How You Can Make Money with Facebook in Nigeria

Facebook is the No 1 social media in the world, almost every one has an account on facebook, facebook is been used world wide being it old or young people has facebook account. There are lot of business and companies that also uses facebook daily to grow their businesses. Facebook is use for connecting friend and family. Above all this, do you know that you can actually make money online with facebook? Yes! you can. On this post i am going to show you how to make money with facebook in Nigeria.

how to make money with facebook in Nigeria

The truth is that when ever i saw some facebook accounts that are having nothing less than 2k likes and 300 comments on every post, i wonder why they are not using their fun in making money while the fun continues.

On this article i will be showing you how to make money with facebook in Nigeria.

Firs to make money with facebook you need to be very active, there are many ways to make money online with facebook but on this article i am going to deliberate on the most easy and best ways of making money on facebook

How to Make Money With Facebook in Nigeria

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have good amount of followers or facebook page like, then you can make good amount of money from affiliate programs. This is the act of registering with affiliate websites, the website will then give you a link which you can post on your facebook, when ever the link get click or someone use your link to the website and purchasing any product you will be paid 20% according to the agreement

Best Website to register for affiliate in Nigeria are Affiliate Affiliate

2. Direct Advertisement

If you are a facebook active user that get up to  500 comment and 2k likes on every post then you worth making money with your facebook account be it a page, group or timeline. There are thousand of companies and businesses out there who want their service or product to get reach to the audience, if all your users are from Nigeria then you can make money from advertising those companies product in your facebook page, group or timeline.

Companies prefer to pay up to 20,000 Naira for one time advertisement in a someone account, group or page ware the advertisement can get more audience and engagement rather than doing normal facebook advertisement.

If you have huge facebook dedicated friend, followers, members or page fans then you need to start making money with them. What i mean by dedicated is, when ever you make a post it engage about 1000 reaction 500 likes and 200 comment. The amount you charge per advert on your facebook timeline, page or group depend on how dedicated your facebook or followers are, how interesting you are to your friends, followers or fans, it also count how many friends, follower or likes your page has.

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Before i forget, let me quickly tell you that there is no business or company that will come to you for advertise placement on your facebook account. You are the one who need to contact companies directly, providing the numbers of your facebook followers and fans including how engaging your post are on facebook. When they see all this then their interest will arise advertising on your facebook page, group or timeline. Again i will advice you don’t over high your advertisement rate. 8k perpost will be a good idea in order to get more advertisement contract.

The last but not the least, don’t be afraid when you contact a company and get No for an answer, keep contacting others and online medias, before you contact 100 companies, 10 of them will advertise with you.

3. Freelance Marketing

freelance marketing is when you sell other people product or services and get a commission on the sales, even it look like affiliate it a way far different from affiliate. How it’s done is you will market a new or existing product for a big shop. The best way of making money on this is marketing the product at your own price and get the profit, example, if you intend to market a body cream of #1000 Naira on your facebook, you can post it #2500 Naira and when ever someone order it you then make 1500.

Are you worried how you will get the product? or know you definitely don’t need to have the product before marketing it, all you need to do is meet with that big shop in your area that selling stuff like generator, laptops, creams e.t.c and tell the owner you want to help him grow his/her sales by marketing their products at your own price. Take the photos of any item you wish to market at the shop and let them write the prices of the available items for you; and that all.

Advertising on your facebook should be done properly in a way that will not drive your followers or fans away.

4. Sell Your Own Product On Facebook

You can sell your own product on facebook, be it facebook timeline, facebook page or facebook group, you can post your available product and contact details, you will start making more sales as you advertise your own good, products or service on facebook. This is an effective idea of making money with facebook in Nigeria if you have something to sell.



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5. Sell your Facebook page or Group

There are a lot of companies and business who will rush to buy a unique active facebook page or group. You can easy sell your facebook page or group for some thousands of Naira in Nigeria. This is the most lucrative way of making money on facebook but i guess you would not want to see your facebook page or group considering what it has cost your to that extend. But if you have make up your mind in selling your facebook page or group for some easy cash there are millions of Nigeria companies that will be interested to buy it, if only you have never used it in committing crime. Just put a call to any company or email them if they are interesting buying your facebook page or group. Provide them with your facebook page url to check for themselves. You can sell you facebook page or group for up to N200,000 depending on how many members or fans you have.

After signing the deal the company will then have full access to the page or group while they will delete you out.

Publishing Videos On Your Facebook Page

Recently in 2017 Facebook introduced another way to make money online and below is the explanation and how it’s done.

How to earn money from Facebook Videos

It was one year later when the founder of Facebook announced a good news for video content creator for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that from than any video creator on Facebook can monetise their video content as per Facebook rules. Also, he launched suggested video and ads showing features on Facebook. After watching some part of a video, viewers can get a muted ads on that particular video. Hence, video creator can get 55% of the revenue generated from that video and Facebook will get 45%. Here, I am Taslim, from Bigly, going to explain How to earn money from Facebook Videos and how can you monetise your video on Facebook.

Before starting the monetisation from your videos, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

1. Having a Facebook page:

Must sure you have already set up a Facebook page. You can only monetise when you have a Facebook page. You can’t monetise your video from a personal Facebook account.

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2. At least 5 published articles:

After that, you must have at least 5 published articles on your Facebook page. Here it is clear that 5 published articles, not 5 video posts or image posts. These are articles and these will be linked from your website or any blogger site.

3. Having a Website, or any Blogger site:

For this, you must have already a Website, any Blogger site, or any WordPress site. Make sure you have at least 5 articles published in any one of these places. These are necessary because when you will going to set up your Facebook page for monetisation, an URL will require to add there.

4. No requirement of any fixed number of followers or likes:

Yes, don’t worry about any fixed number of followers or number of likes on your Facebook page, in this time you are exempted from this requirement, which is first necessary criteria in YouTube monetisation.

I hope you have fulfilled the above requirements. Then you are definitely eligible to monetise your video on Facebook.

The next are the following required steps for “How to earn money from Facebook Videos”. You have to complete all the steps one by one then you can monetise your video.

Hence, here are some tools which you will require to set up the first time:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook page:

Log in your Facebook account as usual you do.

Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

Step 2: Publishing tools:

Find the Publishing Tools in the top of the page.

In the left-hand side, you will find posts, videos, sounds, branded content, lead ads forms, shop and canvas.

But there may or may not be the option of Facebook Instant articles.

If your page hasn’t the option, you can enable this from the Google.

Step 3: Facebook Instant articles:

Search “facebook instant articles” on Google. Make sure you have logged in your Facebook page.

Click on the first URL, ie.

If you haven’t logged in already, then you must have to Sign in on this page.

Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

Click the Continue button for next steps.

This are the best ways making money on facebook in Nigeria, as i said earlier there are many ways of making money online with facebook but this few once i have listed here happen to be the best and most effective once Information Hood is aware of. Goodluck as you start making money on facebook.



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