Diamond Bank Money Transfer USSD Code – How to Send Money To Another Account

Want to know how you can send/transfer money to someone using a simple Diamond Bank money transfer method? On post our major focus is to show you Diamond Bank money transfer USSD which you can use to transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria.

Diamond bank

Cashless translation has now taking over everywhere and Nigeria banks are not an exception to this new model technology. If you are in search for how you can transfer money to someones account in same Diamond bank or another bank then this article is for you. You can read how to buy airtime from Diamond Bank here

Diamond banking system has improve so much over the year and it one of the best bank in Nigeria with thousands of active customer. Some months before now there is a way to make transfer possible right with your phone without having to go to the bank. However that feature required you having an internet connection to complete the transaction online or using the diamond bank app. See how to open Diamond Bank account online here.

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The bank knowing that there could be a time when someone needed to make transfer without having to connect to the internet or even having data on their phone, they went ahead to release this amazing method of transferring money to another account without internet connection. It doesn’t mean is you have the lowest end phone in Nigeria, you can make a transfer possible right in your house without having to visit any diamond bank or needing internet connection.

Diamond Bank Money Transfer USSD Code

diamond bank money transfer


In a case which you need to purchase an item and discover there is no other way to complete transaction due to cash, this method is the best to consider. For those who want to send someone money but don’t want to go queue up in the bank then this option will be the best for you. On what ever the condition maybe or even without condition there is a lot of benefit making transfer right from your phone without having to visit the bank.

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Use the code below to transfer money to another diamond account or another bank account.

Diamond Bank money transfer USSD code is *937#

To complete transfer dial the above ussd code and follow the instruction by diamond bank. Note that you must dial this code from the number which you have registered with your diamond bank account or it won’t work.

Diamond bank transfer charges

You will be charged 105 naira for every transfer you made.

Benefit of using diamond bank money transfer

Not wasting time and fuel to the bank just to make a transfer or pay into someones account is a lot of good thing to consider.

How long does transfer takes to deliver to the receiver when using diamond bank transfer code

It very fast and simple to get to the receiver if the details entered on the transfer is correct.The transfer amount should get to the receiver within the next 10 minutes, however there are some cases when transfer may take longer time, i simply due to network issues and it will get deliver lately the next one hour.

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What do i do if money is deducted from my diamond bank account but haven’t got to the receive? 

First if you are having issues with your transfer, you are advice to wait for the next 24hrs time to confirm if the transfer will get deliver to the receiver but if after that giving period you can contact Diamond Bank customer care service for here and request for transaction to be reverse. To reverse it may take up to 5 working days.




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