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Marketing has always been about reaching out to prospective patrons, getting their attention and yea – drawing future plans from their opinions and interest. Maybe Jesus and Mohammed ain’t that much of our technological guys, one thing indisputable though is their understanding of marketing and how they used it effectively for both their causes.

“…So Jesus met that woman at the well, and pulled some stunts – voila, she was enticed so much she ran back to her folks…”; that there my people is the unfolding of an expert at marketing. Just as audio-visuals sort of marketing is essential, one needs to be flexible enough to understand times.

It’s possible I stay in my room 3 months without you seeing me, so how would you market a thing to me? Entrez E-mail marketing! As any typical form of electronic marketing, it’s less stressful with a greater efficiency, need I say cost-friendly too as regards resource management.

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So what is this email marketing thingy?

It’s no further math alright – it’s simply sending messages to a specific group of people via their mail addresses. Where marketing comes in can be summarized under the basics questions below

  • What are the contents of the messages sent?
    • The messages are strictly commercial. It can be me advertising to you, seeking donations or stirring your interest about my brand.
  • Who is the sender?
    • It is typically from brands, companies, industries and owners of businesses.
  • Who are the receivers?
    • The potential or current patrons
  • What is the purpose for sending such messages?
    • To create awareness to potential patrons while building trust and relationships with existing patrons.

Oh! This sounds interesting, comfortable, and all. I think I’d like to set that up for my business, but hey wait! How do I go about it?

E-mail marketing ain’t a hard thing to start. Just like any marketing activity; the focus is on the patrons – so how do we get them?

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There are two ways most people go about it. The first is through purchased mailing list, the second being current customer database/personal collection cum compilation. The better of the two ways is getting it directly of course; it helps traceability and greater control on the nature of the receivers of our messages. You wouldn’t want your sweet messages spammed by random readers; more the reason for selective collection of mails.

Great, how about the scheduling?

Good question, one shouldn’t bug the customers with messages all the time. Say I’m your customer – a youth looking to explore more opportunities; I would expect more replies regarding job application in my box. If you come up often, it’ll even spur me to spam you.

One must look for a way, not too much and not too casual; somewhere in between say once in 2 weeks.

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