Computer Laptop Display Problem: Causes and how to Fix Display Issue Easily

Hello friend, I still remain your humble Serome. Today i want to take my time to explain why your laptop has stopped displaying on the screen. Is your laptop display not working? Read this post as i will give you reason why your laptop stopped displaying. I will also include the solution to solve laptop display problem.

As you already known I’m a laptop dealer and so many complaints comes to me daily and this is about laptops that stopped displaying so sudden. It has been one of the major challenge so many laptop users experience.

To clear your doubt, when a laptop stop displaying, it doesn’t mean the laptop is bad or not Okay. It simply means the laptop now have a little or minor error. As you already known you can buy a laptop today and two days latter it stop displaying. What ever brand of laptop you have, same thing apply to all be it hp, dell, acer, toshiba sony, lenovo, gateway, apple etc.

Computer Laptop Display Problem: Causes and how to Fix Display Issue Easily

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laptop display problem

As for me when I started using laptop newly, this was one of the most annoying condition i went through. It really annoying when you punch the ON button to work with your laptop and the next thing you have to wait and wait for your laptop to come up but still nothing is displaying on the screen.

It kind of frustrating same time disappointing since you wanted to want but couldn’t have your laptop displaying, it get serious when you don’t even know what to do.

On this article i want to share with you my friend some possible reasons why your laptop computer screen refuse to display and how you can have the problem fix easily without the need of computer engineer.

Common Reasons Why Laptop Screen Will Not Display

1. Corrupt Memory (Ram)

Computer Laptop display - Ram

If you ware using your laptop and suddenly when you want to put your laptop ON the screen stopped displaying or refuse to display then ram could be the cause.

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When there is no ram memory in your laptop or any kind of computer be it desktop, the system will not display on the screen, if I should illustrate this case, it seems that the ram is the brain of the screen, it tells the screen to display when it’s in order and as well the screen will refuse to display when it couldn’t find ram on the laptop. Let’s move forward

So it is when the ram is corrupted, it will send a message to the screen that it has been out of normality and then the screen will not display. 60% of the cause of computer not displaying is due to ram problem.


To solve this problem the ram need to be replace with a new ram. As I mentioned on one of my previous post, you can get ram from any computer accessories shop closer to you, the only thing you need to be aware of is getting the right ram for your laptop/computer, as for me, I would advice you go to the nearest computer accessories shop with the corrupted ram for sample so they can get your the right ram for your laptop or desktop. I advice you to read my previous post where i wrote how you can change your laptop ram by yourself here.

Now that you already know that ram is the first area to look at for when your laptop or desktop stopped displaying, could there still be another possible cause why your laptop will not display? YES!

Yes though ram could be the common display cause, there are other reasons why your laptop will not display.

2. Bad Screen

Computer Laptop display - bad screen

Bad screen is another reason why your laptop will not display. When i said bad screen, i simply means the screen has hit it expired date and can’t continue working. If you change your laptop ram and your laptop still refuse to display then there is every possibility that there is problem directly with the screen.

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There is no two ways about it when your computer PC screen is bad. All you need to do is have the screen changed, and as for me i will advice you get a new screen and replace the damage screen of your laptop or desktop and it will display.

How to know if your computer screen is bad.

When you turn on your laptop or computer, and after some seconds your heard that ON sound, it means that your laptop or desktop screen is bad. This is because when a display problem is caused by ram, you will not hear any sound if you didn’t press the keyboard.

How to solve

I’m sorry you can’t handle this if you are not a computer engineer. You need to give this job to an expert to fix for you.

You can get a new laptop screen at the rate of N15,000 РN20,000 Naira if you are in Nigeria and if you are in US or any other America city you should budget within $40 Р$50 USD. and if you are in Europe you need to budget £20 pounds and above.

What can damage a laptop screen?

One of the first thing i will point at that could be a cause of a damage screen is when your laptop fall on the ground heavily. Another reason is when water or something liquid poured on the laptop. In addition, screen flex can be another reason, this is when your laptop screen flex get spoiled due to frequent opening and closing.


To solve screen display problem you have to buy new flex, and for some laptops that uses unremovable flex, you need to buy a new laptop screen.

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3. Display VGA

Computer Laptop display - vga

I know that VGA is what you can use to connect your computer to tv and sometimes work on some printers etc. But recently I overhears an engineer mentioned VGA to be a cause of laptop display. I personally have not confirmed this but I think it worth stating here as well. If this is the case then you need to get display VGA.

4. Motherboard

computer laptop display problem - notherboard

Though it’s a rare case, motherboard can be another possible cause why your laptop screen not displaying. For example when the connection of the screen in the motherboard get spoil, then it will refuse to display.

Sometimes engineers can solve this problem for you as it’s mostly considered as a minor problem. However if the engineer tries his best and still can’t fix it then you need to get a new mother board for your laptop.


If motherboard is the case then tell your engineer to repair it or get a new board and fix it for you.

5. Overheating

computer laptop display problem - Laptop overheat

I have seen a laptop turn itself off due to overheating. One of the thing that causes overheat in a computer Laptop, is due to that fact that the fan has stopped working. In addition overheat in laptop can cause problem to the motherboard.


To solve laptop overheating problem caused by damage fan, it may include changing the fan or buy external fan for your laptop. See causes of laptop overheat and how to fix hear

Also note that it’s normal for AMD laptops to get hot. You can check why your laptop is so hurt here.

This is the complete cause why your laptop is no longer displaying on the screen. If you have any furthermore question regarding this post, you can use the comment box below.

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