Drugs For Ear Pain in Nigeria

Are you or someone close to you having ear pain? On this post we going to show you what you need to get to treat him or her of that ear pain. The article contains drugs for ear pain in Nigeria use in treating ear infections.

There is mild to severe ear pain in Nigeria and most times ear becomes very painful. It one of the worst pain ever that one can experience in a closed range. Most people experience ear pain from the side of the affected ear to the jaw and sometimes tooth. Some people misunderstood ear pain to be teeth pain due to pain similarity. Some toothache can also seems like ear pain which sometimes makes pain confusing.

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ear pain

If you have confirmed that you are having ear pain, that means you are having ear infections which you will need to treat on time. In some case ear pain gets heal by it self without any treatment but it very advisable to have it treated to avoid spread of infections.

Drugs For Ear Pain in Nigeria

If you have ear pain then get this medicines below, you can find them on any good pharmacy in Nigeria and they are very affordable.

  1. PYTHROCIN Antibiotic
  2. Oto Med Ear Drops

Photo of PYTHROCIN Antibiotic


Photo of Oto Med Ear Drops

Oto-Med Ear Drop

Take the antibiotic 1 tablet once daily and drop two drops of the ear drop twice daily.

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You should be free from ear pain in less than 2 days.

If pain persist after 2 days then you need to see your doctor.

This are the drugs for ear pain in Nigeria, during the time of treatment avoid water from entering inside the ear and as well stop using sharp objects cleaning the ear and ear pies. If your case is that of which is bringing poss, you will need to go to the hospital for treatment and clean up. Still having issues after using this drugs or have questions relating to this article. Use the comment box below and we will respond as soon as possible.


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