CTL Customer Care Number and Contact Details

Communcation Trends Limited (CTL) TV is one of the standing oldest Television service Cable. Majority of people don’t know about these decoder but the truth is that it still serving Nigeria to the fullest. The decoder price and subscription price is very affordable and they now have top channels you are searching for in other television decoder.



Communication Trends Limited is still serving Nigerian’s at their best till today and still ready to service Nigeria wit their best having the dream of making the best Nigeria decoder in the nearest future. On these post are phone numbers you can use in getting reach to CTL customer care for complaints and request in case if you are having problem on your Communication Trends Limted decoder or problem regarding subscription.

CTL Customer Care Service

Address: Communicaon Trends Limited House, 206/208, Aba Express way, P.O. Box 6100, Port Harcourt
Port Harcourt,Port Harcourt,Nigeria – 654678

Customer Care Number: 08104631617 or 08058736388, 234 84 237808, 0802 87363888

Email[email protected]


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With the numbers above you can easily get connected to Communication Trends Limited CTL customer care for assistant, if need immediate assistant you can drop your comment below.

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  1. Elizabeth Iyamu-Ojo

    Good day,

    I subscribed online for CTL at about 8pm on the 12th of January this year and was pleasantly surprised that I could recharge online. Today is 27th of the same January and my TV is showing me ‘no access’ please is the N3,150 subscription now for two weeks cos I have only used it for 15 days.

    Please correct this issue Asap cos I have programs I watch. My decoder no is 013 9814 9780-7.

  2. Elizabeth Iyamu-Ojo

    Sorry it is 013 9814 8780-7

  3. I’m also having the same issue. Is it a general issue or what?? Pls rectify my decoder 01398175770-4

  4. Please i did a month subscription of 3150 onthe 7th of feb 2017 and i was changed for got the massage that it worked but it hasn’t reflected on my decoder… Please rectify

  5. Please i did a month subscription of 3150 for trendtv onthe 7th of Feb 2017 and i was charged for it, i got a massage that it worked but it hasn’t reflected on my decoder…. Please help rectify

  6. I am one of your customers with smart card no. 0138182357_1. I subscribed since the morning of today and my pay voucher no is 581687826776CA for one month. Up till now it is still reading no access in some channels. Please can you rectify the problem. I am in Umuahia, Abia State. The name is Iyke Odoemelam

  7. Good day,
    my name is Thompson. I made a mistake as I was typing my card number while trying to subscribe my Trend TV through quickteller mobile app and I did a 3 months subscription.
    Card number: 013981966206
    Error number: 01398196620
    Transaction ref number: 999902390940

    Would be grateful if the mistake is corrected as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  8. Please I subscribe since yesterday with my mobile app it went, even said success full with REF 1031FC1490211657156428 and up till now is not working my ctl number is 01398185031-9 please help me out from Enugu.

    1. maybe you made a mistake when you were typing your card number. Call Quickteller customer service on 0700 906 5000 and make this complain, I’m sure they can help you.

  9. Please can u show the F1 Australian grand pix tomorrow being Sunday the 26th of March 2017 please..thanks Emeka from Enugu…

  10. Hello is there any problem with ur service around Abuloma axis because there had not been service since Thursday last week. Thank you.

  11. i just subscribed for a month single view , 3150 , and its still showing me no access???? ID no 01398197164-4

  12. Hello Sir,
    Greetings. Please I did one month subscription online through quickteller around 12noon today but this is 5:40pm in the evening, it hasn’t reflected yet.
    I got a message from quickteller instantly that my transaction was successful. So sir I don’t really know what the problem is why it hasn’t reflected yet, please help me and look into it.
    Below is the message I got from quickteller:
    “TrendTV payment of NGN 3,150.00 for 01398144695 was successful. REF: 888812855451”

    1. Hello Mr Sunday, if you check the SMS sent to you by quickteller you will notice that the smart card number you subscribed is incorrect. Call quickteller on 07009065000 to resolve the issu.
      Thompson 07032512306

  13. Hello Sir,
    Greetings. Please I did one month subscription online through quickteller around 12noon today but this is 5:40pm in the evening, it hasn’t reflected.
    I got a message from quickteller instantly that my transaction was successful. So sir I don’t really know what the problem is why it hasn’t reflected yet, please help me and look into it.
    Below is the message I got from quickteller:
    “TrendTV payment of NGN 3,150.00 for 01398144695 was successful. REF: 888812855451”
    Thanks as I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  14. Please my smart card number is below:

  15. I subscribed for one month yesterday and could not have access to your channels up till now except for CNN which came up early hours today.I also got your reply message that it was successful. Pls am worried. I am kelechi from woji porthacourt.

  16. Hello sir I subscribe for one month from my diamond account and it sent me a massage that shows that it was successful but till now am unable to access any channels . please sir kindly look in to the matter below is my card number.

    Okoro Ekene from Umuahia

  17. Hello, I subscribed for a month single view since yesterday. I didn’t get any sms notification to confirm the subscription and my decoder still displays no access.
    Card number: 01398168361-1

  18. chibueze nwokafor

    Good day ctl nigeria my name is chibueze one of your customer, we are
    experiencing a very big challenge on your network here in enugu, the
    number one problem is that there is always a delay in televising of
    matches and this is causing me to be losing many of my customers once
    there is a delay some of them will not have patience so that the
    particular match which they came to watch, might be switch over to
    start viewing the match, and it will cause many to go and be searching
    for where they will watch the match with somebody using DSTV this is
    affecing us very badly here in enugu most especially when there is an
    important match please you people should do something about this
    seriously, just as i said before is making me to be losing my
    customers some will not even like to come again because of the


    I bought a one month single view from one of your accredited dealers in Benin today 5/8/2017.

    I noticed Two(2) digits out of the pin looks as if they are joined together. Other numbers/digits of the pin on the card are clearly written. I have tried with various options non has worked.

    All effort to reach your mobile numbers failed. All the Libes are switched off.

    Please assist me.


  20. We can not get new decoder to buy at your Abuja office. The scarcity is creating serious problem for would be subscribers.
    Some unscrupolous dealers are taking advantage of the situation by wanting to sell refurbished ecoder for 18K.
    Please do he needful to ensure the availability of your decoders in Abuja.Thank you.

  21. Can CTL work in Ughelli, Delta State? if so, I want to buy the decoder and subscribe now.

  22. Pls I want to know whether CTL is working in Asaba Delta state.I need to get the decorder if it is working.pls reply.thanks

  23. I stay in Kubwa, Abuja. For more than one week now, I’m only receiving 12 channels.I have done auto scan; yet no change. Please what is going on?

  24. plzzz our signal here is bad….signal reads
    98%…quality reads
    90,80,93,95..bt still yet is cracking heavily… so
    frustrated now..

  25. need a dual view Ctl decoder. how can I get it. I’m in delta state.

  26. Same Old Problem Using CTL Decoder

  27. what are the areas your network covers in Lagos State so as to enable me know if i can get your decoder here in Igando. Thanks as i await your reply

  28. I subscribed online by 5.27am on the 27th of September when it showed my subscription will expire in 3 days time. I am suprised that it is showing me no access. My card number is 013981909883

  29. I subscribed to the trend TV package a while ago, it’s been for hours already and I’ve not been able to access my channels.please rectify this issue. My card number 013981793204

    1. Hello, any update? Because I just bought the decoder. How is the service?

  30. I recharged my décoder since 6pm yesterday and nothing yet. Tried calling your customer care but as usual, either the number will not go through or nobody will dignify you with à response.
    If you care at all, below are the details:
    TTV VCR 912559877614 CA 01398185022-8

  31. I recharge my decoder since yesterday up till now is now showing . my name is : IKENNA ahaneku my smart card: 01398196094-4 my recharge card: 657506066655.

  32. Hi I have attempted to recharge today first with my glo line then with my airtel line but the text response has been this ‘ SMS FORMAT NOT RECOGNIZED . AM IN BENIN. HOW CAN I SUCCESGULLY RECHARGE MY CTL NO IS 01398095077-1.WAITING…..

  33. Gd day pls i recharged my ctl on d 18th of nov now itstelling no access of this acct 01398037549-0 pls reply now thks

  34. I subscribed since 9am this morning and up till now I see no access (5)
    Reference No

    Customer ID

  35. Pls I subscribed 3days ago since morning today Sunday 17th DEC 2017 it has been showing no signal. Its so annoying especially as its yultide season. Pls do smth about it. I live in Benin and my smart car number is 01398199132-9.

  36. Good day. Pls wat is happening to ur network, I on my TV yesterday to watch match all I see is no signal up till now. I live in Benin city edo state. My smart card no:01398134963-5. Hope u guys should note this days and kindly add it to my subscription. if I don’t see anything like I will sell off my decorde and go for another network. waiting for ur swift response.

  37. Good day, I’m Mr Lawani I live in Benin City Ed State, please I need to know if trend TV are having problem. My decoder loss signal since Sunday 17th day of December 2017. Please I need to know so as to know if it’s my decoder that’s faulty. Thanks my contact number 08068025723

  38. For some days now, all your channels are not showing. What is the problem? How long will it take you to rectify it? Remember this is holiday and Christmas season.

  39. I did subscribed for a single-view one month plan on my CTL but till now, i still see “no access”. I did my payment using quick-teller which i have been using through GTB internet banking since i installed my CTL. my card number is 01398010509-5

  40. Please can you rectify my net work. It is displaying standardized system and receives no signal.ALL custumer care lines are not responding. My decoder SN: 01398034056-9. RECHARGED on Dec 13th 2017. Description;- 1031DB1513173054407127901/BILL. Diamond bank

    Please treat as important.

  41. today is 24th of December and my CTl is still not working , since i paid , no signal for over 2 weeks now , now i have nothing to watch for xmas , very poor customer service its like you people are hiding in one room without any office , GOTV Has an office , DSTV but CTl has none , nobody to complain too

  42. hi..please your channels are not showing…what is happening..this is the festive season. please address this

  43. Agu Chielozonam Emmanuel

    Please I need your attention. I recharged my CTL for single view since 23rd December but till this moment it is not activated. I need someone to do something fast.
    My card number is 01398182301-9

  44. It is sad that Nigeria is a lawless country. That is why you guy have this opportunity to misbehaved. you will provide service for me for one month for, #3250 and the so call network supposed to run for one month and at the end of the month you where nt be able provide the so called service you promise. that is called corruption.. I subscribe on the 28/112017 of which my subscription suppose end by 28/12/17. During this period ur network did not work for about four to five days due to ur poor signal problems and you still went ahead and stop access without removing the days ur network was off Air

  45. Pls get some serious football lovers to be working in that ur company if u really want to make it,as am sending this message ur so called worker is supposed to know that the dstv decoder automatically switched to dish tv and he/she should just press the alt key to switch back to ss6 where chelseas match is showing. pls try and talk to them or otherwise replace them with more competent workers,call.me for more info 08068209540 thank you.

  46. At midnight ‘ no signal’ is being displayed which frustrates me as some important programs that runs unto midnights are being denied of me. Please help me rectify this issue. Thank. Ugochukwu from Owerri.

    1. My smartcard number is 01398201574-8

  47. Good day, for the past 5 days I have not been enjoying your services at all as almost 80% of the channels are not showing, please rectify this issue as soon as possible.

  48. My name is Anyanwu Ikechukwu from Owerri.Since yesterday night all ur channels has been displaying no signal even till this afternoon in Owerri.Pls help and rectify this problem it has been happening frequently nowadays unlike before.My smartcard nos is 01398208327-4 pls help…….

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