How to check computer properties, ram size, Hard Drive Size & more

This article will educate you how to check computer properties. If you are buying a computer be it laptop or desktop, it of good practice to check the computer properties such as the ram size which is known as the memory and again the processor speed, windows operation system and more.

How to check Laptop Computer properties

To archive this is easy but not to everyone as some people are just about to get their first computer therefore might look like jjc in the computer shop or might just decide to accept any word from the seller but this post will educate you how you can check your computer properties yourself without he help of anybody.

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How to check window 7 computer properties, ram size & more

To check window 7 computer go to your window start menu and go to computer you will be able to see your computer Hard Disc, to check your ram size and processor speed right-click and select properties, from properties menu you will be able to see your processor speed, ram size writing as Memory installed.

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To check if some features are yet to be driving, you can just from laptop properties menu left side click on Device Manage and go through the features there, any feature that has not yet driving will show yellow on that menu.

This is how you can check windows 7 properties, if you are having any question regarding checking your window 7 computer laptop just leave a comment below.

How to check windows 8 computer 

This tutor is coming soon…

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Updated: June 18, 2017 — 5:34 pm

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