Uvwie Zip Codes / Postal Codes

Are you in search for Uvwie zip codes? on this article i’m going to show you zip code. Zip code is mostly required when one is making online transactions or filling a form online and offline. As for the community uvwie, it is one of the twenty-five Local Government Area’s (LGA) in Delta State, Nigeria, and one of the Urhobo Kingdoms. The community also refers to the people and their language.

Uvwie Zip Codes

Uvwie Local Government Area Zip Codes

District: Uvwie

Effurun zip code330102
Ekpan zip code 330102
Enerhen zip code 330102
Jeddo zip code 330102
Okpaka zip code 330102
Okuamowah zip code 330102
Okuireroh zip code 330102
Okwemowa zip code 330102
Okwetata zip code 330102
Okwtata zip code 330102
Opete zip code 330102
Ugbokodo zip code 330102
Ugbolokposo zip code 330102
Ugbomoro zip code 330102
Ugboroke zip code 330102
Ughoton zip code 330102
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This is the complete list of uvwie Local Government Area zip codes in Delta state, Nigeria. Hope you are able to find the zip codes you are looking for here?


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