Cost of Nigeria International Passport – Fee

cost of international passport in Nigeria

On this article you will learn more about the cost/fee of the Nigeria International passport. One of the necessary things you must have to travel abroad is your international passport. You should also be aware that there are two types of Nigerian passport namely: The 64 pages passport and the 32 pages passport. The difference between both passport have been convered on our previous post here. But note that the 64 pages passport was introduced for Nigerians who travel frequently especially when they exhaust their 32 pages. If in case you don’t know the use of the Nigeria international passport you can learn more about Nigeria international Passport on wikipedia.

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How Much is The Nigerian International Passport Currently?

cost of international passport in Nigeria

According to informationhood research we found that the cost of the Nigerian international passport for 64-page passport is N20,000, while applicants for 32-page passport below the age of 18 cost N8, 750 while those between ages 18-60 years will pay N15,000. For applicants above 60 years; applying for a 32-page passport will cost N8,750 at the Nigerian immigration service office.

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Renewal of the Nigerian International Passport

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If there should be any need for renewal of a lost passport, the amount of N20,000 would be paid, while change of name as a result of either marriage, death, or even divorce would cost N8,750. We often advise that you apply for a new Nigerian passport and avoid the stress attached to renew an old passport.

Documents Needed to Apply For a Nigerian Passport

Before you would register or apply for the passport, the following documents should be made available at the Immigration Office:

  1. Passport Application Form
  2. Your payment slip
  3. Local government state of origin
  4. Birth certificate document
  5. Driver’s license and
  6. Two recent passport sized photographs in white background.
Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service website to know more about the cost and application for a Nigerian International passport.
This is all the information we are able to provide about the Nigerian international passport, regarding the cost/fee
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