Facebook To Focus on Group, Mark Revealed. Check out his Reasons

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday revised the mission of the largest Social Network in the world to focus on supporting hobby clubs, civil society organizations and other social networks of social groups,

The move comes as Facebook faces pressure from smaller rivals such as Nextdoor and Meetup, whose online networks bring together neighbours and people in the same area with shared interests, a source stated.


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Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page that the new mission of his company is “to give people the power to build a community and bring it to the world”.

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The previous mission was to “give people the power to share and make it more open and connected. “Facebook search mission has been criticized in the last 12 months the network has become one of the main points spreading false news, many think it has affected the presidential election in 2016.

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Zuckerberg said in February that he wants to increase the number of Facebook users who are members of what they call a very large group. ” Only 5% were members of these groups, he said then.

The head of Facebook, with 1.9 billion users and $27.6 billion in revenue last year, was in Chicago on Thursday to meet people who run group pages on Facebook, a source revealed.

“If you try to make it to lead a group that has thousands of people, you need a tool to help you manage that,” he told CNN in an interview. Facebook wants to build these tools, he said.

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Google Alphabet also hosts community groups, as neighboring houses and gathering. The neighboring house, the neighbors’ place to meet and share news and advice, he said on Monday that it expanded to Germany after a rapid growth elsewhere.

Zuckerberg told CNN that support for organizations built around neighbors, churches, pets and more has a wider goal.

“When people join these small groups that really grow and end with much greater changes in the world,” he said.



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