge especially when when done online.
    Here is my detail on recharge done online 2017044067, mobile number :08131393635.

  10. Esther. O

    Since yesterday all Gotv stations are not showing even till now.I have tried all I know how to do still no change.

    1. Informationhood

      Unbehalf of GOTV informationhood apologize for the incovinences you are going through with your GOTV. Here are some tips that chould help you solve this problem.
      1: Turn on your GOTV decorder
      2: Change the direction of you GOTV ANTENNA to to another direction.
      2 Keep scanning your decoder till all channels shows up.

      1: Don’t let your GOTV to scan itself.
      2: Avoid living your GOTV on when going out or going to bed, this is because you never knew when light will go off and when it come up again your GOTV can scan it lself during the ON process.

      When you notice GOTV scanning itself, Quickly cancel it by pressing TV to EXIT

      If this is helful you can inform us and if it your GOTV did’t start working properly in the next hours, inform us. meanwhile all these comolaint will be forwarded to GOTV shotly.

      1. ifeoma

        Please since yesterday my go tv is not working and I have been calling and no body has pick it. It’s unfair to keep one waiting for almost 30 mins in phone. My iuc no 2017657880

        1. Informationhood

          quick tips: turn off your gotv from the socket and put it On again, allow it to scan and that all.

        2. Informationhood

          Your complaint has been forwarded to the customer care center for immediate assistant.

  11. Juliet

    my Gotv is just showing only 8 channels now & I have called d customer care twice to no avail, they just wasted my #400 credit talking their advert without linking me up. this is a very wicked & unfair thing to do to your customers.

    1. Mary Ifoga

      Hello please also follow the steps shown to “ESTHER O” above.. Let us know if the above tips didn’t still solve your GOTV problem.

      1. Michael adeiza

        Please this is weekend, kindly help me to rectify my Gotv.. I recharge my gotv since yesterday up till now is not showing,my last recharge was 1800 but my little girl paid for 1400 recharge yesterday, up till now is not yet activated. this is um. 4613460278 Michael from abuja

        1. mrmicheals

          I wonder why gotv will publishe peoples complain without solving it..pls i’m also complainant.. People should stop calling my phone..cos I’m also helpless in my own case

      2. Michael adeiza

        Pls people should read my complain before calling my fone..I also have gotv recharge problem.. I recharge and is not showing.. And gotv customers service must be very wrong to published every complain with peoples detail.. Pls people should stop calling my fone..I’m also facing the same problem

        1. Informationhood

          We advice not to include your phone number when commenti here till we say so. The only important thing to check your account and work on it for you is just your IUC number. We have edited your comment and extracted your number of it. About your GOTV not still working, we have resubmited your issue to the customer care service again for further examination of your gotv account.

    2. Oni oluwatayo

      I always have 52channels but now that I recharged yesterday has reduced to 24.l have done automatic search for network it did not work my IUC no is 2009550279

      1. Informationhood

        Help Search on your GOTV shows it ok. Please keep scanning your GOTV till you get all the channels back, you can do that right in your menu >>> settings >>> scan

        1. Ogochukwu Morgan

          Look like my account has been suspended, subscribed since yet no access. Kindly help,My iuc number 4622517589 Thanks

  12. Jennifer Raymond

    Pls activate my gotv 4601740174

    1. Informationhood

      Regarding your issue, your GOTV IUC Number has been forwarded to the customer care service… Your GOTV problem will be solve shortly.

  13. Oni oluwatayo

    I recharged yesterday on IUC NO 2009550279.The channels that l have before was 52-channel now has reduced to 24-channel.please assist. I have done automatic recharged to bring more channels

    1. informationhood

      Regarding your issue, your GOTV will start showing the normal channels again, we have forwarded you complaint directly to the customer care. just re-scan your GOTV after few hours.



  14. Olaliz

    i am not Happy with with thé service i get from your customer care services.. I have been calling since Last night regarding the issue of iuc number… Let Them treatment my mil

    1. Informationhood

      What exactly is your GOTV problem?

  15. bitrus solomon

    gotv, how can you use customer’s money to make your advert and still could not solve their problem?
    well i just tried to subscribe mine online and i don’t understand what you are telling me. My IUC is 4622299996, the name is bitrus solomon from kaduna, nigeria. I need to subscribe on line pls.

    1. Informationhood

      Hello good day, GOTV is sincerely sorry for the inconveniences, your complaints has been forwarded to GOTV customer care. Your subscription should start working in 24hrs time.

  16. chioma

    I subscribe my gotv via quickteller it is not yet working my iuc number 4601753575

    1. Informationhood

      Thanks for subscribing GOTV, Note that if you keep subscribing your GOTV you will watch GOTV free all though october. Your complaint has been forwarded to the customer care cente. Your GOTV should start working in 24hours time.

  17. Tiger Dukor

    I subscribed 3 days ago up till now my gotv has not come up. I have tried to use the online self service but the e16 could not clear off pls help.
    IUC NO 4601687427
    Name: Tiger Dukor
    AMOUNTH :1800

    1. Informationhood

      Sorry for the inconveniences. Your complaints has been forwarded to the GOTV customer care centre, your GOTV will start working soon. Thanks

  18. Ibrahim ojolowo

    pls I forget my series number pls can u send me the number

    1. Informationhood

      Please Provide your Name and number to either [email protected] or [email protected], including your request for your iuc number.

  19. Amaka

    Pls I subscribed through quickteller and my gotv is still writing service is currently scrambled,pls activitate do activate it. I thought subscribing online would be a bit faster and easier .
    Iuc no 4601536232
    Name onyeoguzoro
    Town: umuahia
    Amount: 1800

    1. Informationhood

      Your request has been forwarded to the GOTV customer care center, your subscription will be active and start working shortly.

  20. IWEGBU

    Good day. I subscribed for Gotv plus #1800, on the 11th of August 2016. It initially showed some channels and eventually all when I called ur office. But it is showing E16 error this morning. I ve tried *288*1# to clear d error, all to no avail. Iuc No 2021778088. Phone no. 08033590112. Pls do something abt it. Thks

    1. Informationhood

      Your request have been forwarded to the GOTV custome care center and they are currently working on it, you should scan your GOTV in 4hours time and your GOTV will start working proper.

  21. Gabriel Kenhoegbe

    I subscribed my gotv last night through mobile payment with my FCMB account (3144648014) and it is yet to be activated. My IUC number is 4613518624. Please I need a positive response from you guys

    1. Informationhood

      Your Complaints has been forwarded to GOTV customer care for immediate attention, your GOTV will start working shortly.

  22. Julie Anyanwu

    Hi am Julie I subscribed since on Friday with my diamond mobile app till now am gotv is not yet activated what do I do my ICU no is 4613786796 am really pissed.

    1. Informationhood

      Hi @Julie We have forwarded your complain to the GOTV customer care and they are currently working on it. It will be resolve shortly and your Gotv will start working proper again.

      1. mrmicheals

        Pls gotv delete my message.. Why do u publicsis. People’s messages and number.. And yet uu are not helping..

  23. mr ominde

    am dissapointed with gotv ,i paid for the services but i can not get the channels i paid for these is robbery in the broad daytime and the government should act.we are going to report these to the relevant government office if our problems is not address

    1. Informationhood

      Please provide you decoder IUC number so we can help you.

  24. Uyi Iyamu

    Good morning,
    I am Uyi Iyamu, with IUC NO:2018675751.
    I was sent a message last month: Dear GOgetter, deadline for GOtv special offer extended! Pay before 18 July and remain active until 30 Sept to get October at no extra cost. T&Cs apply. And i paid before 18th July.

    I was surprise today when i put on my gotv and all my channels dismissed.

    Please look into this and respond swifly.


    1. Informationhood

      Hello @Uyi Iyamu Please note that today is August 16th, check to be sure that your subscription has not expired. If you haven’t hit the expiring date then go to your GOTV Menu select settings and auto scan to scan your decoder again for available channels. If you are still having problem after doing this then leave a comment again below for direct assistant.

      1. Uyi Iyamu

        Please read my first message well.i am talking about the extra month you promised to give me in August,but you didn’t keep to your promise.
        Dear GOgetter, deadline for GOtv special offer extended! Pay before 18 July and remain active until 30 Sept to get October at no extra cost. T&Cs apply.

        Please read carefully.


        1. Informationhood

          Thanks for your reply @UYI IYAMU. Kindly note that the message you received from GOTV was to inform you that if you keep your subscription active till September 30th you will enjoy GOTV for free in whole of October.

  25. olumide

    I subscribed on d 15th through access bank mobile up till now my gotv is not working. Showing E-16 error. Tried to clear using *288*1# all to no avail. Pls help with it.
    My IUC: 2021881040
    Phone no: 08135063208

    1. Informationhood

      Sorry for the inconveniences to clear error code on your gotv decoder follow this step, Type RESET(space) first ten digits of your IUC number and send to 4688.e.g RESET 1234567890 to 4688 while your decoder is powered on.

  26. Adeniyi

    Good day, I subscribe yesterday with my Gtb mobile money app but my subscription is yet to be reconnected. My IUC number is 2020768049, please reconnect me ASAP. 08062302823.

    1. Informationhood

      Did you confirm if your subscription was successful and the fee has been deducted from your bank account? We are forwarding your complaint to the GOTV customer care center for immediate assistant now.

  27. Temitope

    Good morning, I ‘successfully’ subscribe on my Gotv IUC 4613404916 with #1800 via quick teller but it is yet to be activated. It is not giving any response as it is just blank. Kindly assist. Thank you

    1. Informationhood

      We have forwarded your complaints to the GOTV customer care, if your subscription was successful then it will start working within 4hours time.

  28. sulaiman ismail

    i have subscribed since 2weeks ago yet have not be been given relevant station.whatz iuc 2019226790 plz do something my money is wasting

    1. Informationhood

      This is sad, did you confirmed if your subscription was successful? And always the money where deducted from your account? We will forward your request to the customer care service now for assistant.

  29. adekunle

    I hv different name on my gotv decoder that is the information

    1. Informationhood

      Thanks for your comment, but we are unable to help you because your complaint was not understood. Please state any issue you are having properly so we can be able to help you sir. Thanks @Mr.Adekunle

  30. Nwode

    i just paid for our gotv now at zenith bank…iuc.4620975165, but my wife just called me now that she had tired all her best for the gotv to show,but all her efforts to no avail. her number is 08030510108 zenith teller no…0011890, i subscriribed 1800..,we used Nwode to purchase the gotv.

    1. Informationhood

      Sorry for the inconveniences sir. Your complaint has been forwarded to GoTV customer care direct for urgent assistant, your GoTV will start working proper again as soon as possible.

  31. AROGUNBO Felix

    My Gotv is only showing 12 channel no sports channel is showing, please do something.

    1. Informationhood

      @Felix Kindly Note that the channels you will watch depend on the GOTV subscription plan you choose, if you pay for GOTV subscription plan of #1800 Naira then repeatedly scan your GoTV till you get at least 52 channels. If you still didn’t get the complete then inform us to request your help directly from the GOTV customer care.

  32. Informationhood

    To all that submitted their complaint today this is mail from GOTV Customer care: Please be informed reset has been done on all the submitted IUC numbers except 4620975165 which can not be accessed. Kindly forward the correct details.

    Kind regards.

    Please if you are the owner of these IUC Number 4620975165 kindly note that there is an error of incorrect on your provided IUC number. Kindly Check your IUC number again and submit the correct IUC number here.

  33. ugorji stainless

    I recharged on august 12(Friday) with number2022621063,and my gotv is still scrambled.what is the problem?and how do I recover the post days. ugorji stainless is the name

    1. ugorji stainless

      please reply

    2. informationhood

      Your complaint has been submited to GOTV customer care for immediate assistant.

  34. okoro dennis

    I did my Gotv subscription from my UNION mobile N 4 over two days Now it’s not up yet. ID 4622467134 pls attend to it ASAP. I even called n my call card was Just wasting am really not impressed.

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaints has been held and forwarded to the GOTV customer care center for urgent assistant. Your GOTV subscription will start working shortly.

      1. Light

        Do you people have a costumer centre number at all. I recharged but I can’t watch showing me e16 e32 now telling me that my account has been suspended

    2. informationhood

      We sincerely apologize for all inconveniences and the delay in response.
      A reset has already been effected on your account to restore viewing on your decoder.
      However if your decoder is not on, Text RESET “IUC number” to 4688

  35. Taiwo

    I subscribe to my gotv account but is still display channel suspended or scrambled this is d id 2016140722,
    pls, u people should do something about.

  36. Taiwo

    sorry d id is 2016149722

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint has been received and will be forwarded to the GOTV customer care for immediate assistant, your GOTV will start showing all channels shortly.

    2. informationhood

      We sincerely apologize for all inconveniences and the delay in response.
      A reset has already been effected on your account to restore viewing on your decoder.
      However if your decoder is not on, Text RESET “IUC number” to 4688

  37. koko

    I subscribe to my Gotv account via quicktella but its showing scrambled e16 error pls fix it iuc 2019519739 #1800

    1. informationhood

      Please be informed that the account is currently active.

      A reset has been done on the account to ensure viewing.

      Kindly confirm if you now have pictures on the screen.

  38. I subscriber my togtv two days now still not showing any channel at all did my ICU number 4613210773#1800

  39. ogwu N

    Hi, please i have subscribed, tries to reset, clear error code. Still not working. Account balance is still showing wat i had before payment Iuc 4613857000

    1. Informationhood

      Your Gotv will start working shortly.

  40. Oluwaseun Adebanjo

    Afternoon, The brand new Gotv which i just installed on 8th of July, 2016 got damage by fire disaster 26 days after. I want to know if it possible to transfer my remaining balance to the new one I just re-installed yesterday, Thanks you

  41. bello Ridwan gbolahan

    I made payment to my GOTV account but, nothing is showing my IUC is 4601926922

    1. Informationhood

      Complaint has been submited to GOTV customer care center for immediate assistant. Your GOTV will start working shortly. thanks

  42. bello Ridwan gbolahan

    Have made payment to my gotv account but, the error code is still showing, what should I do cos have called them several times no way out please help. my iuc is 46019 26922 my name is bello ridwan gbolahan. thanks

    1. Informationhood

      OK we will forward your request to the GOTV customer care service for quick assistant.

  43. Jane

    Hi am installing my Gotv its saying that nor services available please help

    1. Informationhood

      Check to be sure your GOTV has a stronge signal, if no signal then Change the direction of your GOTV antenna.

  44. Informationhood

    QUICK NOTICE Please check if your IUC number is among these below.

    Please be informed a reset has bee done on account 4613857000. Kindly note payment is yet to reflect on account 4613210773 forward scanned evidence of payment and valid ID to enable us assist you further.

  45. Maryann

    pls I subscribed and am having just 24 channels.. how do I upgrade it..4622563376

    1. Informationhood

      Re-scan your GOTV it should be able to show all channels, but if still no improvement then get back to us.

  46. Nureni Abioye Oyewale

    Why is it my gotv not working after 24hrs I have recharge with my Skye bank account?

    1. Informationhood

      You complain has been submitted for assistant, you gotv should work shortly.

    2. Informationhood

      please provide your iuc number to enable us help you.


    I mixed one of my IUC number of my gotv mistakenly and put another number,and now my gotv is not subscribe yet and I know sumbody else is using d subscription what will I do

    1. Informationhood

      You should have been careful, we will notify the customer care service about this now if anything could be done about your issue, we advice you keep an evidence of subscription because it might be required if anything could be done.

  48. Adebola

    I subscribed through quickteller app on my phone last night,i clicked on gotv plus(cus that’s the package I subscribed to monthly)and I went ahead and did all necessary, to my greatest surprise I got an alert indicating N1600 has been deducted from my acct, instead of 1900,i simply don’t understand what’s going on now,am confused… Pls help IUC, 2021955213.thanks

    1. Informationhood

      We are forwarding this to the customer care now to check on your gotv account. we will get back to you shortly

  49. ROMMY blessed investment

    pls I paid to this account, 2020802375 Oche Ejembi through flash me cash on a mistake to dstv instead of gotv. I HV called customercere given the serial number NGN04081617014173.and it’s was connected. yestaday it gone off again,pls do something the owner is fighting me.

    1. informationhood

      Alright, it will be resolve shortly.

  50. amira

    pls go tv some of my favourite channels are missing what will I iuc no:4613937230

    1. Informationhood

      Scan your decoder again, a reset has been done on your account. You will be able to watch all channels now.

  51. John

    I loaded my gotv yesterday around 11am and till now I can’t access any of the channels
    My IUC 4601918020

  52. wande

    I subscribed for gotv on Monday but to my surprise all the stations stopped showing this morning telling me that my subscription has expired. Tried calling your customer care line but no one picked. My IUC number is 4613858322.
    Pls fix this asap

  53. kemi

    Hi I paid for my gotv subscription using mobile services and it’s yet to come up . IUC 2009616218. N1, 500. Kindly assist.

  54. oluyomi francis

    I subscribe my gotv yesterdayon 27-08-2016,till
    now is not working. my iuc number is
    4601870059.oluyomi no 08077233848.

  55. Benedict kisua

    My IUC-2017078509 I paid 920 and almost 24hrs no connection thru m-pesa ref. KHR8KDCIIW. How long does it take to activate. My call not going thru

  56. sunday james

    I subscribe online for the past 48hours and still call the customer care. but still the same . please help me and solve the problem is only the GOtv station that was showing 2020697476 Sunday James

  57. Osas

    I made payment on line on the 27/8/2016 and up till now 29/8/2016 my Gotv has not been credited. My Trans ID is 2716239184849647 and my smart card number is 4613290636. Pls do something about it. Osas John Egunmwendia

  58. Fatima Mohammed

    I just renew my subscription 4613140555 up till now is not working I kept seeing E16

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint have been submitted to the customer care center for immediate assistant.

  59. Omowaye opeyemi

    Can You help me to activate my gotv with IUC no 4621012463, jus bought it new and it only showing channel 1

  60. sobande remilekun

    plz help me my gotv has bn misbehaving ever since yesterday that it scanned and upgraded itself! I can no longer change channels or press anything on the remote control cos its not responding. 4613784926 plz help me

  61. Adewale M.A

    Good day.

    ..have been abandoned my decoder close to2 years if am not mistake…why?
    Answer…my decoder is on if I pug it with electricity but not showing any image through the television..

    I took it to 1 of your brach office at Ogba Agege lagos and then told me it was panel fault that I should buy new decoder..where my decoder still power fault yes

    Its any contractdictory solution to it because I cannt avoid new decoder

  62. wande

    Pls, Gotv people! District is second time I’m complaining and help is NOT coming from u guys. It’s been 2 weeks now since I subscribed and I have still not gotten value for my money as non of d stations is showing. Can u HELP since your contact Centre is not functioning. IUC number- 4613858322


  63. Stephen Eseni

    2004422852 please I just recharge now but no channels is displaying, I want it to be activated please

  64. Stephen Eseni

    IUC number 2004422852 I just recharge today and is only channel 1 that’s showing pls do something to rectify the fault please, I want to enjoy my money ok

  65. informationhood

    All of your complaints has been submited to GOTV and working on them, some of your has been reset and now working. if yours is not yet workin please hold on while they work on it for you. Thanks


    i have subscribe since friday and i was sent a message of being debited of the amount which i subscribe for but till now my Gotv is not yet working, this is a criminal act and i can sue you for this if i didnt see it working till tomorrow then you gotta see my letter and meet me in court cos the charges will started reading right from the day 1 that i have subsribe and today is day three without it being working IUC NUMBER IS 4622359989, look aint begging you to act fast i just pray you dont so you can meet me in court on Monday

  67. Sunny

    I subscribed two days ago with the sum of one thousand two hundred naira N1200 and one hundred and fifty naira N150 as service charges using mobile banking on diamond bank platform. Up till now, I have not been connected. Do I have to pay the balance to make up N1800 to get connected? I have wasted my airtime using your customer care but you won’t connect me. Sunny IUC 4613801976

  68. Bassey Essien Ekpe

    I subscribe Gotv lite #1050 on Friday the theme 2nd of September using my Fidelity Bank ATM and up till now my Gotv have not being activated. This is the transaction DEBIT ALERT
    Account: **5583
    Amount: N1,050
    Description: ATM BILL PAY 10701986 GTV0/2022084923/1624601417
    Date: 02/SEP/16 06:45AM
    Balance: N17,336.95CR
    Dial *770# to activate your Instant Banking & enjoy Instant transfers, Bills payment & more
    For Enquiries call +23414485252
    Please what should i do. Thanks

    1. Informationhood

      We will submit your case to the customer care service for immediate assistant now. Your decoder will be working fine in the next 4 hours.

  69. Rev. Matthew Essang

    Hello, I’ve just subscribed and it hasn’t been activated please kindly activate it for me from your office. My IUC No. 4613808615. Thanks a million.


    I recharged a gotv air time of 1,300 yesterday afternoon on my IUC 2022496723.An sms was sent to my mobile line that my transactn was successful.Disappointedly,I could only receive 5 channels while others are inactive.I’ll appreciate ur timely corrective measures.


    I recharge a gotv air time of 1,300 yesterday.Up till now,my gotv stations remain inactive.I’ll appreciate prompt & corrective measures. My IUC number 2022496723.


    I recharge yesterday evening through my diamond account but not yet reconnected pls iuc number 2017663407

  73. Emeka

    Hi Gotv,

    I recharged my Gotv yesterday September 6th 2016 vide Diamond online with Quick Teller Reference Number 112300033425 and am yet to be reconnected.

    My IUC number is 4601504889.

    Please do kindly activate it Asap.

  74. Agbo Remigius

    pls kindly activate my Gotv lite iuc no is 2003682970 I paid N1050 for 4months. Bank : Zenith Bank 9th mile. teller no is 0009643 .Name Agbo Remigius ph no 08064410582. city. ENUGU .waiting for ur reply urgently

  75. Jinadu

    Pls kindly activate my Gotv we Av tried all means and even visited ur pay shop at Shoprite ikeja, they could not render any assistance we also visited GRA ikeja center same story, its a new Decoder with IUC no-4622418592. We call the customer care after visiting one of the pay shop at Worldoil Lagos Ibadan Express & they were unable to activate it & the customer care no response was that they have close for the day. The decoder was bought on Satuday and we have a complete scan but just that it could not Show. Pls kindly rectify

  76. Informationhood

    All of the recentt aubmited IUC numbers are currently been work on. they should be working normal shortly.

  77. Tolani

    I paid through qickteller and it was successful GoTV payment of NGN 1,800.00 for 4613017423 was successful. REF: 999935249515 but is not coming up pls help me

  78. Emmanuel Osigbade

    Hello gotv, l recharge my subscription on
    4th September, since then l not be able to
    access CNN, Aljezera, Africa magic and others please kindly activate my go tv. My IUC no
    2020779515. Thanks.

  79. Abubakar Kabiru

    i made my payment throught recharge card by my mobile phone manually 2days backward but uptill now is showing E16 service is currently scrambled.pls help my iuc is 4601417414.Thanks

    1. Darr

      I made payment for the 400 naira lite package using online first Bank pavement and it hasn’t been activated
      My INC no is 2020650096

    2. Dare

      I made payment for the 400 naira lite package using online first Bank pavement and it hasn’t been activated
      My INC no is 2020650096

      1. Informationhood

        Your account has been reset and now working. just re-scan your GOTV


    kindly help activate my decoder. I paid on the 8th of September 2016 but its still yet to be activated. kindly assist because its a long holiday and I don’t want to go without tv please. thank you. DECODER NUMBER 4613450040

    1. olukoya martina

      Still waiting on!!! Gotv is yet to work

  81. Michael adeiza

    This is serious system failures, I recharge my Gotv since morning up till now it has not come up. 4613460278 my name is Michael, I reside in abuja my fone number is

  82. Bose Ajemigbitse

    I paid for my GOTV subscription this afternoon. Up until this moment, I can’t see a list of channels to select from! I just see the channels to select from! What I get is just channel 1, the Gotv channel. Kindly rectify this problem urgently. My IUC number is 4601841207. Thank you

  83. Oluwaseun Fisayo

    I activated my gotv successfully two days ago and i have been enjoying it. Suddenly this afternoon it stopped working and started displaying an error code E48-32 searching for signal. I have done all that is required but no change has been made. Kindly look into this and profer solution. UIC num 2028679452 .Thanks

  84. damilola

    Gud evening,I subscribe my Gotv via quick teller since yesterday and it still hasn’t .pls help me rectify this issue ASAP my iuc no 4623858255 name:Olukoga.location:lagos

    1. Informationhood

      Your Subscription has been credited and your account has been reset, just re-scan your GOTV decoder to get all the channels working.

      1. Andrew Stephen

        I subscribed to GOtv lite #400 since yesterday night through my firstbank account and it’s not working yet I have called customer care and it’s still not working. Please do something about it. Please do it as soon as possible because am getting tired of GOtv. 2019394074

    2. damilola

      I have re-scanned my Gotv several times nd the only channels is the service channel.Am sure you know that this is the 5th of my subscription running without been able to watch anything.please cross check and treat again.

  85. olukoya martina

    Still waiting for my account to be activated… sent a msg yesterday

  86. bukola

    Hello, I just subscribe on my gotv, I can only see the screen shot for gotv on tv. the decoder will not come up for scanning and if its comes up and press anything on the remote the decoder stop working. The icu number is 4613590356

  87. Andrew Stephen

    Please activate my account I did it yesterday so that I can enjoy my holiday but since yesterday it’s still not working. I did it through firstmobile account. IUC 2019394074 I subscribed to GOtv lite #400

  88. Andrew Stephen

    Still waiting IUC 2019394074

  89. ifeoma

    Please since yesterday my go tv is not working and I have been calling and no body has pick it. It’s unfair to keep one waiting for almost 30 mins in phone. My iuc no 2017657880

  90. jaghar

    my Gotv has been reduced to 2 stations since yesterday and all my efforts to get all the stations back has been abortive. calling the customer service has been to no avail. pls help me. IUC 2004480621

    1. Informationhood

      Go to menu >> Advance options >>> Installation >> Reset and press OK to reset your GOTV, set it as defult settings and allow it to auto scan itself, your channels will show up back. If you can’t get it done then let us know so we can message GOTV customer care to help you reset it.

  91. Oluday

    I gave my gotv external antenna out, but the internal antenna i was using damaged. How can i get a new gotv and how much does it cost ?

    1. informationhood

      Do you mean how you can get new gotv antenna or whole new GOTV? You can get gotv antenna or new GOTV at any GOTV dealer outlet or shop. Note that any antenna can also work with GOTV.

  92. Omolade Adejumo

    My hubby sub since last night,we are yet to start watching program

    1. Informationhood

      You forgot to include your iuc number, any way try re-scanning your decoder. if nothing happen let us have ur iuc number. thanks

  93. hammed

    my go tv is just showing two channels pls what can i do.

    1. Informationhood

      it has become general problem that is affecting many people, it will be resolve shotly but till then let us have ur iuc number so the customer can work on your accnt.

  94. Chiamaka Okoronkwor

    Pls i have scaned my gotv many times but its only 2 channels that is showing,whatnis the problem

  95. Chiamaka Okoronkwor

    Pls i have scaned my gotv many times but its only 2 channels that is showing,what is the problem pls

    1. Informationhood

      please let us have your iuc number.


    my gotv is just showing only 2 channels, what can i do? i have scanned many times already. Pls do something about this issue. Thank you


    I have gone to menu > advanced options > installations > RESET > OK. it has scanned automatically but only 2 channels is showing. Pls kindly inform gotv customer care to rectify it. My IUC nos is 2004504321. Thank you.

  98. baale

    i bought a new tv – samsung smart tv.. my gotv is unable to connect with the tv through AV. i try it with my dstv and it work fine. pls anything you can do to help??

    1. Informationhood

      It might be that you are connecting it wrongly, get an engineer to help you.

  99. abiodun osungbohun

    Some channel are missing in my decoder like channel 5;9,1,6,7 my IUC number is 2019294766thank you.

    1. Informationhood

      we have forwarded your issue to the customer care.

  100. my decoder show only 5 channels since Sunday what can l do plz

    1. Informationhood

      Your IUC number sir.

  101. baale

    Engineer has helped me look at it. He said the version of the gotv is low for the Smart tv. He also said if i can get HDMI to AV cord, it can work with it. I have go around to buy the cord, but i only get HDMI to HDMI cord. pls where can i get the cord, (HDMI to AV cord)

    1. Informationhood

      If u are in lagos, you can get HDMI port in computer village

  102. Moyaki

    What do I do in case of double payment of subscription. My husband already made payment n also do I how do I retrieve my money back

    1. Informationhood

      Please your iuc number so we can forward ur issue to the customer care.

  103. nosa

    since on friday I recharged I have been able to use it. It doesn’t display anything. 2017107804 (Uc no)

  104. Ladidi kabo

    Good day,
    My gotv just went off. The decoders indicating light is on but there is no signal on the TV. Everything was checked and we found out the problem is from the decoder. My iuc number is 4613931339

  105. Kolurejo

    I subscribed with my fidelity bank account and yet it not going what happen my iuc num 2009557894.

  106. Olupitan Olasunkanmi

    Good morning, my Gotv decoder isn’t working and i have recharged. Though i didn’t recharge for a long time before now, what do i do about it.

  107. Madubuogor

    Hi am Charles I subscribed since on Friday with my diamond
    mobile app till now am gotv is not yet activated what do I do my
    ICU no is 2009384381 am really pissed.

    1. Informationhood

      Your IUC number please

      1. yinka adigun

        I paid for Gotv 1800 via Internet banking on 29/09/16. My IUC number is 2005170380. My error code 16 is not clearing off.please assist.

  108. Alex Morang'a

    You people must be playing. How can i pay for subscribtion for 2019180108 ,and in three days you cut off the signal? Are u genuine?

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint is been submitted to the customer care center for better assistant

  109. Badmus mosunmola

    hello I subscribe my gotv since 3days ago via mbanking on gtb account yet it hasn’t come up and I’ve tried to clear the error code on phone is not working yet, please help me with it, my IUC number is 4613073763

  110. Badmus Mosunmola

    hi, I subscribe my gotv since 3days ago via mbanking on gtb account and is not coming up till now, I’ve tried to clear d error code, try to reset and all buh yet it hasn’t work. Please help me with it. my iuc number is 4613073763

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint has been forwarded with your IUC nunber to the customer care service for immediate assistant. Your GOTV will start working OK shortly.

  111. genevieve

    Hello I subscribed with my zenith mobile banking for 2 days now I can’t watch my cable it gets me piss off coz d kids r on my neck. Fix it plz IUC no 4613339974 name Genevieve Bassey.

  112. Genevieve

    GOtv customer care plz fix my gotv for me, I’m tired of calling customer care service & sending mails which has not been replied Since Friday morning. IUC—-4613339974

  113. Badmus Mosunmola

    I fink u pple hasn’t gotten d online payment right, coz everybody is just complaining the same stuff. it’s very annoying wen one pay for something and wasn’t able to make use of what he or she paid for. Pls we are begging fix dis finz asap. coz we tired of sending SMS and calling customer care dat won’t answer is instead burning our call card. you pple are making us get tired of gotv wiv dis whole fin. 4613073763 Dats my iuc number

  114. Kehinde olanrewaju

    Hi. My name is kehinde olanrewaju pls help me fix my decorder for me cos am tired or sending sms and my scratch card is with me now before it get lost…IUC NUMBER-2018795166

  115. Informationhood

    All of your recent complaints has been submited for immediate attetion, if any of your payment was successful, your GOTV will start working properly shortly.

  116. Clem

    I personally think it is inefficient on your part that I have to send message to notify you that I have subscribed before am connected.
    It is also painful to call your supposed customer number, only to listen to all those annoying adverts for several minutes with severe charges.
    Please kindly connect me on 4613126637.
    Honestly if I have to always pass through all these, then tell customers to carry their dish to your office.

  117. Aisha

    I made a GOTV subscription and its still giving me an E-16 error. Called the customer care number up to no avail.
    Please kindly do something about it.
    My IUC Number 2019178025

  118. mogaka

    Paid last month but still cant clear the error code. 2017587674 thinking of buying another decoder….still shoping for a better service provider.

  119. olawale

    I subscribed for gotv plus which is 1800 but the services provided by gotv for my decoder is 1200. kindly rectify the iuc no is 2018981538

  120. seun

    Good day, I am seun and my Iuc number is 2022084837 I subscribe for GOTV lite of #400 and I have done reset but am still not connected, based on the advert on radio that you people now has different payment modules. Please let me know if you people has started the new product and if not hw can I get the reverse of my money back.

  121. abiola

    hi, my name is becky, i made a subscription for my Gotv yesterday and since then it has never been connected. It’s so annoying your services becoming unsatisfactory currently. Do find every possible means to get this fixed soonest as possible. My IUC No 4620905421

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint have been submitted to the customer care for immediate assistant, you GOTV will start working proper shortly.

  122. Informationhood

    All previous IUC number submitted have been responded and working now.

  123. James

    Hello,,am james,,am very much annoyed,your services are soo down,,i paid for connection,,wch was told to add some cash,,i did it,,bt still waiting,,kindly fix iuc 2016098037

  124. Shanu

    Please I got 7 missed calls yesterday from this number +23414407331. I learnt it is a gotv number. All avenues to reach them was unsuccessful including twitter, Facebook and email. Kindly connect me to gotv. My name is Shanu Aggrey Jamgbadi. My IUC number is 2009367086.

  125. kwam collins

    the management of Gotv,i’ve been experiencing interrupted services from your cable TV ranging from frequently removal of some channels to recent distortion of the whole signal which all the channels are been scrambled without any remorse or explanation or even apologies to you customers which is a breach of human rights & customers’ service delivery.imagine that no extra viewing days are added to customers in the form of compensation.customers may forced under this conditions to take their grievances to either the national assembly or consumer protection commission for a redress.

  126. kwam collins

    For your information, when customers lost confidence in your services they may explore the available alternative especially in fragile market full of substitutes & competitive products like star times,real summit etc for example real summit offers range of live sport entertainment & many channels to her teaming customers more customer friendly in terms of relating information on the prevailing technical issues affecting their customers.

  127. Dotun

    I subscribed gotv plus yesterday and damn it I couldn’t watch anything… Got home to find it where I left it…av called customer care no response, use the internet to clear the error code to no pretty annoyed

  128. Dotun

    I subscribed gotv plus yesterday and damn it I couldn’t watch anything… Got home to find it where I left it…av called customer care no response, use the internet to clear the error code to no pretty IUC no is 4613367394

  129. Isaac Okafor

    I recharged for 3 months on 1st July covering July to September and was informed I would get October free but I’m now receiving message that my subscription would expire and be terminated on 30th September if I do not recharge. My IUC is 4613968198, I paid N5,400.00 on 1st July, 2016 and Receipt Id-50813669. Please ensure that my subscription is not terminated for the month of October as stated earlier in your adverts.

  130. Meeky

    Please my Gotv decoder just started showing a red blinking light and has since refused to work. I have taken it to so many outlets here in abuja but they keep redirecting me to an office in wuse which i couldnt find.please which office in abuja can i take it to.

    1. Informationhood

      For your case we recommend you to call the customer care direct with the phone number above for more information.

  131. Informationhood

    For others who submitted complaint with IUC numbers regarding problem with their GOTV subscription. The complaint has been submitted to the customer care service, your GOTV subscription will start working shortly if your subscription was successful. Thanks

    1. akamigbo

      i subscribe yesterday for 1900 and its not activated.. my iuc 7022446357

  132. Adesina Olusola

    pls Gotv, I want to know the expiration of my decoder, I subscribed on 28 of September, 2016 and messages keep coming in that my subscription will expire today. my IUC number is 4613496182, phone, 08155039424, email [email protected] and name Adesina Olusola. Thanks

  133. adeleke munirat

    I subscribed my gotv yesterday i was able to veiw the channels and then the signal went i switched off and when i switched it on it was showing only 3 channels even till thus moment

  134. adeleke munirat

    I subscribed my gotv yesterday i was able to veiw the channels and then the signal went i switched off and when i switched it on it was showing only 3 channels even till thus moment.

  135. raji lola

    Please GoTv Nigeria I just want to plead with you to allow one enjoy the services being paid for. It is really frustrating when each time after a long day and you come home to enjoy a little time with your GoTv but you couldn’t because of E16 error code that won’t be cleared after calling customer care, go to self service online and even sending text messages to *288# several times.
    Please let Nigerians start getting value for their money. Thank you.

  136. adetola olubunmi

    Am olubunmi,i subscribe my Gotv September 2nd, so as to enjoy the October free but now Gotv sent me a message that I should subscribe.and it now suppose to be so,since you said we should stay connected till September 30th to enjoy October free.kindly look into it.IUC number 4613165963 and my phone number is 08051572427

  137. adetola olubunmi

    Dis Gotv customer care is totally rubbish,even MTN that like advert when you call them,they do it for free.but dis dey will waste ur card with dere stupid advert..

    1. comfort archibong

      I subscribed my gotv since yesterday 1800 uptill now its still showing E16 error pls do something about it my iuc 4613737078 pls I want it fixed today tanks

  138. Egwu Maureen

    Please oo I paid on Friday for my Gotv and it is not yet working my Inc number is 4622292258 please work on it asap

  139. Osayemi

    My name is Osayemi, have not recharge my Gotv over a year now. Will it still work if I recharge.

  140. Aba Nathan

    After receiving several calls and sms that if I subscribed for September, October will be free on air for me but to my greatest dismay, I received a text that my subscription has expired. What a disgrace! Hope you will do something about it by keeping to your words. My IUC no. 4613310861.

    1. titunyemi

      I paid for October subscription via my first bank account on the 3rd of October up till now nothing has shown on my tv after the money has been deducted from my account,why all this?after all it is not promo I paid ,I have tried all I could do,please help me o,my iuc number is 4613294496

  141. richard edet

    I recharged on line yesterday. I even received a successful confirmation message. But Up till this moment I can’t view any of those subscribed channels. My IUC number is 4613427465

    1. felix alohan

      i recharge in bank today 10am, up till now i have not receive a confirmation message , up till this moment i cant view any of the chennels.

      My IUC number is 2009411736

      1. Informationhood

        Contact your bank to be sure your trasaction was succesful

  142. Isaac Okafor

    Complaints were made that GOTV defrauded her customers by not living up to their promise to give October access free for those who had uninterrupted access from 1st July to 30th Sept as stated earlier. GOTV has not responded or rectified the anomaly hence confirming the fact that they actually DUPED those customers. My IUC is 4613968198, I paid N5400.00 to cover 1st July to 30th Sept, payment receipt no:50813669.

  143. Eromosele Kingsley

    Help me clear error code e32, tried to do it online but couldnt. iuc no 4613040561

  144. Nancy O.

    I got a mail on my GOtv some minutes ago that Sony and Sony max channels are going to be removed from the channels provided.
    I want to let you understand that those two channels are among the 5 channels that makes watching GOtv worthwhile. And i dont understand why you would Choose to remove such channels.
    As far as I’m concerned, if those two channels are removed, I’ll throw away my GOtv decoder bcos there would be no point renewing my subscription or watching GOtv. I’d switch over to other cable service providers who provides Sony and Sony max.
    Thank you.

  145. Stephen

    My name is Stephen, I recharged on line last night,and it worked immediately.But i cant view anything again today, i mean no channel is working among those that i subscribed for. My IUC NUMBER is 4601799972

    1. Informationhood

      Change your GOTV antenna direction and rescan your gotv decorder.

  146. john

    Pls Gotv my IUC number is 2020697669. My subscription will expire on the 14th of Oct but I got a message that I should pay before 14. Pls notify me if the October free month is not working again or help me fix it

  147. Amara onwuagha

    Ben onwuagha
    My IUC no=2002968902.I dnt no y u guys disconnected my account after promising to stay continually Connected from 13th July to 31 set. Y d disconnection

  148. damilola

    my name Fagbemi. with iuc 2019287017 i made subscription this afternoon and my gotv still display error16 l have tried to clear it using 288 and 4688 but is still there

    1. Informationhood

      Learn how to clear the error code here if you couldn’t then inform us so we can ask the customer care to help you out.

  149. Informationhood

    All the recent complaint has been forwarded to the customer care center and currently in progress…. All of your complaints will be solve shortly and your GOTV will start working proper soon if your subscription was successful and currently active. Thanks for your understanding.

  150. Ekpeti Collins

    Hello Information Hood, please My name is Ekpeti Collins and my IUC NUMBER IS 4601781380 i subscribed my GO TV this evening and its not working please you guys should fix it immediately else i will trow it out of my house first thing tomorrow morning, because this kind of error is becoming too much.

    Thank you.

    1. Informationhood

      We will forward your complaint to the GOTV customer service now.

  151. Nathaniel

    Hello, my name is Nathaniel. I suscribed for GoTV and yet the E-16 error code will not go away. By the way, the transaction was successful. IUC NO: 2022038045.
    Kindly help resolve the problem as soon as possible, waiting!!!

    1. Informationhood

      Have you tried clearing the error code yourself? Learn how to clear the error-16 code here

  152. osilaru sunday emmanuel

    Hello my name sunday emmanuel my gotv subscription is not yet activated becos i subscripe yesterday uptill now d decoder is not IUC-4601684251

    1. Informationhood

      Currently working on your complaint, it will start working shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

  153. Patrick Chike

    Morning, my GoTV decoder has not been working for the past 2 months, only the red light comes up n stops at that point and I don’t know any of your office address so that I can make a change or rectify the decoder, thank u

  154. Patrick Chike

    Morning, my GOtv has not been working for the past 2 months not showing at all, just the red light on, no further movement, and more so I don’t know any of your offices closer to me so dat I can rectify or change it

  155. Chioma okafor

    Kindly reconnect with my iuc number 4613063721 pls

  156. Michael John Peter

    Good morning Gotv service unit, my iuc no.2018706966, my name is Michael John Peter I was suppose to be given one month free subscription if recharge up til the months September which my own subscription expired on the 15sept2016 and Bonus for the month October has not being given, I don’t why

  157. Lawrence

    I received a message that I’ve earned a month bonus this October because I stayed on till Sept. Ending on Gotv. This is because my subscription supposed to end today 17th October. But now I can not watch. My Gotv kept telling me error and ni subscription. I called customers care no response. WHAT A FRAUD.

  158. If you people’s new method of stealing is to lie about promo then grateful b informed that I will never subscribe to ur gotv again at least NTA ,Channels AIT is for free online 419 like you that is too cheap for you fools to lure people to subscribe till September to get October free, and you just lost one major customer who feeds your sorry ass

  159. Mercy

    I also received the same oo Gotv, haba mine too expired 17/10/16 with iuc 2016121768

  160. Jehian Esere

    pls reactivate my iuc number 4613350177, I recharge this afternoon but am unable to view. my name is jehian E

  161. Fatima

    I dont know if the problem is from GOTV management or the customer care representative are just been lazy to pick up the call. i called your customer care line (08039044688) to lay a complaint and i was placed on music and advert on my own airtime for 10min 2 seconds. i mean this is so so so bad. now my anger is why should i spent almost 500 naira to lay a complaint? i am a regular pay customer for God sake. pls reply

  162. fagbemi tolulope

    Good morning can you pls help forward this complain to the customer Care. Having calling d line provide via here and no one is picking in which am bin charge for it .av subscribe since Monday evening but an still yet to b reconnect back. Kindly help out. Iuc code is 4601516237. Thanks

  163. John Muigai

    Hallo…I paid for gotv lite yesterday and its not working…

  164. taiwo bodunrin

    Hello,pls ℓ have been getting these code on my Gotv decorder,”PIN blocked!,pin code locked,pleace contact the Gotv call center”this is my gotv card number 2003662991.

  165. precious anene

    Hello,I was able to recharge my G0tv subscription through flash me cash but now I can’t access telemundo,and g-world,i want it back on my gotv,what do I do?

  166. olatunji

    hello,my stations are nt talking 3days ago

  167. oladele

    My subscription for GOTV lite since 25th October is not working.
    Iuc no: 2005155929

    1. Informationhood

      Alright, we will forward your contact to the GOTV customer care center for quick assistant. You GOTV will start working shortly.

  168. Agbolade Olatoyosi

    Good day,

    My GOTv subscription is still running but the signals have been showing E42-38 searching for signals for the last 5days and I haven’t been able to watch TV.
    What will you guys do about it?
    My IUC number : 4623716239

    1. Informationhood

      Your complaint has been forwarded to the customer care, expect good result shortly.

  169. Izuwa petal

    I subscribed my iuc no 2028645506 on the 22nd Oct and I got a text now that it will expire on the 30th Oct. What is the problem please ratify.

  170. Adewuyi

    My decoder is yet to be activated. Iuc number 2028497841. City is Ado-Ekiti. Phone number is 07039315802 and the Surname is adewuyi

  171. Collins

    I used flashmecash card to subscribe and after that it was showing wrong card and later it has been used pls check from your end IUC number 4622443499

  172. ogboo Nneka

    All the interesting channels i have are missing since yesterday and my signal strength is 92%. I have tried resetting and re scanning but it doesn’t seem to work. My iu is 4622415637

  173. Omorodion dele

    All my interesting channels are not showing since yesterday,the strength is about 90%.I have rry several times to reset,is still the same.pls kindly help me to resolve the hic number 2019461049

  174. Odiugho God's power

    My Gotv is Not working

    1. Odiugho God's power

      I give subscribe nw but is not workings

  175. Tope

    Some of the stations have not been working for the past two days and i habe reset it all over again, kindly help reset it cause if it’s to collect money for subscription you people will collect it. Here’s my iuc number.4601882355

  176. Abimbola

    it’s so annoying calling without any response, sending message with no feed back. so so annoying. anyway i ve made payment since saturday, 30th-10 yet i cannot access the services. all efforts proof abortive. pls do the needful. my iuc is 2020726487. tx

    1. Informationhood

      Sorry for that, we will forward your complaint to the customer care now.

  177. kioko

    I pay the Ksh 920/= when school closed to make my family enjoy their holidays,up to now,they cant view anything at all.i stay quitea distance from them,please do the needul.iuc no 4622869895

  178. Frank

    This go tv has been a whole nightmare for me.have paid, yet cant watch even football and other channels for like 3wiks now.
    all this error code should be cleared immediately.
    icu no #2017586630.

  179. abubakar bolaji

    I just recharged my gotv after a long time nd it shows no signal even after changing the antenna nd also testing it with another area…… pls help activate my gotv my iuc num is 2009373886

  180. Informationhood

    All the recent complaints and request has been forwarded to the customer care service for better assistance.

  181. Clarice

    Recharged my gotv at 11 n antill now its not showing anything,pliz help me out my kid is not giving me peace

  182. James Ominde

    I have tried in vain to reach customer care icu number 2016051008


    I renewed my Gotv subscription for some hours but keep having E16 showing after I’ve tried all l could to clear it. Please i need your assistance. My IUC no is 2018795781

  184. gladys

    I paid for my gotv but am not yet reconected…..iuc no2015940201

    1. paschal akobundu

      I did #1800 subscription yesterday though I paid #2000 because I didn’t do it at gotv main office, d channels am getting is very few, kindly check if the agent did a lower subscription for me. I’ve been scanning and rescanning for it to bring the complete channels. My IUC number 2020838635. Thank you

  185. babatunde

    Gotvng,my name is yekinni babatunde adeyemi with iuc number 2028629928 which i

    misstakenly recharge mr chriss abdul with iuc number 2022078234, with this ref number 02jtvh39162160650 which the mistake of recharge was made on the 8/10/2016 with my firdt bank account and frm my findindd mr abdul recharge on his decoder on the 7/10/2016 and I mr yekinni babatunde also recharge on his accout on the 8/10/2016 pls I will be greatful if my requuest can be attend to thank u. phn 08030993549

  186. Olajide oladayo

    am totally disappointed that gotv removed SonyMax channel of recent and added B4U movies, EVA+,African magic igbo and spice TV at the detriment of Sony Max which is one of the most entertaining stations on the decoder.av however made the decision to stop my subscription until Sony Max returns.GOTV YOU ARE HEARTBREAKING

  187. Imuoh Emmanuel

    Please, I bought a GOtv Plus decoder yesterday and I have installed it successfully yet I can only watch the GO channel, Spice tv and Itv. When I try to watch other stations, “EO17-O: The Decoder is not enabled for this channel. Please contact GOtv call centre for assistance” shows on the screen. The call centre is not answering my calls. Please attend to me ASAP. I have already activated my decoder, by the way. My IU number is 4623145488. Thanks

  188. Constance

    good day, pls we recharged our gotv yesterday from gotv plus to gotv lite. the cash have been taken but it still shows subscription expired, the Iuc number is 4622487275.

  189. Udi Victory

    good day pis i recharged my gotv today but keep having E16 showing after ive tried all i could to clear it pis i need your assistance My IUC on 2022530541

    1. Informationhood

      We just forwarded you complaint to the gotv customer care service, your issue will be resolve shortly.

      1. Rukayyah moh'd

        Pls I subscribe for gotv plus bouquet but some Chennels are yet to open especially zee world and television my IUC NUMBER IS:4613156158 pls kindly work on it

  190. ayooluwa

    I loaded my recorder 2003588112 with 1800
    But my decorded as not turn up.thanks

  191. Muhammed Ramat Ozohu

    I subscribe this morning and it keep showing me ICU is 4622438415, pls do something about it

  192. Elijah Yerima

    hi good morning govt I have just loaded my iuc 3020856933 but it has not come up

  193. Jack

    My Gotv just started giving me only 23 channels instead of d normal 51 channels I usually get. Pls help. My IUC no is 2018809939

  194. Agbachi Faustina

    Please since yesterday afternoon only 23 channels that is showing on my decoder please tell what to cos I m missing my favorite channels

  195. Abraham

    My zeeworld is not showing

  196. Mr.Iteji

    I was unable to watch the full channels, I can only watch 21 channels. please, attend to my complaint urgently.

  197. Claralugo

    Plz I lost several channels here especially my favorite ones pls rectify it for me.IUC 4613728514 thanks.

  198. Chris Nwachukwu

    Most channels which happen to my favourite are not showing…Pls kindly rectify,2019311042

  199. Jason Jacob

    Gotv please my wife will not let me rest where I am now please what happen with her Telemondo station this her GOTV number please 4622265717 please you people should look into it

  200. Sulaimon Akinyemi

    I am Sulaimon Akinyemi with IUC no 2002954435 and mobile number 07037090430 and [email protected] as my gotv registered email address just received an sms from gotv now that my mtn line has just been credited wi h 300 naira airtime, I just want to tell gotv that this is false cos I never receive any airtime and my phone is always ON. Thanks

  201. Akinjola Oyedele

    My name is Akinjola Oyedele with the IUC no 4601724929. I was not around and a relative paid my subscription on my behalf but. Instead of #1800, he paid #3000 and discovered that some of the regular channels like CNN, Natgeowild etc no longer shows and I think it has happened twice. I want to know why the subscription was accepted in the first place and secondly why the channels showing reduced.

  202. Alagbala taibat mosunmola

    My name is Alagbala taibat mosunmola please am unable to pay for my sub all dis while, it’s always bring the error dat s subscriber cannot be verified now! Please help me look into it my code num is 4623228417! Thanks and will be expecting positive result

  203. olasunkanmi wasiu

    I subscribe through my account since Monday evening, up till now it has not been activated and I’ve been debited. My iuc number is dis 2019306810

  204. Kemi

    Hi, I subscribed gotvplus through UBA mobile app of which I was debited .still getting error message that I haven’t subscribed. My IUC no is 2022462288. Sanyaolu. Pls kindly rectify

  205. Debora

    please help me activate my gotv,been trying to & its been iuc number is 4622417487

  206. Nwanneka

    I paid for gotv subscription via GTBank Internet banking on 2/12/2016. I was debited twice but the channels didn’t work and I had to go to a gotv center to make payment. It’s been over 24 hours and I have not been refunded.
    IUC number 4613645156. Please assist.

  207. Damilola

    Pls help me activate my gotv IUC no 2022458192 I I have done the subscription for over 24 hours and it’s unsuccessful.

  208. Debora

    i bought a new gotv decorder yesterday which comes with 3 month subscription,been trying to activate it to no avail..the only channel working is go channel..Am becoming really iuc number is 4622417487

  209. gladys momoh

    Pls I subscribe my gotv some channels are still not showing is while some are pls help me clear d error code icu 2022016873

  210. gladys momoh

    I subscribe my gotv but some channels are not showing pls help me.iuc no 2022016873

  211. peter ngeiywa

    Plz guys I paid 470 to my Gotv iuc no.2016849538 bt still am being subscrip to 160 package, plz help.

  212. Sherif

    good day pis i recharged my gotv today but keep having
    E16 showing after i have tried all i could to clear it. pls i
    need your assistance My IUC on 2028693525

  213. Sherif

    good day pls i recharged my gotv today but keep having
    E16 showing after i have tried all i could to clear it. pls i
    need your assistance My IUC on 2028693525

  214. pinkeye abiodun

    good morning am osunkeye I subscribe my gotv but the system didn’t come up and I tried all my best to clear the e16 errorcode but to avail my I u c no 2021859123

  215. Jane ogwug

    My GOtv is not working, anytime I rechange, now I can recharge and I can do anything, so what do I do now?

  216. Ezeh

    pls I recharged since 5pmtoday from my account which has been debited but my gotv has not been working. pls activate it.

  217. Ezeh

    my iuc 2028637079. pls I recharged from my account which was debited since abt 5pm today but my Gotv has not been recharged. pls recharge it for me because am very annoyed. Things are hard now

  218. Obinna

    My Gotv was subscribed today buh is not coming up… Am rily not happy about this. My IUC number is 4613255982

  219. Nwosu N. C

    I recharged through my mobile account & have been debited but service has not been restored. Pls restore .IUC number 2003003204.

  220. Festus OKonofua

    I subscribed since saturday 3rd dec. 2016 and nothing showing, Pls restore my channels. IUC is 4613274068. Festus. THANKS…….

  221. Festus OKonofua

    I subscribed since saturday 3rd dec. And nothing showing, Pls restore my channels. IUC is 4613274068. THANKS…….

  222. Mohammed Ali

    For about months now, I have been having difficulties in viewing all the channels I see as important.

  223. Abiodun

    Good day l did my subscription today and it is not coming up here is my IUC no:2017147891 please help me to check it out

  224. Fred Amoah

    I subscribed since morning, nothing is showing. Please restore my channels. IUC is 4613599520.

  225. Adebisi Samson

    I subscribe for my gotv this morning 09/12/2016 and my a/c is yet to be activated Pls reactivate my a/c .GoTV payment of NGN 1,800.00 for 4622536800 was successful. REF: 1157115735597685,

  226. arole yusuff

    Why is my subscription still not yet working,since yesterday via quickteler.kindly reconnect me wit iuc number 2004361519

  227. Obialo Osigwe

    I recharged yesterday with my diamond bank mobile app as usual and this morning I got a E16 error code and every attempt to clear it has failed.

  228. Nwodo Joy

    Pls I subscribed my GOTV using my First Bank mobile banking system but yet to get any channel. My Iuc number is 4601506485.

  229. Amode oluwafunke

    Dear gotv, I subscribed on my decoder 4601496073 via HB mobile app yesterday night and am yet to be connected.


    Good morning pls only few channels are showing in my gotv pls kindly restore the left over channels for me my IUC number is 4613957521

  231. I also subscribe to my gotv 2day ago, why is not working yet? pls help me see to it my gotv is ayodeji h. deji. 4601820392

  232. opurum victor

    I just renewed my subscription yet mine is not still showing, pls u guys should just connect now I can’t squizz N1800 in this time of recession to subscrib yet its yet to come up and u guys have started counting ur days I guess. Pls my ICU no: 4622471734 payment reference is:999923366963. N1800


    IUC NO:2022530175
    RECEIPT NO:64012683
    CUSTOMER NO:29922921
    ACCT NO:50623293
    REFERENCE NO:100170886176

  234. Wachukwu princess chinwe

    I subscribed my gotv 2days ago nd up to now it’s not coming up… I have adjusted my antenna but still no signal.
    Below is my decoder details

    IUC NUMBER : 2014259890
    Name:wachukwu chinwe princess
    Location : Port Harcourt
    Reference number : 1031DB1481663771649091491/BILL

  235. S Adeoye

    I subscribed but my gotv is not showing any channel (2020766081)

  236. temitope lawal

    hi,I just want to ask you maybe you can help me to notify this message on onmax and televista they are the two channel that are showing (jodha Akbar india)that can’t they be repeating the one they both did in the day and night because we have to go to work we can’t be able to watch it in the afternoon OK.

  237. Richard Sakafuchi

    I payed yesterday through my mtn mobile money till now its not viewing #iuc 2028517462 help me pliz.

  238. eke chidinma

    Plus kindly activate my Inc 4613640799 payed through gob mobile transfer

  239. eke chidinma

    Pls kindly activate my gotv 4613640799 payed through gob mobile transfer

  240. Shoyemi Kayode

    Hello Gotv, I subscribed since Friday 16 Dec, because my subscription wud expire on 17 dwc, but to my dismay till now as in now as I am typing my go to is still showing e16 error code. I have tried the whole lines,*288#, customer care, help on remote. I want to know what is going on now now.

  241. Shoyemi Kayode

    Iuc- 4601605379. I want to know if it’s the dealer that did mistake or your network. Only Channel 1 is showing. Am tired,cos I called customer care by 3am,i followed all the instructions to no avail yet my calling money was deducted. This morning again, your customer care was asking me for Smart card,i was surprised,smart card for Gotv? Na wa oooooo


    My name is Mr Samuel Okhuarobo I renewed my GOTV whose IUC number is 2022411828 on 15Th December 2016 bcos the one I recharged on 21st November 2016 will expire on 21st December 2016 being tomorrow.However,after recharging my GOTV on the 15th December a REF number 1094257877780 was sent on my mobile phone for acknowledgement of receipt bcos I used my mobile APP.I was astonished when a text messenge was sent into my phone that my subscription expires tomorrow 21st December 2016,pls I want this bottle neck to be corrected.Thanks


    My name is Mr Samuel Okhuarobo I renewed my GOTV whose IUC number is 2022411828 with my MOBILE DIAMOND APP on 15Th December 2016(#1,800) bcos the one I recharged on 15Th November 2016 will expire on 21St December 2016 being tomorrow.However,after the payment of #1,800 a REF number 1094257877780 was sent to my mobile phone for acknowledgement of receipt.I was astonished today when a text message was sent to my phone that my subscription expires tomorrow 21st December 2016

  244. Ahmed lateef

    Good day all, am new subscriber to Gotv and hav just exhausted my sub last week and a message was sent to me to sub 1,800 for a month so can’t I suggest to sub for a low one like 1,000 and how do I get started?

  245. osasumwen precious

    I need assistance, I renew my subscription with my first money app. yet it’s still showing error code.
    MyGoTv IUC no. 4613708002

  246. Olabisi

    Please activate my gotv I paid this evening but cant view any channel.. Thanks

  247. Olabisi


  248. Ayode

    i recharge my acc just now but is not showing any channel 4613262880

  249. PATIRA damilola

    Pls activate my gotv with IUC no 2004472164 did it yesterday n it not showing old kindly do it now

  250. PATIRA damilola

    Pls kindly activate my gotv,subscribe yersterday through my flat bank app,my IUC no 2004472164 and ref no 1094558415599

  251. Lawrence

    Good afternoon pls I subcribe yesterday but my GOtv is not showing pls do something to it my iuc number is 2004507274 thanks.

  252. Emmanuel Tossa

    Pls my gotv is not showing channels
    Pls I wanted you people to do some thing about it pls,

  253. olasunkanmi

    Pls activate my Gotv with I u c number 2004408872. I hv paid but it’s still showing error.

    1. Kingsley Onianwa

      I activated my gotv but is not showing. Is showing E16-Service is is currently scrambled. My IUC Number is 4623339429


    good evening pls activate my gotv suscription…2020807233… i paid since 4pm and its not showing

  255. Kingsley

    Please i paid for my GOTV plus, N1,800 subscription through quickteller with my GTB internet banking since around 3pm today, till now is not activated, please assist me urgently, IUC number: 4601755213, ref number: 1014M20849558.

  256. Sulaiman TAOFEEQ

    Good morning Sir, please I activated my gotv now but is not showing. Is showing E16-Service is currently scrambled. My IUC Number is 2014258655

  257. Fabian onyebueka

    pls I just pay for my Gotv and it still show m E16,and have tried *288# to clear d error it still not clearing, pls I need ur help. my IUC number is 2028686840

  258. Oluwapelumi Enudi

    Paid since past 4pm, up till now error not clear. Please work on it am loosing my patience. 2003603603

  259. Oluwapelumi Enudi

    Na wa o. Too much complain after many persuade from your customer service to subscribe, You na still fuck up. Please work on it oo. Can’t waste money now or are you people on break too??

  260. Richson Braimah

    Hello Gotv.
    l made a recharge payment last night(25th Dec)via one of your agents in my area- Ajegunle. As at the time of sending this comment,am not getting any channel. Please activate my recharge. My IUC no is 4623103788. Thank you.

  261. Phiip Umar Ashim

    Just recaharged GOtv plus and its not showing but rather am being asked funny and annoying questions such as what is my surname!

    Please kindly activate my GOtv IUC no:4613823191 immediately otherwise I will seek legal redress.

  262. flora

    Good day, I made payment of 1800 but instead of clicking GoTv plus I mistakenly clicked GoTv lite. Please help to change it to GoTv plus. IUC 4613973166 surname Flora.

  263. abiona

    I currently bought a new gotv decoder and I activated it myself and I subscribe on it but to my surprise is not showing any station. Pls help me check what wrong. ,,,,,, 46l3374899

  264. Fortune uviase

    Pls I just switched to gotv Plus but it isn’t showing. Iuc no 4622697873

  265. Fortune uviase

    Please the channels are not complete as I paid For 1800 package

  266. Elisha Markson Musa

    Gotv called me about a bonaza in october 2016 that when you pay 2700 naira i will have 2months i did the payment at gotv agent zaria on 30/10/2016 but only to receive a message that my payment will expire on 30/12/2016 please i dont want to look at this as another 419 my iuc 4613654485 phone number 08054105979

  267. Adebayo o.janet

    Good morng sir am Adebayo o.janet I mistakenly made payment online with an error of IUC NUM-2019532861 instead of 2019532681, I made a payment of 1800 through my ATM last night,pls what can been done sir.

  268. Rev. Noble Uduma

    i subscribed for two months on your promo period, but it expires in month i called your line after i bought 750 airtime without someone picking it my money finished, i went to cybercafe and bought time for 300 just send mail. it happened the first some day when i bought 2months it expires in one month when i want to your office to comlain they could only tell me that the price increesed with 300, this is not how to treat custormers you would have allow that to finish.please i need you to correct this one, i am doing this for my wife and children.
    my gotv iuc no; 2022530709; phone 08063462856

    1. Mrs Abikoye

      I subscribed via Internet for 2 months as i was persuaded by one of ur customer care agent but alas i was just credited with a month. I’vebeen calling d customer care line since but no response and spent almost #400. Hmmmmmm please and please do something about it looks



  270. ozumba

    Please kindly rectify this issue urgently,av subscribed since last night which was 30-12-16 but hasn’t come up till now my IUC no is 4601546907. Thanks

  271. God'swill

    I subscribed today @ 5:23am, I activated it too, it. Was confirmed successful, it’s still displaying that subscription expired

    1. God'swill

      I subscribed today @ 5.23am, I activated it as well, but it’s still displaying subscription has expired. IUC.. 2005116331. Pls do something urgently, am pissed off already

  272. Steven

    I subscribed for gotv through quickteller on 4/1/2017 and my a/c has not been reactivated, please I need qick response to this complaint. IUC:2002985330.

  273. Kenny

    I subscribed my gotv around 6pm today with quick teller is not working. IUC 2022697950

  274. Akin Ologun

    I subscribed my gotv since about 8: 12pm and it was successful according to the SMS but I’m yet to gain access to any channel .. Akin 2028662860.

  275. Akin Ologun

    I’m yet to gain access to any channel since I subscribed over 2 hours ago 2028662860.

  276. JOHN

    My name is john iam having problem watching my gotv over night till d next mornin for d past 2weeks pls help bcos i can only watch during day.i ave tried changin d antena direction but not working o% signal strenght and quality every night pls hlp. Iuc no 4622636829. tanks

  277. Mustapha Razaq

    Please help me confirm this transaction for me, start Card number….. 4601738874 name of account….. Harrison omotola done.. 5/01/2017 please is come up since yesterday we recharge bouquet… Gotvplus N1800.00

  278. Mustapha Razaq

    Please help me confirm this transaction for me, start Card number….. 4601738874 name of account….. Harrison omoezo date.. .. 5/01/2017 please is not come up since yesterday we recharge. bouquet… Gotvplus N1800.00

  279. Elechi Kingsley Obioma

    Gdam gotv Nigeria,
    I am Elechi Kingsley frm Lagos,I subscribered for my gotv on d 4th January 2017,my subscription was supposed to expire on d 6th January bt up till nw I stil can have access to my gotv.u ppl re stil given me d e16 error msg to confirm my payment here is d quickteller no.1016U1701040008317565. Please treat as urgent. Thank U

  280. chinedu

    Hi i usbscribed to gotv plus plan this evening but its not activated yet. Twice the money per month and nothing yet. Gotv please activate my account. Im right here at the screen

  281. Enwerem Festus

    My name is Enwerem Festus, I input an incomplete Gotv UIC number instead of 20194896998 I input 2019489698… I was charged 4K instead of 2000 from GTB bank mobile Transaction. Please kindly treat my complaints with pity. Thank you

    1. Adebiyi oluwatoyin

      My name is omowunmi tuyo.I subscribe via gtb mobile banking and she mistakenly input 1800 instead of iuc no 2021744275 and was charged 1900 for the wrong transaction.I also resubsribe and it was charged and work perfectly..kindly reverse the money.

  282. Ejanogha abel

    Good evening, please I just reactivated my subscription now, but the reception is very bad I can’t get a clear view for 10sec. IUC No:4620812403. Please am not enjoying my money.

  283. Harrison

    I subscribed my Gotv since yesterday and up till now its still showing me E48-32 searching for signal.pls do something about losing my patience. iuc number 4620816550

  284. akintoye sunday

    hello, i load my gotv with other three gotv but none them is showing,here is my gotv no 2016143801

  285. akintoye sunday

    here is the second gotv no 4613789052

  286. susan great prophetess

    hello please i load my gotv day before yesterday and still not working 2020984867

  287. Yakubu hyela

    Good morning, I subscribed my Go TV through mobile banking quick teller yesterday evening it shows successful but up to now 6am this morning is showing my subscription is expired. Please help.
    Iuc no.2019126503

  288. Danjuma Eguabor

    My name is Danjuma Eguabor. I subscribe to GOTV since morning and it is still showing that it has expired. My IUC number is 2022418831


    Please could somebody assist me urgently to restore all channels associated with gotv-plus with monthly subscription of N1,800 which i paid via my unity bank mobile app.
    Ref: 02RH80773529243.
    SERVICE ID: 4622354731
    TIME: 10.00AM.
    AMOUNT N1,800
    In stead of giving me all the appropriate channels that are associated with the one i paid for (N1,800) , i was given channels associated with the plan with monthly subscription of N1,200 which was the plan i paid for and fully utilized last month. Now i recharged with N1,800 to watch such programmes as: zee world, Disney Junior etc, the error code: E16 Service is currently scrambled keeps on pulping up.
    Pls i need to be assisted urgently, for i have been trying all suggested codes or ways of clearing error codes to no avail.

    Thank you.


  290. Popoola olurotimi abayomi

    i just want to notify you concerning the problem we have in imeko/afon local government,imeko,ogun state.Since early of last year,2016 that i had been transfered from sagamu to this imeko,none of the tv channels can be found.It then make it difficult for me to subscribe.Therefore,i am appealing you to please help us out of this problem in time if you want us to continue subscribing.I am popoola abayomi olurotimi?My IUC is 2021927944 while my phone number is 08168885546.Thank you.

  291. tolulope

    Paid for service renewal today,still showing “your subscription has expired or you should upgrade……pls kindly rectify (2022319280)

  292. Austin Okenwa

    Please you people should rectify the problem I am having with my gotv , I paid for my subscription on Saturday via diamond bank Mobile app and it showed yesterday been Sunday but it is telling me to recharge that my subscription has expired. My IUC number is 4601475111

  293. jane

    Kindly resolve dis issue. Only 5 channels are showing on ma gotv and am on d gotv plus bouquet.My subscription is valid and up to date. Its so frustrating. Called ur number and was on hold for over 30 mins. Cant someone get service for money paid? Pls resolve dis issue asap. Ma IUC number is 2021733975. Thx

  294. irene

    Hi….please upgrade iuc no:4623723966 paid 470 on 19th at 7:48pm via Mpesaa.Thank you

  295. Akinruli Olatunde

    After recharging/subscribing my never came up

    1. omeni kenechukwu

      After subscription nothing show

  296. omeni kenechukwu

    2022698815 subscribe totay but nothing is showing

  297. My channels are not complete why. Pls subscription is wasting.

  298. Peter IDEJI

    I was told to recharge with #500 to last 3monts promo I did on 23rd.but what i saw error code 16, pls do something before loose interest, I be done all recommendation.iuc no 2014312786

  299. Mrs. Okeke

    good day,
    Please l made payment last month December,2016 for 2months subscription at the bank for N3,600 and i notice that the cartoon was no more showing again. My smart card number is 2020939345. and when l called your customer care for several hours no one pick.
    Please do the needful, l have to off the TV for days because l dont want my kids to be watching the normal Africa movie. i actually got the GOtv because of the cartoon. Can you please do the needful. Like l said earlier the cartoon network is no more showing again.
    Thank you

  300. Olusote Femi

    i just subscribe my Govt and i have not been reconnected back please help me check this out with mu IUC no….2019120163
    please na God i take beg u ooo

  301. Olusote Femi

    i just subscribe my Gotv and i have not been reconnected back please help me check this out with mu IUC no….2019120163
    please na God i take beg u ooo

    1. eneh ebere confidence

      pls I want to subscribe through quickteller but i don’t know the meaning of cvv and what they meant by mm/yy, I have tried all
      my possible best but it’s not working for me… pls I need it now because am missing some shows now( big brother naija)

      1. Cvv is d 3 digit pin at d back of your atm card. Mm/yy is your month and year of validity on your card

  302. Esther

    What is happening, all d channels are not showing especially 29. IUC no. 4613115765.

  303. ayanlola kehinde

    Pls my gotv is not working at fr past 2month, why all net work,service signal is not showing again,pls assit me.2018732332

  304. wale

    Am wale by name.i subscribed today via firstbank nd was was successful yet nt showin.kindly treat my case asap pls 2004478600.

  305. omosebi adeola

    I subscribed my gotv yesterday, the fund was deducted from my account,its showing E16 error code, my IUC number is 2028803206..kindly resolve it

  306. Talu Benson

    I just bought a new gotv decoder and the stations are not showing please I need you people to help activate it asap.. Iuc 2028703580. Thanks

  307. Eniaze Johnbull Clever

    Please I just subscriber my Gotv on the 31st January 2017 and is still showing expire subscription, please what is happening my IUC no 2022553422,

  308. Olaniyan

    Please i resubscribed my gotv plus yesterday but since then ive not been able to view channel 29 big brother station, which was showing before the initial subscription expired please help … My iUC is 4613121882

  309. enwefa

    I subscribed my gotv on the 01/25/2017 but it was still showing e 16 error then I asked my brother in Edo state to go and buy the gotv card and recharge for me which he did the next day then later I turned on the telly it started showing then when I was going through my mail I saw a message from quick teller telling me that the subscription I made on the 25th was successful which means I now have double subscription. So what now happens to the subscription my brother did for me ?

  310. Akaa, Solomon A.

    Please kindly activate activate my GoTv.I bought it yesterday in Makurdi but has found it difficult to kick start it.It only shows errors on each channel I try except NTA. My IUC Number is 2020899932.
    I would be very glad if my request is given due consideration.
    Thank You.

  311. kunle

    Gotv Nigeria, I honestly don’t think i ought send series of messages before getting my Gotv account activated. I wasted 1800 naira last year December because I did not make any form of complaint and that is extremely bad because it simply implies that those that have no means of complaining will have to do away with their money. That’s totally unacceptable! Your Customer Care Reps will keep calling but you don’t bother to improve on your service. Please I beg you,just activate my account. My IUC number is 4622646789. Thanks.

  312. Ugochukwu Oparaji

    Gotv pls, help restore my channels to 55 cos I have only 24 and I feel so frustrated cos am missing big brother naija and zeeworld pls. Help me pls, my IUC no is 2017282838. Thank you.

  313. Nwadialo Victoria

    Please I subscribed over 2 days, and most channels are missing, pls kindly work on the iuc no 4623151181

  314. Nwadialo Victoria

    It’s not duplicate, Please I subscribed over 2 days, and most channels are missing, pls kindly work on the iuc no 4623151181

  315. charles

    I subscribe for d past 3 days and nothing is showing icu2021875959 pls help me cos is going to a week I sub

  316. Nwigwe Gabriel

    pls help me work on my iuc number 4613075567 subscribed on the 3rd of febuary tru atm but its not working


    Good afternoon, my complaint is that I subscribed on GOTV since yesterday via my Mobile banking, but up till now it has not been activated.. .my IUC number is 2020616649 ,while my REF number after subscription is10942511802169.

  318. Jetegan John

    Hi morning I subscribed for gotv ICU NO 2009422218 NAME Jetegan John on the 3rd of February 2017 via nairabox it only comes up for Friday and Saturday and went off saying my subscription has expired

  319. Jetegan John

    Hi morning I subscribed for gotv ICU NO 2009422218 NAME Jetegan John on the 3rd of February 2017 via nairabox it only comes up for Friday and Saturday and went off saying my subscription has expired

  320. Olanrewaju saheed

    My is olanrewaju saheed I do subscription for my gotv since 4th Feb he has not work and I call ur line yesterday u are just wasting airtime iuc (4622379282) most I be calling anytime I subscribed same thing last time I call b4 activate (Gotv be carefully)

  321. Olanrewaju saheed

    My is olanrewaju saheed I do subscription for my gotv since 4th Feb he has not work and I call ur line yesterday u are just wasting airtime iuc (4622379282) most I be calling anytime I subscribed same thing last time I call b4 activate (Gotv be carefully)

  322. Bukola

    I subscribed and my gotv is still not showing… pls can u guys reset it. 4601417409

  323. Chinenye

    I subscribed my gotv with iuc no 2018682827 on Wednesday,it worked from dat day til Saturday, and now Monday telling me it has expired,how possible.

  324. Pls we recharge since last weak but up to today nothing is showing pls help me to reset it….the Iuc number is (2022330137) thank u

  325. balogun yetunde

    already subscribers but zworld is nt working pls help us do it in time …..this is my id no 2022097894 pls wating for ur reply soon.

  326. Simon O. Ahen

    I did my suscription on the 6th february, 2017 for N1,800 plan with IUC 4601825952. Today, 7th I have only been given 24 channels. Could you please restore all the channels. Thank you.

  327. Isaiah Esumike

    I recharged my Gotv 1800 2022253858 nothing is showing


    Please since 2days now I have not been getting full channels I paid for, especially channel 25. My IUC NUMBER: 4613901820. Kindly find solution to this problem as soon as possible please.


      The worst is that the customer’s service number provided is not connecting.

  329. Hundeydin

    IUC 4613724752 I subscribed on the 7th of Feb 2017 through mobile banking and got debit alert from my bank, but my Gotv channels are not complete and I have done all forms of reset on it but still the same. Plz help me act fast on this because I am missing some programs already. Thank you

  330. Since yesterday I have not been getting my complete channels, just only 25 of them. IUC 2028633543
    Will appreciate a swift response.

  331. faiz yusuf

    My name is faiz Yusuf, sinc ystdr my channels ar not complete despite my paymt ystrd,my iuc nos is 4613024678

  332. IFEOMA


  333. Opeyemi


  334. Opeyemi


  335. joy osayimwen

    I subscribed On the 6th of February 2017 and I can only access 8 channels. My IUC number is 2019453920.I have gone through the reset process times without number but to no avail.I will appreciate your swift response.

    1. Ekhator Godwin

      My iuc number is 2028622015 I can not access up to 8 channels on my decoder including big brother nigeria please I have reset but not still working

      1. Tunde

        Same here.mine its more than 20 u have any solution now?

  336. john oloye olatunji

    please, I subscribed since 7th of February 2017, through my mobile phone of #1800. my Gotv channels are not complete. Help out please. your customer care line not through.thank you.

  337. Fatai

    Pls, can you just help me out with my gotv, bcos i’ve subscribe since morning yet it’s still telling me my subscription has expired. I’ve scanned and reset severally. Still the same. My IUC number is 2014224860. And my name is muritala fatai.

  338. oluchi

    Since on Thursday I have nt been getting my complete channels,IUC 4613217167 will appreciate it,if you solve d problem

  339. Tunde

    Please Gotv since on Sunday last channels have not been completed.Including BBninja.pls help.iuc no:,2004463637.

  340. Adebowale Odubiyi

    I have subscribed for like two days now…. The channels are not complete. My IUC no is 4613552588.i paid 1800. I have also try the customer care line but it was not going through. Pls help us do something so we can enjoy what we pay for. Thanks

  341. Idris

    I av made my gotv payment with IUC 2022692827 since 10th of Feb and still haven’t been connected till now. Pls act fast and do something.

  342. Kemi

    Please can you help… unable to watch big brother naija on Gotv plus… my IUC number is 2018988141

    1. Bernard Olabisi

      I have subscribed since on the 22nd of Jan and till now I can’t access channel 39…abeg, I dey miss bbnaija o and na full bouquet I do. Please help resolve this as your customer care number isn’t going through. The IUC number na 2028739132. Please help do something asap cus I have really missed out



  344. sunday

    Good afternoon, I pay to subscribe for Gotv since on the 10th of February and up till now is still showing me that my subscription has expire this not funny at all pls do some thing or else you refund my money

  345. abifarin

    I subscribe #400 own but it not working since last night pls help me out….. 4622550133…..

  346. Agham Stephen Okey

    I need your help please. I have just subscribed my Gotv plus with the IUC NO 2022064363. yesterday night via my mobile banking. It was successful I was charged 1,900 but could not display I need your help please.

  347. sulaimon

    Please need an urgent assistance in upgrading my decoder. My IUC number is 4613891904

  348. lawal ismail

    I loaded my go TV yesterday and it just work for an hour and everything went off. Uselessness Lawal ismail and my OUCH no is 2022571810

  349. Akinsowon kehinde

    Please I subscribe for gotv plus yesterday 15th Feb,and it worked for some minutes and went off up till today I can’t watch anything just showing E16 my IUD no 4601615417. Please help to reset it

  350. Egbadon Mercy

    I subcribed for a new gotv plan on the 15th of Feb but i haven’t been reactivated. Kindly attend to it. Calls arent going through. IUC no is 4620847240.

  351. oheri jonathan

    I subscribe my Gotv thru umobile nd was charege #1800,am yet 2 be activated ds my decoder nos,,4613551253 pls do something about it urgently!!tanks

    1. Ijeoma justina obi

      Ijeoma Justina obi luc no4613533484 pls the sound is not talk all the stations pls to clearly Lt 2day now pls tks

  352. Akanimo Ikitde

    I paid online through uba mobile banking on Friday 17/2/2017 at about 8.38 pm but I have not been activated. My Iuc number is 2020749871 please help. I stay in Benin.

    1. Akanimo Ikitde

      I paid online through uba mobile banking on Friday 17/2/2017 at about 8.38 pm but I have not been activated. My Iuc number is 2020749871 please help. I stay in Benin.
      I paid #2800

    2. Akanimo Ikitde

      I paid online through uba mobile banking on Friday 17/2/2017 at about 8.38 pm but I have not been activated. My Iuc number is 2020749871 please help. I stay in Benin.
      I paid #1800

    3. Tobi Ezekiel

      I paid online through First Bank on Akowonjo Road since two weeks ago and yet I have been subject to poor service as I have not been able to see Big Brother Nigeria. This is not too good for your organization. Kindly resolve.
      IUC number – 2020830949

  353. Ejiofor chukwudumebi marycynthia

    My name is Ejiofor Chukwudumebi Marycynthia I subscribed yesterday being 18 of February but I think my antenna has a problem because there is no signal on my decoder please help me I need a new antenna where can I get it in Onitsha please call me on this number 08035862809 Thank you

  354. Folorunsho

    Goodday.i subscribed last night on d iuc no2021981869 gotv plus 1800 it worked immediately but have been unable to view bigbrother naija which is my major reason of subscription.pls kindly visit my complain.thank you

    1. JUMOKE

      Hello Folorunsho, I’m having same issue with you. I’ve done all I could but to no avail. Please, have they resolved yours? If yes, how did you go about it? Please do let me know. Thanks

      1. Folorunsho

        Hi.they havent resolved it, i called customer care and they said there is an upgrade going on that it will b fixed on d 23rd but it still hasnt come up since then.called them today and they didnt even pickup at all just wasting my airtime.i really dont understand this people at all.customer care service is not free and they re not even giving what is paid for.i even mailed them yet nothing.pls if urs comes up let me know and i will let u know if mine comes up too.thank you

  355. I complained before about being unable to watch Big brother Naija channel on Gotv plus … it only showed for an hour or two hours and can’t watch it anymore…please do Help on the above issue my IUC number is 2018988141… thank you

  356. Olodowa Tosin

    Good day i submarine to go tv plus and my big brother niaja is not showing my iuc number is 4622957306 i dont know why its not showing…

  357. Olodowa Tosin

    Good day i subscribed to go tv plus and my big brother niaja is not showing my iuc number is 4622957306 i dont know why its not showing…

  358. Muhammad

    Hello this is my iuc no 2018936001
    Im having missing channels pls can u help me fix it. My bbnaija is not working channel 29

  359. mr Chukwu

    my gotv isn’t showing big brother naija channel. my iuc number is 4623692298.please resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks

  360. Alli kelly


    i just subscribed my gotv with my mobile app with iuc no 2022617265 but its yet to connect for over an hour now.. please rectify this asap

  361. Kelechi

    Zee world,Big Brother NAIJA n other channels missing.My IUC number is 4613845329.Please rectify

  362. JUMOKE

    hello, please I need your help. I subscribed 1800 on my gotv on Monday 20th of February 2017. All the stations are showing except big brother naija station. I’ve called gotv customer care severally but it still hasn’t been rectified. I sent a mail to them this morning too but it’s still the same. Please kindly help me fix this problem as soon as possible. My IUC No is 4601917593. Thank you

    1. Festus obazu

      Pls kindly help me in reconnecting my gotv. My iuc no is 4601863823. I made payment online since on the 6th of march up till now no channel is showing. Am only seeing E16 error. Kindly reconnect it pls thanks

  363. Omidiji adekunle s

    Pls I have I subscribe seen morning and I it not working.pls help me with did my uic no is 4601576580

  364. Omidiji adekunle s

    Pls I load my gotv since morning and it have not started work and uic no is 4601576580

  365. bukola

    I subscribe since 27 of February and am yet to watch or used it. I have try every possible best to clear the error code but all efforts is down. My ICU number is 4613590356

  366. Olusegun Oluyemo

    I subscribed with 1,800 about 12 days ago but was surprised yesterday to see that the channels have been scrambled and there was a message that my subscription had run out. My ICU is 4623355563

  367. Akintokun ayodeji

    I subscribed on my Gotv about three hours ago but still hasn’t work yet…my IUC number is 4601866774

  368. Inyang

    Pls help me with the missing channels after payment was made more than a week ago my iuc number is 4601866078, its painful when you pay for a service and u can’t enjoy it…. Dat was why i stoped paying for my dstv…..

  369. Okoro Stanley

    I bought my gotv 25 February 2017, just a week ago, right now no channel is working, i am really confuse about the whole thing please. my IUC number is 2020991594

  370. Onyeka

    I subscribed for N1200 plan via Mobile App Zenith on 15/2/2017 but my Gotv have not activated till now. IUC No. 2028569649 please check for it. Am very sad now

  371. JudeMbene

    i made payment of my Gotv through gtbank quick-teller online transfer since 23rd till date my channels are still showing error code E16. Please kindly do the needful to clear this code to enable me enjoy my favorite channels. IUC 4613660968. Transfer reference no:166538-QTBPWDPPO/4613660968/100187394312 LANG

  372. 1st I want to tell You that your customer service sucks, how can your customer care not be free yet you keep people online for long without even answering the call? Now I recharged my gotv via mobile app till now it has not been activated this is my IUC number 4613031517. Activate my account or refund my money please

  373. Onwuka Franklin KANAYOCHUKWU.

    Please help me out to bring back my channels.Amno more enjoying my money for the past two weeks.My Iuc number is 2028482509

    1. joyce

      Please my Go TV is not working.its not even showing the go IUC number is 2019453920.

  374. Folarin sulaimon o

    I subscribed for gotv plus 1800 today with my First bank mobile app and the money as deduct from my account but gotv still saying subscription expired please help IUC NO is : 2028566854


    Goodevening…I subscribed for GOTV #1200 and uptill now, its not showing. It still showing E16 error code. I don’t know what 2 do. I did this by going 2 a GOTV outlet in my area. Pls help me, my money is wasting and I’m not even enjoying what I paid 4. I’ve bin calling ur customer care line but you don’t pick. My IUC- 2020742006

  376. adeoye rukayat adenike

    please hav call ur customer care line several times dat you people should change my name dat my name is nt odeoye, my name is adeoye, my iuc number is 4601504526

    1. Informationhood

      You complaint has been forwarded to Gotv customer care for proper assistant. It be solve within few hours

      1. Gbenga Jojolawo

        I just recharger my gotv on my phone by online banking and yet I can be able to watch anything pls kindly help me to check asap my IUC 2009601500

        1. Gbenga jojolawo

          Pls I am still waiting for your help bcos I still don’t have access to watch anything on my gotv I was told at the gotv shop that closed to where i am that money is not yet in my gotv account …..

          IUC number 2009601500
          Name … Gbenga Jojolawo
          Phone number … 08034248846


          1. Daniel

            Please some channels like zee world, channel, sport 9,2 and few other channels have stopped working. My Inc no is 4622399424 Please rectify. This is bad of gotv. It is well.

      2. sekinat

        Pls some channels are not showing on my gotv like zeeworld and bba my iuc num is 4623719642

      3. mandy

        for weeks now ,my Gotv hasnt been loading complete n with dis kind.of tin i wouldnt want to recharge again cuz it is so annoying .pls i beg u,retify IUC num is 2022273975

  377. reuben

    Hae Plz Help Me To Find Wife Or Girlfrnd

  378. Kuromiegha akpos rufus

    After my gotv expired for one month, i subscribe on 10th of mars 2017. But it is not working. This is my iuc num. 4601613533. Pls do somethg

  379. Kayode

    Please my Gotv channels has not been complete since yesterday,It is becoming unbearable as i thought it was going to be for just few hours…Please rectify this..My IUC no is 4622701513

  380. Precious

    My GOtv has not been completed since yesterday, I thought it’s expired when it didn’t show any channel today, I subscribed in the morning and yet 2/3 of the channels are not showing. My IUC number is 4613702697. I need swift response please. Precious.

  381. Doris Ogunwumi

    Zeeworld, BBNaija,B4U movies and other channels are missing, pls rectify. IUC No 2022190022

  382. Salim

    Some channels like zeeworld and others are missing pls rectify it,it’s urgent thanks. 4622443759

  383. Salim

    Some of d channels like Zeeworld and others ar missing kindly rectify it pls, 4622443759

    1. ajibade mojeed

      Pls some channels on my gotv is not showing like zeeworld ad some other like that..pls help in retrieve it back my iuc number is 4622758191

  384. some channel are not show on my Gotv

    my iuc number

  385. Tope

    I subscribed for gotv 1800 and most of the channels are missing like telemundo and other channels which is very annoying, i think you need to upgrade your system and my iuc num is 4601882355 help me rectify it today.

  386. Olatunji Ola

    I subscribed #1800 for GoTv plus and since Sunday 12th March only 34 channels has been showing despite several re-scanning. My IUC is 4622377772.