Fear The Lord Our God, Jehovah The Creator of EveryThing

Oh people of the earth. Fear the lord our God who created every thing, he who live forever, he who destroy those he want and make king those he wish. His Majesty, his excellency, the king of peace. the God that evey thing belong to… why will you not fear him and respect him for who he is? he is the God that can double the surfing of a man and also bless without limit. Why do you serve God with just you mouth, why has your heart compromise with evil and you mouth say good. For i tell you; tweety generation can work in a success and in a second God can destroy them all. Why not fear God who make the sun, the moon and every thing including you? His words are like the sword and they never rest till each one is fulfilled. His anger is like a fire and very unbearable? He can make your enemy stay in peace with you. For i tell you who ever that fear God, respect and praise him always for his greatness is wise, but who ever neglect this word today and choose to do his will is foolish and in no time God almighty will destroy them all. Praise the lord oh all. Praise the creator, The King of Kings.. He who give wisdom.. Who knows the heart of all men. Thank you Jehovah.

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