How to Get Birth Certificate in Nigeria: Process, Cost, Where to Obtain it

How to get birth certificate in Nigeria –
The process of obtaining your birth certificate in Nigeria –
The cost of getting your birth certificate in Nigeria –
Details on where to obtain birth certificate in Nigeria
You must have known the uses of birth certificate by now, but for the sake of those who doesn’t really know the use, birth certificate is an official document that is used as evidence or record of a person birth of a nationality.


Original birth certificate carries a person Local Government Area (LGA), The date which the person was giving birth to, the persons state of birth, Place of birth and some other sensitive relevant information about a person.

We all definitely need birth certificate document to be presented at different activities of our lives especially involving in some government related things, it definitely going to be required at a stage of life, So many reason might prompt someone to go for his/her birth certificate.

It’s not really as deficult to get as some people might be thinking, the fact remain that the process of getting your birth certificate can be done in just 1 day, and that is what i am going to show you on this article.

Many Nigerians was given birth in some rural areas where no medical care record was taken which lead to not having birth certificate at all, some have the birth certificate but have acquired change in name which required them to have another valid birth certificate, some have it but lost it along the line and need to acquire another birth certificate document.

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How to Get Birth Certificate in Nigeria

The right way of obtaining birth certificate is by acquiring it directly from the National Population Cimmission. The NPC is located in almost all local governments of Nigeria.

It is the National Population Commission responsibility to collect, collate, analyse, and disseminate population census and survey data at all levels that contribute to policy formulation and population activity coordination in Nigeria. NPC is in partnership with UNICEF to register and give free birth certificates to people under 18 years of age. All embassies both in Nigeria and abroad recognize and accept the (NPC).

The Commission was reconstituted in 2011 with a Chairman and 37 members representing each state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory. According to the National Population Commission they have network of offices that is covering all the administrative tiers in Federal, State and Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Nigeria, this means you can obtain your birth certificate in any part of Nigeria.


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Before now nation population commission only provide birth certificate to people under the age of 18 years, Adults over the age of 18 can only obtain an attestation letter – A “legal document issued to back up the Age Declaration Affidavit of an individual over 18 years of age” but it not like that any more in some local Government areas, the national commission now allow Nigerians of any age to obtain their birth certificate easily.

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Process of Obtaining Birth Certificate

Go to your state local government secretariat and ask for National commission agency operating there. If the National Population Commission (NPC) operate in that Local government, you will be giving the birth certificate form to fill and completely. The form cost N100 and the birth certificate cost N2500 at the time of writing this article. Note that this price is subjected to review at any time.

Fill the form and submit it, in some cases you would be subjected to go to the court to acquire Age Declaration Affidavit, this can be done by visiting any court nearby. After that the national population commission will issue you the birth certificate.

Note in some cases Adults over the age of 18 can only obtain an attestation letter, the attestation letter is a legal document that is issued to back up the Age Declaration Affidavit, in order for adult to obtain an attestation letter, the adult must go to the High Court of Justice to make a declaration of age, referred to as a “sworn age declaration affidavit”.

To enhance some little guild in making it ease for you, let me quickly throw more high-lite on this process. At the High Court of Justice, the applicant will be asked to fill a form, which will ask the applicant date of birth, family, place of birth etc., as well as a statement saying that, at the time of his or her birth, the NPC did not exist. With the currently Nigeria high court improvement, it takes just few hours to get a stamped declaration of age from the Nigeria High Court of Justice.

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After obtaining the declaration of age, the applicant can then go to any of the 774 local government area of Nigeria that the NPC is established to obtain an attestation letter.
The current fee for this is N2,000.

This is the complete process how you can get birth certificate in Nigeria

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  3. Please Sir / Ma, l’m one of the Nigeria Citizens, l never had Birth Certificate.
    Throughout my Schooling / Childhood, l always write Birth Date (April 10th, 1967)based on the information of one of my friends : Modupeola Odukoya (May her Soul Rest ln Peace ).The Father of my Children( Ayuba Adewale Saliu ) processed my Nigeria Passport to travelled abroad with April 1st,1964 and l’m sure he doesn’t know my date of birth.
    Currently reside in United States of America, have lmmigration cases pending with USCIS and Birth Certificate as part of documents .
    Moreover, l travelled to United States of America with the last name of the Father of my Children (Saliu ), we have Children together but not married.

    Please Sir / Ma, l need help to apply for Nigeria Birth Certificate.
    The followings are my contact information :
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    Please Sir / Ma , any further information will be provide and any assistance render to obtain my Birth Certificate will truly be appreciate. Thanks

    Gbemisola Saliu,
    Name at birth :
    Gbeminiyi Ogunbowale.

  4. morning my name is lotanna uyammadu and i need my birth certificate including my father and two elder brothers their names mr ike uyammadu, chuka uyammadu and nonso uyammadu. They got lost when we were kids that is 20-25yrs ago.

  5. What is d RR pin one needs to get a birth certificate with d NPC.

  6. i seriously need dix birth certificate Joyce frm Apa local govt Benue state

  7. Please I need description or what account number someone is going to pay to in the bank for National population commission

  8. Why is the price not uniform?

  9. more so, after going true d process of getting a birth certificate one need to go to his chief local government 4 recongnition, if am nt mistaking. My question is, is it d person state of origin or place of birth

  10. I Need The Local Government Certificate Of Origin Of Nigeria But I’m Not In My State..Pls Sir How Will I Do It?

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