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NATIONAL Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Saturday said the party will rule the country 32 years unlike the now opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which ruled for just 16 years, declaring that the PDP was dead and buried in Lagos. This was just as he declared that the APC […]


The Brazilian government has given Yoruba a pride of place among foreign languages spoken in the country. in an exclusive interview with the Brazilian minister of culture Dr Sérgio Sá leitão at the weekend in Brazil that the government has introduced the compulsory study of African History and Yoruba language into the primary and secondary […]

Top 10 African Musicians 2018

There are many African musicians seen in the global stage. Their music is played in many African countries including outside Africa. Music is a common language and these musicians have shown the world the flavour of African music. Many of them have won global awards including African music awards. I will share you in this […]

Top 10 Most Richest Kings In Nigeria

On this post we want to share with you the top richest kngs and more powerful in command kings in Nigeria. Kings in Nigeria are sensitive monarchies. They remain an ascendant once they are alive even though the democratic predominance vested a significant authority on governors, residents and other democratic leaders. They maintain their state […]

Top 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that is always on the news and there are many newspapers in Nigeria. The newspaper industry is growing in Nigeria with the internet. The democratic state of the country have also contributed to this. During the military regimes of Nigeria, many newspapers were afraid to publish any critical publication and some […]

Top 10 Tourist Centres In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with many tourist centers. Many geographical locations are places of tourist attraction in Nigeria. This tourist attraction are visited by both local and foreign nationals in Nigeria. I will share with you in this article the top 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria. Top 10 Tourist Centres In Nigeria 1) Yankari National […]

Top 10 Largest Stadiums In Africa

Top 10 Largest Stadiums In Africa

Certain engineering structures like stadiums are meeting places for sports festivals. These stadiums were designed by structural engineers. Many of these stadiums are very large and many African stadiums are fit to host global tournaments. Top 10 Largest Stadiums In Africa The rise of civil and structural engineering systems have made these African stadiums famous […]

Top 10 Countries With Nuclear Arsenals in the World

Nuclear Arsenal

Certain countries in the world are in possession of nuclear arsenals known as Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Countries With Nuclear Arsenals in World These arsenals are designed and built by nuclear engineers from those countries. They involve aerospace technology and nuclear satellites. These arsenals are very dangerous and they can wipe out in large […]

Complete List of Inspector General of Police in Nigeria

Nigeria police

Welcome to informationhood. On this post we want to share with you complete list of complete list of inspector general of police in Nigeria. The maximum rank inside the Nigerian Police is the Inspector General of Police, abbreviated as IGP. He additionally doubles as the the head of the Nigeria Police Force in general. Apart […]

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