Easy Way To Block GTbank ATM Card If Lost/Stole

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GTbank ATM card

You might have heard it that one can block his/her ATM card when it been stolen or lost to avoid manipulation of your account. On this article we will be giving you step by step on how you can easily block your ATM card when it been stolen.

Here is the easy way to block GTbank ATM card if lost/stole

GTbank ATM card

Now there is an easy way of blocking Gtbank ATM card if it get lost and on this article we are going to show you the most easy way of blocking gtb ATM card if lost, you should consider blocking your ATM card if it been been stolen or lost.

Why you should block your ATM card immediately if lost?

the most important reason why you should block your ATM card immediately if lost is for your own account security. Your bank account security will not be guarantee if your ATM card get lost or stolen, that is why all Nigeria banks warned their customers to quickly block ATM card if lost or stolen.
In many reported cases; it happen that customers forgot’s their ATM card inside the ATM machine after withdrawing, this often happen and someone else’s who wanted  to use the ATM machine might come across it, though the person will be required to enter your password which won’t be easily guessed but still there is a way of clearing your whole account cash if the person knows what to do.

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Would like to know how?
Now let’s have some little explanation here, have you ever tried purchasing online before? such as buying products online where debit card payment is allowed? If your answer is yes then you should know better that it not required putting your ATM card secret pin.

Online shops doesn’t required your ATM card four digit secret pin, they only ask for card number, card name, the three digit anti fraud cvv number which are the last three digit number at the back of the card; and all these details are right there on the ATM card body, how it work is soon the buyer put in those details completely and hit purchase the card get charge because all information are been put in completely.

It only some few online shopping website that will require you to confirm ownership of the card before commencing transaction but still yet the card will be charge awaiting the confirmation. this means your bank will send you a verification code to the number link with the account or in some case the website require that the card scan copy get scanned and send to them.
but in many cases the verification process are not required specially if ordering for products online.

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Now you know why it necessary to block your ATM card soon you confirm it missing or stolen. before now you are required to visit the nearest Gtbank to block your ATM card but now it no longer difficult to have it done because you are going to have it done with just your phone without waste of time, it doesn’t required a smart phone or even a tablets; you can have it done with just a Nokia touch light, this means any phone that can send a text message is capable of blocking your ATM card.

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How to block Gtbank ATM card?
to block your gtbank ATM card just type “HOTLIST (ACCOUNT NUMBER)” in a text message and send it to 08076665555, for example check this photo.

Note: you will be charge N4-N10 for the message, it not GTBank that is charging you but your network, that is the charges for text message, you should also be aware you must send the message from a phone number link to your GTBank account, it won’t work if you send message from a number which is not yet link to your account.
Step 2. Using GTBank Internet Banking.
It also possible using the GTBank internet banking and it’s also easy. All you need to do is login to your internet banking account and click cards, a drop down will show up; then click on ‘Card Hotlist’ select card number and put expiry date of you card and at the bottom select why you want to block your ATM card, such as fraud detect, stolen, lost e.t.c, photo below shows full step.

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After submitting the request it will take some minutes for GTbank to have your ATM card block.

Note: Blockage of ATM card can be unblocking by GTbank if the card is find, all you have to do is visit the nearest GTbank and request for unblocking of your ATM card. Process of unblocking card take 24 hours to have your card unblock.

Warning: Privacy of one’s ATM card should be taken important and never be neglected, GTbank or any bank of Nigeria will never call or message requesting for your atm card number and ping to have issues solve in your account, as they say prevention is better than cure.

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