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Apple has been rumored to be launching its next iPhone star model within months from now, probably dubbed the iPhone 8. The Smartphone is speculated that it comes with several new features among those include a fingerprint sensor on the screen. However, according to recent rumor technology, the company headquartered in Cupertino is still undecided whether these technologies are to be featured in the next phone or not.

Apple’s undecided decision to turn on fingerprint sensor sensitivity means the Smartphone is not yet to be completed, according to a report by analyst Timothy Arcuri Apple Insider quoting Cowen and Company.  Perhaps the final design may see some changes in those that surfaced on the Web in the last Time in the form of a filtered image.

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He also mentioned that Apple is testing a new fingerprint scanner in three different ways. Although the first process can be used to dampen the glass lid in the detection area, the second process may involve drilling a “pin hole” through glass on an optical sensor or ultrasonic. The third method includes an image integrated with the sensor or capacitive or infrared sensor technology.

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                                                  Image Source: NGE


The analyst says that Apple cannot put the fingerprint sensor on the back panel as widely spread across the net.

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Recently, the Tipster Smartphone mentions that the major launch of the iPhone 8 iPhone 7s and 7s iPhone will be held on September 17th. He also mentioned that the sale of the device will begin on September 25th.

Some pictures showing the moulds of the three future iPhone models have been announced to have appeared on the web.

The pictures showed the panel designs on the back of these three devices. So, it seems that the iPhone 7S plus could be the highest height, after which the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S respectively.





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