Calls are Not Going Through On My Glo Line / Network – See How to Solve It Here

So many time we experience this problem on our glo line. We the dedicated glo users can tell how many time without number we have been unable to make calls from our glo sim. Since some few days now calls has refuse to go through on my glo sim card. It funny enough that calls are coming my line but though problem when i attempt to call someone on my call line, so i angrily put a call through to glo customer care to know the problem with my line. In case you would want to call customer care as i do you can dial 121 from your glo or any glo line. If you are also having problem browsing with your glo sim visit here.

glo network - calls not going through

When i dial 121 then the call went through, i was surprise why i am able to call 121 so i followed the steps carefully and opt to speak with a customer representative. It took almost an hour for an agent to answer my call, so i drop my complain to them. Guess what was the answer.

Restart Your Phone (I have done that)

Remove you sim and put it back to your phone (I have done that)

Put your sim to another phone (But i’m able to call customer care without with my current phone)

The next thing is that ok hold on let me check your line

13 minutes later (Hello) and i answered. Sorry sir you don’t have airtime on your line that is why you can’t make calls (But i have over N4300 bonus airtime on my line which was given to me when i recharge) hmm. And the she told me that to be able to use the bonus i need at least N5 Naira on my account.

After dropping the call i hurry to get N200 airtime and then my calls started going through.

There are many reasons why you calls may not go through and your condition may not be as same as mine but here are some things to check out for to fix the issues of calls not going through on glo.

  • Restart Your Phone: This is one of the first thing you should do if network is not ok with calls.
  • Change Your Sim to Another Phone: Some phone do not have enough power to carry low network most especially some smart phone. When the network drop to GPs they won’t support it because they where basically made for browsing.
  • Change your phone preferred network type: Some times we want fast browsing which prompt some of us to set our preferred network either 3g or 4g alone. When the network voltage drop to egde or lowers version, it cause us to run out of network that results to network problem and unable to make calls on our glo sim card.
  • Wait for Some Hours For Network to Return: How about after trying all the possible solution above and still discover the issue remain the same. That means there is nothing more you can do, at this point the network is totally bad so you need to wait for at least 2-5 hours for the network to return.

So many of us with different issues, what is the issue you are having with glo network? Have you been able to resolve it? If yes then share the solution that help with everyone using the comment box below.

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