Earth Tremors: Abuja experiences Earth Tremors

The federal capital of Nigeria, Abuja is currently experiencing an earthquake tremor . The regulatory agencies has been called to look into this issues inorder not to cause more damages in the capital and to stop the Earth tremor rom recurring.

Scientist huged regulatory agencies to come up with basic rules and regulations that would be placed for people residing in Abuja in order to save lives and to prevent people from damaging natural resources through blasting of rocks. The scientist also said that the cause of the Earth tremor is due to the use of explosives. Which results to earth movements. They also explained that it might get to a point which could be seen visible and also to the bottom of the ground.

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According to the former director of technology acquisiton and adaptation in federal ministry of science and technology, the person of Dr Adeneye Talabi, he said the government must take proper decision to address the current issue and that all necessary rules should be enforced on the exploitation of natural resources in the capital and in Nigeria as a whole.

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Prof mosto onuoha, the president of Nigeria Academy of science also agreed that the major problem associated with earth earth tremor could be the the blasting of rocks and this could be due to high explosives.

Talabi said the distortion in the balance of the ecosystem was responsible for the tremor in South south zone  he also explained that the vacuum created by extracting crude and gas needs to be replaced using commodity with close densities. He explained the differences and similarities between Eathquake and earth tremor , Talabi explained that earth quake is experienced when the ground collapses totally while the Earth tremor on the order side has to do with shaking and oppening of the ground.





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