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You might have been here because you want to know the person who owns this number and how genuine he/she is, or know how secure you are by dealing with this person, if this is your reason of been here then we have you covered as we are going to tell you every thing about this number and it owner, just read below.

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The owner of this number 08032272000 also owns 08022791781 and he is a Male, his email address is, his full name is Asiwaja Oyedotun, he is on facebook where he claimed he work with Sky Bank Nigeria Plc as manager, and also work with Zenith Bank Plc as Operation Executive.

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His Educational background

On December 01/2014 Asiwaju posted an ad of Toyotal camry on Nairaland for 400k, which we confirmed legit.

On May 18, 2015, Mr ASIWAJU OYEDOTUN, posted another ad of Toyota 2001 Camry for 650k on nairaland, which informationhood confirmed legit.

On still May 18 2015, he posted another ad of Toyota Camry 2003 on nairaland which we confirmed Legit.

On June 2nd 2015 he also posted a Honda baby boy ad on nairaland, which we also confirmed legit.

On Febuary 2nd 2016, he posted Hyundai Mode Car on nairaland, which we has also confirmed legit.

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When we try to call Mr.Asiwaju on phone, our trucaller detected his name as he also use on nairaland and facebook which means this person is real with his name, you can see the screen shot of truecaller showing identity of the number below.

we has investigated this person properly and find out that ASIWAJU OYEDOTUN is 100% genuin to do deal with, he has gain the trust of this website, but we will not give him green stamp as the result of his number spearing on profile of a lady who needed driver, in this case the lady might be ASIWAJU OYEDOTUN wife who is looking for driver and decided using her husband number, so this person still remain 100% genuine, he will be updated with our green stamp after he has contact us himself if the lady is his wife, sister or friend.

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We say thanks to ASIWAJU OYEDOTUN for your genuineness we hope you keep on, but if there should be any change of character or illegality report, we will also update this post immediately.

Advice: if you are the owner of this number, we have given you our yellow stamp instead of green stamp, only because your number apear on a lady nairaland profile named AISHETU who is requesting for a driver on February 29, 2016, 8:00am. You can contact us using our email, explaining who she is to you, and why your number appeared on her profile, if considered your explanation then we will award you with our green stamp.

warning: This website doesn’t guarantee 100% of the above information, therefore we warned personal investigation should be carried on before deal.

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