Glo Borrow: How to borrow Airtime/Credit on Glo Line

Glo has made it easy for it users to borrow airtime and continue their call. This service help those who are in urgent need of making call but find their self stranded at that point.

If you are still talking and suddenly you heard sorry you call credit has been exhausted, you don’t have to worry as it very possible for you to continue your call with just glo borrow airtime. This service allow you to borrow airtime credit from glo network and pay back later when you recharge your glo line

To be able to enjoy glo borrow me credit you must be an active user of 6 months.

To Borrow Airtime From Glo

Dial *321* and press 2 for the borrow now option and then select the amount you want to borrow.

Glo will send you a confirmation message in formating you that your borrow airtime request was successful.

Note: Glo will charge you some amount for the borrow service.

If you borrow 100 naira, Glo will charge you 10 naira, and 90 naira will be delivered to your phone.

If you borrow 200 naira, Glo will charge 20 naira, and 180 naira will be delivered to your phone account


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