Domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an act of abusing someone either by hitting the person, by abusing the person orally or by depriving them od what they ought to have. Domestic violence can be caused by various reasons and which are: when a partner deprives the other sex. A child being deprived of his/her educational right, this can make the child to be aggressive and even to disrespect their parenta. It can also be seen where the younger siblings don’t respect their elderly ones. It  can also be when there’s preferential treatment given to a particular child or to some children in the home and that child or children are seen as scared cows that is a child that is being respected or adored.

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Also, it can be when there is denial of conjugal rights by either of the partners. It can also be seen as when a husband refuses to carry out his responsibilities in the home as the head of the home[as the Bible says that, a man that cannot fend for his family is worst than an infidel] when this Biblical injunction isn’t fulfilled or neglected, it can lead to domestic violence. Domestic violence can also be when a parent abuses the child by using foul words on the child, this can make the child to have low self esteem, inferiority complex, it can instill fear in them and even make them aggressive.


Furthermore, domestic violence can be when a parent send their children to hawk on the street when they ought to be in the classrooms thereby transferring their responsibilities to the kids. Children are not meant to provide the family when they are supposed to be in school. Domestic violence, can also be seen when a female or a male child is abused sexually by an older person, the child may either be fingered, be fondled. Some may be their fathers sexually abusing their female daughters at a tender age either by deflowering them or by fondling their private parts, such a child can be threatened if they dared to talk. All these expose the child to vices thereby making the child to be wild and promiscuous as she grows.

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Lastly, when a child sees his father beating his mother or sees the mother always nagging the daddy, this can make the child to have the belief that it’s a way of life, such a child may grow to be aggressive. They may grow to have disregard for the opposite sex, also, such kids may grow not to love wholeheartedly. This can also affect the child psychologically and the other wise.

So parents should be mindful of how they exhibit some actions in the presence of their children.




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