Fuel wahala: NSCDC officers kill a young man for selling black market fuel

police kill young man for fuel wahala in lagos

Police kill a young man for selling fuel on street

This is what Mr. 9ce called life drama, see how this young man just loose his life for Nigeria fuel wahala. what a pity. What is this country turning into? fuel scarcity has now started claiming lives in Nigeria. what a hell is happening, what constitute warrant the NSCDC to kill individuals selling fuel on street especially on this hard time?

Punch reported this today of a young man who loose his life for harking fuel, What we are currently experiencing in Nigeria is called oppression. If the police find individuals selling fuel along the road what they should do is arrest them and bring them before the law right? why should they kill them?. According to punch report this young man did not steal the fuel or got it through illegally. it was reported that the young man and some other people went and bought fuel from the long Que at the Oil Petrol Station and went selling to those who couldn’t stand the que just for them to make some little amount, known as black market.

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Recently Nigeria had lot of criminals who illegally stole trillions of dollars, how many of them has been killed?

This is brief report from punch

Never repay evil with evil. Overcome evil with good Proverbs 17:13

There was confusion around the Forte Oil Petrol Station on 21 Road in the FESTAC Town area of Lagos State on Wednesday after officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps shot dead an alleged illegal fuel hawker, while three others sustained gunshot injuries.


Our correspondents gathered that the hawker, identified only as Emeka, was shot dead when the NSCDC men, said to be members of a task force on curbing activities of black marketers, invaded the area around 1pm.

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It was learnt that following an altercation between the task force and some fuel sellers, the NSCDC men opened fire on the fuel sellers.

While Emeka was said to have died on the spot, two others, identified as Smart Ogabor and Oladiran Atolagbe, were rushed to a hospital. Is this part of the change?

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