Forged certificate by kemi Adeosun

The presidential spokeman, Mr Garba shehu during his conversation on AIT kakaaki breakfast program on the 10th of September 2018 assured the general public that the result of minister kemi Adeosun’s allegation against her NYSC result will be made known to the general public to prove to them if truly she is carrying a forged certificate or a real one.

A serious process is actually going on in order for Nigerians to know if their minister, misnister of finance kemi Adeosun is having a forged Nysc certificate.

He said ; when we are done proving this action, we will definitely make it known to the general public.

Most people are actually not happy because they are eager to know the truth . To know what the out come will yield. They want to know the real story . We plead with you to play calm and wait until the authorities are done and must have taken proper process so as to Yilled a geniue result and not a mere conclusion without facts.

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This was an allegation and it needs to be proven whether right or wrong. Nigerians should not go about making it sound as if it was  real and that all rumors should be on hold until proper and solid prove that the minister’s certificate is forged is proven.

Mr shehu was asked the time duration of the ongoing investigation but he made it known that it is not in his power to say the actual time it will take for he do not know how long it will take for the truth to be known to the general public but he is so sure of one thing that the truth will be out in no time.

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He also refused to disclose the agencies that was in charge of the investigation.

He said Nigerians should not forget that the people whose names are being dragged to the mud actually have families.

The chairman of president Advisory committee against corruption said the allegation is not necessary because kemi is too brilliant to let go.


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