First Bank Money Transfer Code – How to Send Money From Your Account to Another

Are you in need of First Bank money transfer code? Do you want to transfer money from your first bank account to another account in Nigeria without even going to the internet or the using the bank app? if so then read on as we will show you the complete step to transfer money to another account be it first bank or other bank in Nigeria easily without any stress. You have already know how much far technology has gone in the Nigeria banking system.

First bank money transfer code

How to transfer money with phone on First Bank Nigeria

First bank of Nigeria is the largest bank in Nigeria the first introduce means of saving in the bank. Over the years First bank of Nigeria has grown huge having thousands of customers all over Nigeria. The bank currently operate in almost every state and cities of Nigeria. If you don’t have account with first, See how to open account with first bank here.

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If you an active customer of First Bank of Nigeria you may have known that the banks first aid is customers satisfaction. The bank introduce a simple means of transferring money from your account to another bank account or same First bank account easily using their mobile app or website, but that process required you to have internet connection to archive success on that. But now first bank come up with a very comfortable means of sending money to someone or another account easily without needing internet connection on your phone and this process is called using USSD code call First Bank money transfer code. First bank has so many USSD code used for different transaction but on this post will are only going to focus on code to transfer money and how to go about it. You can check how to buy airtime from your account here

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Requirement of transferring money to someone from ‘First Bank Account’

In other to archive success on your on your transaction there are some few thing to know and put in place. Though there is no too much requirement to complete transfer transaction but you are required to only use the number registered with the bank to do the transfer. (The Number You Receive Alert With) Only use this number or the transaction will not be successful.

First Bank Money Transfer Code

unlike before now, with this code you don’t need internet connection and it can be done with the lowest phone kind in Nigeria. All that is needed is to dial the code below and follow the instruction to complete the transaction.

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First Bank Money Transfer Code is *894*Amount*Account Number# ( eg. *894*50000*1234567890# To transfer N50,000 to account number 1234567890 in any bank in Nigeria)

If you use the tip above completely with the number registered with your account you will gain success sending the money to whose ever account you wish to transfer it to.

First Bank Money Transfer Charges

Some many people have been on this question since this amazing transfer features has been released. If you are among those wanting to know if you will be charge for transferring money with your phone, the answer is YES!! first bank will charge you some amount which enable them maintain the transfer features. First banks of Nigeria will charge you the below amount when ever you make a successful.

The amount First Bank charges for each money transfer is: N105 Naira

How Long Does First Bank Money Transfer Take To Deliver to The Receiver?

The transfer will go to the receiver immediately transaction is completed, however some things may stop the receiver getting it immediately. This such as bad network within first bank of Nigeria or the receiver bank. In some cases the receiver may not receiver may not get notification alert even when the money has deliver to him/her. It advisable for the receiver to confirm from his account to be sure if him/her has been credited or not.

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Money Is Out Of My Account But Hasn’t Been Received by Receiver

As stated earlier on, some cases there could be some network issues that stop the money from getting to the receiver which is quite rare. If the money is out of your account and hasn’t been deliver, we recommend you wait within 24hrs and if nothing happens the visit the nearest First Bank to lay your complain. If the issue can not be resolved then the bank will refund reverse the transfer after few working day.

How Do i Contact First Bank?

If you have question, suggestion or complaint regarding transfer or something else that have to do with First Banks and would want to get in touch with their customer care service then visit First Bank customer care service contact details here

This is all we can cover on this post, if you have further question you can use the comment box below.


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