FSARS Has Been Banned from Searching People’s Phones and Laptops Completely

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris said they will henceforth sanctioned any SARS officer that conduct search on anyone’s phone or laptop without authorization from the IGP. According to the report. The IGP sound a clear warning to all FSARS officers to kindly stop violating peoples privacy or rights in the country or such officer will risk getting dismissal.

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Search Anyone’s Phone or Laptop And Get Sanctioned

FSARS Banned of Searching Phones and Laptops Completely

Idris who said membership of FSARS was voluntary asked those who felt they could not cope with the reforms in the unit to opt out.

According to him, he said going after yahoo boys is not the job of SARS stating clearly that the duty of SARS is to handle robbery and kidnapping cases and not causing troubles to innocent citizens.

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He included that no SARS officer in any case should detain anyone more than 48 hours. Any officer who do that without recourse to the court risked dismissal.

In addition he said the new rule of engagement of the reformed SARS required officers of the unit to undergo medical examinations, especially mental and psychological tests, adding that a counseling Department had been put in place in the unit.

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Informationhood Comment: Now people can walk freely without  harassment of SARS. Pass information on to get reach to everyone so they don’t fall victims of SARS again.


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