How to Cure Headache at Home in Nigeria

How to cure headache at home in Nigeria –
How to get rid of headache in Nigeria –
How to treat headache at home in Nigeria –
Headache is one of the most common illness, according to physiology headache is a symptoms of some illness while in some cases headache occur due to stress.

how to cure headache at home in Nigeria

On this article i will be showing you some easy tips of treating heading in Nigeria. I will be assuming your headache is a result of stress or some minor illness. Before going to the hospital this tips can ease your headache.

To Cure Headache at Home Nigeria

1. Take paracetamol

Paracetamol is the common drug in fighting headache and some mini pains. You can get paracetamol from any chemist/pharmacy shop around you. As for me my home never lack paracetamol because it’s very important, cheap and helpful in curing some illness. 2 tablet of paracetamol will ease your headache within 30 minutes.

2. Take a lot of water

Water is the best home remedy of fighting headache. Taking much water will not only fight your headache but make your digestive system and some other part of your body work properly in accordance as it suppose to.


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3. Have Some Rest

most headache cost by stress require rest, you can apply the above tips and add rest to it. As you relax so the body experience good settlement from the stress you commissioned it to.

Rest is very important to the body and your health. It one of the most vital area that should not be neglected, don’t wait till you get hit with headache before having rest. Always apply rest to your daily activities so you don’t over stress your body. If you are someone who like reading about health, you will notice that there are so many dangerous things associated with stress.

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This are the tips of treating headache easily right in your home. If the headache occur frequently/routinely then you need to see a doctor as it might be a symptoms from severe illness that need urgent medical attention.

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  1. This is helpful, i want to say Thanks. I also do like your write up. Headache has always be my first sign when fever is around the corner.

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