Church collapsed at ugolo community okpe Delta State

As church members were praising and worshiping God suddenly they heard a loud noise and the church building started falling into pieces .

Church collapsed at ugolo community okpe Delta State

Church collapsed at ugolo community okpe Delta State

A 106 year old teacher,  named  Michael ikube who has retired, narrowly survived the incident.The incident happened at St Paul’s catholic church Adagbrassa ugolo Delta State.

  • PA Michael ikube appealed to the Delta State Government not to abandon those who were injured from the accident. He ask the government to do everything humanly possible to take good care of them and also settle their hospital bills. He also complained of pains all-over his body which was due to the incident.
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Another survival Mr David ugbtu, who happens to be the secretary of the church appealed to the church diocese of warri and Delta State Government to help in rebuilding the collapsed church for the community. The community alone can not build the church. If not they will not have a place to stay during worship.

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He also made  an appeal to some leaders. The leader came to visit the injured ones in the hospital and they promise to come to their aid.



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