Different Between Nigeria Zip Code and Postal Code

So many people have been asking to know the differences between Nigeria zip code and postal code since they likely come across these two while filling forms online. Well today we want to clear your confusions regarding this two mentioned codes.

Below we get into that, zip code or postal code is a regional code that is mostly required to track your current city on region online however it very important to enter correct details of your zip code if you are to receive a physical package after the filling of a form.

Different Between Nigeria Zip Code and Postal Code

zip code and postal code

Some website you may Visit may required you to enter zip code while others wants you to enter postal code, so now what is actually the differences? Now listing to the truth. There is no difference between zip code & postal code. All of the code is same. Below is why there is zip code & postal code

For your information, ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes apply ONLY to the United States. The US does not regard postal codes from other countries as ZIP codes.

In all other countries, postal codes are used. However, ZIP codes in the US are used for the same purposes for which other countries use postal codes for mailing purposes.

So, ZIP codes are to the US while postal codes are to other countries including Nigeria.

Now that you have known that there are all the same, you can now find your zip code here.

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